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Gastropoda - Neogastropoda - Turridae

Turris was named by Röding (1798) [Sepkoski's age data: T Than R Sepkoski's reference number: 794]. It is extant.

It was assigned to Gastropoda by Mansfield (1925); to Pleurotomidae by Nagao (1928) and Abbass (1967); to Turrinae by Wilson (1994); to Neogastropoda by Sepkoski (2002); and to Turridae by Nagao (1928), Oostingh (1935), Mukerjee (1939), Durham (1944), Kensley (1972), Marasti (1973), Ladd (1982) and Bouchet et al. (2011).

Pleurotoma (Dolichotoma), Pleurotoma (Pleurotoma), Pleurotoma (Tripia), Pleurotoma abundans, Pleurotoma albinoides, Pleurotoma angermanni, Pleurotoma catenata, Pleurotoma catenata, Pleurotoma clavicularis, Pleurotoma cochlearis, Pleurotoma congesta, Pleurotoma coronifer, Pleurotoma cristata, Pleurotoma curtistoma, Pleurotoma curvicosta, Pleurotoma dalli, Pleurotoma decliva, Pleurotoma decussata, Pleurotoma dentata, Pleurotoma denticulata, Pleurotoma eborides, Pleurotoma faxensis, Pleurotoma filosa, Pleurotoma fresnoensis, Pleurotoma furcata, Pleurotoma gemmata, Pleurotoma glabrata, Pleurotoma gracilicostata, Pleurotoma guppyana, Pleurotoma harpula, Pleurotoma harrisi, Pleurotoma haydeni, Pleurotoma herklotsi, Pleurotoma ickei, Pleurotoma inaudita, Pleurotoma inflexa, Pleurotoma intorta, Pleurotoma lineolata, Pleurotoma marginata, Pleurotoma mississippiensis, Pleurotoma monterosatoi, Pleurotoma morreni, Pleurotoma multinoda, Pleurotoma newsomi, Pleurotoma nodulosa, Pleurotoma ocoyana, Pleurotoma pannus, Pleurotoma perissolaxoides, Pleurotoma porcelana, Pleurotoma porrecta, Pleurotoma rotaedens, Pleurotoma sanctaecrucis, Pleurotoma scaliae, Pleurotoma senilis, Pleurotoma speciosa, Pleurotoma striarella, Pleurotoma sulcata, Pleurotoma transmontana, Pleurotoma transversaria, Pleurotoma turrella, Pleurotoma turricula, Pleurotoma turris, Pleurotoma undata, Pleurotoma veracruzana, Pleurotoma voyi, Pleurotoma zapoteca, T. (Turris), T. adendanii, T. ahmedi, T. andersoni, T. baudoni, T. burroensis, T. carlsoni, T. clallamensis, T. cleopatrae, T. elsmerensis, T. fernandoensis, T. garoensis, T. gilchristi, T. higoensis, T. hornesi, T. inconstans, T. kaffraria, T. kirkensis, T. lincolnensis, T. lincolnensis, T. louderbacki, T. monolifera, T. multigyrata, T. perkinsiana, T. plicata, T. pulchra, T. stocki, T. suturalis, T. worcesteri

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1798Turris Röding
1800Pleurotoma Lamarck
1814Murex (Pleurotoma) Brocchi p. 427
1904Pleurotoma Martin p. 146
1921Pleurotoma Vredenburg p. 96
1925Turris Mansfield p. 14
1928Turris Nagao p. 121
1928Pleurotoma Woodring
1935Turris Oostingh p. 110
1939Turris Mukerjee p. 75
1944Turris Durham p. 179
1967Turris Abbass p. 121
1972Turris Kensley p. 181
1973Turris Marasti p. 96
1982Turris Ladd p. 63
1994Turris Wilson p. 194
2002Turris Sepkoski, Jr.
2011Turris Bouchet et al. p. 297

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EubilateriaAx 1987
classGastropodaCuvier 1797
subclassProsobranchiaMilne-Edwards 1848
superorderCaenogastropodaCox 1959
orderNeogastropodaThiele 1929
superfamilyConoidea(Rafinesque 1815)
familyTurridaeSwainson 1840
genusTurrisRöding 1798

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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