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Trichoptera (caddisfly)

Insecta - Trichoptera

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1815Trichoptera Kirby p. 88
1836Aphelocheira Stephens
1851Aspatherium geinitzii Kolenati p. 15
1851Cyrnus subatomarius Kolenati p. 15
1851Hydropsyche submaculata Kolenati p. 15
1851Hydropsyche subvariabilis Kolenati p. 15
1851Rhyacophila subumbrosa Kolenati p. 15
1851Rhyacophila succinica Kolenati p. 15
1851Rhyacophila succinica major Kolenati p. 15
1851Rhyacophila succinica media Kolenati p. 15
1851Rhyacophila succinica minor Kolenati p. 15
1856Bittacus validus Hagen p. 92 figs. Pl 8, fig 23
1856Hallesus retusus Hagen p. 102
1889Phryganea kolbi Frič p. 277 fig. 93A
1895Phryganea kolbi Fritsch p. 2
1899Phryganea arenacea Fritsch p. 6 figs. Pl 133, figs 4,5; text-fig 311B
1899Phryganea solitaria Fritsch p. 7 fig. 312
1906Phryganoidea Handlirsch p. 483
1949Nebritus willistoni Melander p. 30 fig. 36
1953Trichoptera Bode
1992Trichoptera Carpenter
2004Trichoptera Kukalová-Peck and Lawrence
2010Trichoptera Minet et al.
2011Trichoptera Beutel et al.
2014Trichoptera Misof et al.
2018Trichoptera Kelly et al. p. 5

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumArthropodaLatreille 1829
superclassHexapodaLatreille 1825
NeopterygotaCrampton 1924
infraclassNeopteraMartynov 1923
superorderAmphiesmenopteraKiriakoff 1948
orderTrichopteraKirby 1815
orderTrichopteraKirby 1815

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

No diagnoses are available
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Composition: chitinc
Environment: terrestrialc
Locomotion: actively mobilep
Created: 2017-04-17 09:56:18
Modified: 2017-04-17 09:56:18
Source: c = class, p = phylum
References: Kiessling 2004, Bush and Bambach 2015

Age range

Maximum range based only on fossils: base of the Westphalian C to the top of the Tarantian or 314.60000 to 0.01200 Ma
Minimum age of oldest fossil (stem group age): 311.45 Ma

Collections (335 total)

Oldest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Westphalian C314.6 - 311.45Czech Republic Phryganea solitaria (155300)
Westphalian D311.45 - 306.95Czech Republic Phryganea kolbi, Phryganea arenacea (125662)
Kungurian279.3 - 272.3Russian Federation (Komi) Adoptysma anomalanala (97621)
Changhsingian254.17 - 252.17Russian Federation (Vladimir) Prorhyacophila rasnitsyni (113351)
Ladinian242.0 - 237.0Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul) Sanctipaulus mendesi (116119)
Longobardian242.0 - 235.0China (Shaanxi) Folindusia sp. (183209)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0China (Xinjiang) Terrindusia sp. (196151)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Kyrgyzstan (Osh) Prophilopotamus asiaticus (106088) Prorhyacophila furcata, Necrotaulius proximus (110765)
Norian228.0 - 208.5Australia (Queensland) Prorhyacophila colliveri (106484)
Rhaetian208.5 - 201.3United Kingdom (Somerset) Austaulius furcatus (193353)
Rhaetian208.5 - 201.3United Kingdom (England) Hemerobius sp. 1, Hemerobius sp. 2 (115246) Necrotaulius sp. (113957 114644) Necrotaulius sp., Necrotaulius stigmaticus, Necrotaulius apicalis (115222)
Planorbis201.3 - 196.5United Kingdom (England) Necrotaulius furcatus (115368)
Turneri196.5 - 189.6United Kingdom (Dorset) Austaulius haustrum (189409)
Pliensbachian190.8 - 182.7Kyrgyzstan (Batken) Dolophilodes shurabica (105088)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0Germany (Niedersachsen) Necrotaulius marginatus (105002 107321 107552 107556) Necrotaulius obtusior (107344) Necrotaulius parvulus (117795)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0Germany (Baden-Würtemberg) Necrotaulius parvulus (117796 151351)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0Germany (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) Necrotaulius parvulus, Liadotaulius maior, Mesotrichopteridium intermedium (114993)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0Germany Necrotaulius dobbertinensis, Necrotaulius nanus, Necrotaulius intermedius, Necrotaulius similis, Mesotrichopteridium pusillum, Paratrichopteridium areatum, Nannotrichopteron gracile, Orthophlebia parvula, Necrotaulius minimus, Necrotaulius pygmaeus, Necrotaulius pullus, Necrotaulius megapolitanus, Necrotaulius ellipticus, Necrotaulius maculatus, Palaeotaulius vicinus, Pararchitaulius ovalis, Metarchitaulius longus, Parataulius jurassicus, Archiptilia ovata, Liadotaulius acutipennis, Epididontus geinitzianus, Paratrichopteridium breve, Paratrichopteridium angustum, Paratrichopteridium efossum, Paratrichopteridium costale, Orthophlebia furcata, Orthophlebia furcata (123987) Necrotaulius parvulus, Liadotaulius maior, Mesotrichopteridium intermedium (114991)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0United Kingdom (Gloucestershire) Necrotaulius pygmaeus (154307)
Falciferum183.0 - 182.0United Kingdom (England) Necrotaulius parvulus (132646)