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Inoceramus (Endocostea)

Bivalvia - Myalinida - Inoceramidae

Endocostea was named by Whitfield (1877) [Sepkoski's age data: K Sant-u K Maes-u].

It was reranked as Inoceramus (Endocostea) by Anderson (1958), Kennedy et al. (1973) and Elder (1991).

It was assigned to Inoceramidae by Vokes (1980); to Inoceramus by Anderson (1958), Kennedy et al. (1973) and Elder (1991); and to Pterioida by Sepkoski (2002).

Species lacking formal opinion data
Endocostea sagensis, Inoceramus agdjakendensis, Inoceramus amakusensis, Inoceramus amakusensis, Inoceramus amakusensis, Inoceramus anakusensis, Inoceramus angulatus, Inoceramus angustiundulatus, Inoceramus annulatus, Inoceramus australis, Inoceramus balchii, Inoceramus barsliensis, Inoceramus bererensis, Inoceramus bicorrugatus, Inoceramus bojarkensis, Inoceramus borilensis, Inoceramus bornholmensis, Inoceramus cadottensis, Inoceramus comancheanus, Inoceramus concentrica, Inoceramus conicus, Inoceramus coptensis, Inoceramus crispi, Inoceramus curvieri, Inoceramus digitatus, Inoceramus dimidius, Inoceramus etheridgei, Inoceramus ewaldi, Inoceramus ezoensis, Inoceramus ezoensis, Inoceramus fiegei, Inoceramus flavus, Inoceramus goldfussi, Inoceramus guerichi, Inoceramus gusselkaensis, Inoceramus hamadae, Inoceramus heinzi, Inoceramus hobetsensis, Inoceramus hobetsensis, Inoceramus iburiensis, Inoceramus incertus, Inoceramus incertus, Inoceramus incurvus, Inoceramus ipuanus, Inoceramus irenensis, Inoceramus japonicus, Inoceramus kapuus, Inoceramus labiatoidiformis, Inoceramus longealatus, Inoceramus maedae, Inoceramus mamatensis, Inoceramus matotorus, Inoceramus naumanni, Inoceramus nodai, Inoceramus nukeus, Inoceramus obtusus, Inoceramus opetius, Inoceramus pedalionoides, Inoceramus pennatulus, Inoceramus perplexus, Inoceramus pertenuis, Inoceramus pochialaineni, Inoceramus proximus, Inoceramus pseudoregularis, Inoceramus quadrans, Inoceramus quatsinoensis, Inoceramus reduncus, Inoceramus renngarteni, Inoceramus rhomboides, Inoceramus richensis, Inoceramus rutherfordi, Inoceramus sagensis, Inoceramus salisburgensis, Inoceramus saratoviensis, Inoceramus schloenbachi, Inoceramus schmidti, Inoceramus schoendorfi, Inoceramus shikotanensis, Inoceramus soukupi, Inoceramus steenstrupi, Inoceramus stilley, Inoceramus stoneleyi, Inoceramus subneocomiensis, Inoceramus subpercostatus, Inoceramus subundantus, Inoceramus sutherlandi, Inoceramus tenuilineatum, Inoceramus tenuis, Inoceramus tenuistriatus, Inoceramus tenuistriatus(), Inoceramus tenuiumbonatus, Inoceramus teshioensis, Inoceramus typicus, Inoceramus urius, Inoceramus vancouverensis, Inoceramus vanuxemi, Inoceramus vanuxemiformis, Inoceramus virgatus, Inoceramus volgensis, Inoceramus waltersdorfensis, Inoceramus wandereri, Inoceramus warakius, Inoceramus yokoyamai, Inoceramus zavoljiensis

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1877Endocostea Whitfield
1958Inoceramus (Endocostea) Anderson p. 105
1973Inoceramus (Endocostea) Kennedy et al. p. 98
1980Endocostea Vokes p. 41
1991Inoceramus (Endocostea) Elder p. E9
2002Endocostea Sepkoski, Jr.

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EubilateriaAx 1987
subclassAutobranchia(Groblen 1894)
infraclassPteriomorphia(Beurlen 1944)
OstreomorphiFerussac 1822
OstreioniFerussac 1822
MyalinataPaul 1939
orderMyalinidaPaul 1939
superfamilyInoceramoideaGiebel 1852
familyInoceramidaeGiebel 1852
genusInoceramusSowerby 1814
subgenusEndocostea(Whitfield 1877)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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Composition: low Mg calcitef
Locomotion: facultatively mobileg
Life habit: epifaunalg
Diet: suspension feederg
Vision: blindc
Created: 2009-04-13 11:12:15
Modified: 2009-04-13 13:12:15
Source: g = genus, f = family, c = class
References: Kiessling 2003, Aberhan et al. 2004, Hendy et al. 2009

Age range: base of the Santonian to the top of the Late/Upper Maastrichtian or 86.30000 to 66.00000 Ma

Collections (100 total)

