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Ambonychia volitans

Bivalvia - Myalinida - Ambonychiidae

Mytilus volitans was named by Barrande (1881). Its type specimen is NM L 21396, a shell (right valve), and it is a 3D body fossil.

It was recombined as Ambonychia volitans by Kříž (2008).

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1881Mytilus volitans Barrande figs. pl. 211 f. V/1–3
2008Ambonychia volitans Kříž p. 248 figs. 4Z, 5A

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EubilateriaAx 1987
subclassAutobranchia(Groblen 1894)
infraclassPteriomorphia(Beurlen 1944)
OstreomorphiFerussac 1822
OstreioniFerussac 1822
MyalinataPaul 1939
orderMyalinidaPaul 1939
superfamilyAmbonychioidea(Miller 1877)
familyAmbonychiidaeMiller 1877
genusAmbonychiaHall 1847

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Ambonychia volitans Barrande 1881
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J. Kříž 2008The upper Wenlock and Ludlow alate Ambonychia with numerous fine radial ribs and gutters.

Medium size (L = 11.6–17.7;H= 16.1–23.8), mytiliform, equivalved, inequilateral, alate and obese shells (L/W = 1.32–1.5), lacking an anterior lobe. Umbones are in extreme terminal position, beaks prosogyrate. Anterior margin is convex, posterior part is with prominent posterior wing. Outer surface sculpture consists of growth wrinkles and numerous convex radial ribs. No byssal gape is developed. Ligament and hinge unknown. Shell wall is very thin, 0.05–0.1 mm.
No measurements are available
Composition: aragonitec
Entire body: yesg
Adult length: 10 to < 100g
Adult width: 10 to < 100g
Thickness: intermediateg
Folds: noneg
Ribbing: minorg
Spines: noneg
Internal reinforcement: noneg
Locomotion: stationaryg
Attached: yesg
Life habit: epifaunalg
Diet: suspension feederg
Vision: blindc
Created: 2009-04-11 13:28:49
Modified: 2009-07-20 14:59:44
Source: g = genus, c = class
References: Aberhan et al. 2004, Hendy et al. 2009

Age range: Gorstian or 427.40000 to 425.60000 Ma

Collections: one only

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Gorstian427.4 - 425.6Czech Republic (Bohemia) Ambonychia volitans (85118)