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Aspidella terranovica

Aspidella terranovica was named by Billings (1872) [DISTRIBUTION: Ediacaran; North America.]. It is not a trace fossil.

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1872Aspidella terranovica Billings p. 478 figs. fig. 14
1933Paramedusium africanum Gurich
1947Beltanella gilesi Sprigg
1947Ediacaria flindersi Sprigg
1947Cyclomedusa davidi Sprigg p. 220
1949Cyclomedusa gigantea Sprigg
1949Cyclomedusa radiata Sprigg
1949Madigania annulata Sprigg
1949Protodipleurosoma wardi Sprigg
1949Tateana inflata Sprigg
1966Cyclomedusa plana Glaessner and Wade p. 607 figs. pl. 98, Figs. 1-3
1972Charniodiscus planus Sokolov
1972Medusinites patellaris Sokolov
1972Planomedusites patellaris Sokolov
1976Tirasiana coniformis Palij
1976Tirasiana disciformis Palij
1977Tirasiana concentralis Bekker
1980Paliella patelliformis Fedonkin
1980Protodipleurosoma rugulosum Fedonkin
1981Cyclomedusa delicata Fedonkin
1981Cyclomedusa minima Fedonkin
1983Irridinitus multiradiatus Fedonkin
1986Spriggia wadeae Sun
1987Glaessneria imperfecta Gureev
1987Vendella larini Gureev
1988Jampolium wyrzhykoowskii Gureev
2008Aspidella terranovica Hofmann et al. p. 5

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phylumCnidariaHatschek 1888
genusAspidellaBillings 1872
speciesterranovicaBillings 1872

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