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Late/Upper Cretaceous100.5 - 66.0Canada (British Columbia) Inoceramus balticus (88119)
Santonian86.3 - 83.6Japan Inoceramus balticus (65025)
Santonian86.3 - 83.6USA (New Mexico) Inoceramus balticus (82259)
Campanian83.6 - 72.1Japan (Kumamoto) Inoceramus balticus (39565)
Campanian83.6 - 72.1Japan (Wakayama) Inoceramus balticus (39967)
Campanian83.6 - 72.1Japan Inoceramus balticus (40167)
Campanian83.6 - 72.1South Africa Inoceramus quadrans, Inoceramus tenuilineatum, Inoceramus mulleri (82729)
Campanian83.6 - 72.1Japan (Hyogo) Inoceramus balticus (39575)
Early/Lower Campanian83.5 - 70.6Germany Inoceramus balticus (36808)
Early/Lower Campanian83.5 - 70.6USA (New Mexico) Inoceramus balticus (87850)
Early/Lower Campanian83.5 - 70.6USA (Colorado) Endocostea balticus (5607)
Early/Lower Campanian - Late/Upper Campanian83.5 - 70.6France Endocostea baltica, Endocostea flexibaltica, Endocostea pteroides (38809)
Early/Lower Campanian - Middle Campanian83.5 - 70.6USA (Texas) Inoceramus balticus (3613 3616)
Early/Lower Campanian - Middle Campanian83.5 - 70.6USA (California) Inoceramus balticus (144767)
Late/Upper Campanian83.5 - 70.6Germany Inoceramus balticus (63995 64002 64127 64130 64131 64132 64134 64135 64136 64142 64143 64155 64178 64180) Inoceramus balticus, Inoceramus regularis (63985 64128)
Late/Upper Campanian83.5 - 70.6USA (California) Inoceramus balticus (185397) Inoceramus cymbaeformis (167699) Inoceramus goldfussi (167703) Inoceramus goldfussi, Inoceramus cymbaeformis (167698)
Late/Upper Campanian83.5 - 70.6Canada (Saskatchewan) Endocostea sagensis (31120)
Late/Upper Campanian83.5 - 70.6Austria Endocostea impressa, Inoceramus regularis (48008)
Middle Campanian83.5 - 70.6Japan Inoceramus balticus (199734)
Middle Campanian83.5 - 70.6USA (Texas) Inoceramus balticus (3604 3607 3608 3612 3632)
Late/Upper Campanian - Early/Lower Maastrichtian83.5 - 66.0Spain Endocostea regularis (3772)
Late/Upper Campanian - Early/Lower Maastrichtian83.5 - 66.0France Endocostea baltica (38810)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0USA (California) Inoceramus balticus (185404 185759) Inoceramus regularis, Inoceramus stanislausensis (83789 86858)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Jordan Endocostea regularis (1358)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0France (Normandy) Endocostea balticus (1325)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0India Endocostea ampambaensis, Endocostea annulifera, Endocostea blandfordianus, Endocostea cunliffei, Endocostea densiplicatus, Endocostea goldfussianus, Endocostea robustus, Endocostea ventroplanatus (1351)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Brazil Endocostea dominguesi (1360)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Egypt Endocostea regularis (1363)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0USA (Texas) Endocostea sp. (1300 1301) Inoceramus sp. (4603)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0USA (South Carolina) Endocostea sp. (1310)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Denmark Endocostea balticus (1385)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Mexico (Chiapas) Endocostea goldfussianus (1373)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Germany Endocostea crippsii (1342) Endocostea sp. (1349)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Algeria Endocostea sp. (1344)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0USA (Mississippi) Endocostea sp. (1303 1305)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Austria Endocostea crippsii (1379)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0France Endocostea borilensis, Endocostea pseudoregularis, Endocostea goldfussi, Endocostea impressus, Endocostea balticus, Endocostea regularis (1323) Endocostea sornayi, Endocostea borilensis, Endocostea impressus, Endocostea pseudoregularis, Endocostea goldfussi (1327)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Morocco Endocostea regularis (1359)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Chile Endocostea biroi (1314)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Russian Federation Endocostea kunimiensis, Endocostea shikotanensis, Endocostea balticus (1337)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Turkmenistan Endocostea regularis (1350)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Tunisia Endocostea regularis (1365)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Cuba Endocostea balticus (1374)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Russian Federation (Sakhalin) Endocostea shikotanensis (1333 1353)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Madagascar Endocostea balticus (1322)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Bulgaria Endocostea barabini, Endocostea borilensis, Endocostea decipiens, Endocostea gandjaensis, Endocostea impressus, Endocostea balticus, Endocostea regularis (1332)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Nigeria Endocostea bantu (1329)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Ukraine Endocostea impressus, Endocostea barabini, Endocostea balticus, Endocostea regularis (1334)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Serbia and Montenegro Endocostea balticus (1380)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Spain Endocostea barabini, Endocostea pteroides, Endocostea balticus (1331) Endocostea ibericus, Endocostea crippsii, Endocostea bantu, Endocostea europaeus, Endocostea regularis (1378) Endocostea lapparenti, Endocostea pteroides (1317)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Japan Endocostea goldfussianus, Endocostea balticus (1315) Endocostea shikotanensis (1396)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Libya Endocostea ghadamesensis, Endocostea regularis (1370)
Early/Lower Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0Bulgaria Endocostea sp. (188088)
Early/Lower Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0Japan Inoceramus shikotanensis (176811 176812)
Early/Lower Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0USA (Mississippi) Inoceramus sp. (4101)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0USA (Texas) Inoceramus sp. (4522)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0USA (Alabama) Inoceramus sp. (4175 4183 4205 4215)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0Egypt (Western Desert) Inoceramus regularis (3148)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0USA (South Carolina) Inoceramus sp. (4354 4355)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0Egypt Inoceramus regularis (3150)