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Batrachopus deweyi

Reptilia - Batrachopodidae

Sauroidichnites deweyi was named by Hitchcock (1843). It is considered to be a form taxon. Its type specimen is AC 26/5, 26/6, a footprint, and it is a trace fossil. Its type locality is below Turners Falls, tracksite, which is in a Hettangian/Sinemurian fluvial-lacustrine sandstone/shale in the Portland Formation of Massachusetts. It is the type species of Batrachopus.

It was recombined as Batrachoidichnites deweyi by Hitchcock (1844); it was recombined as Batrachopus deweyanus by Hitchcock (1845), Hay (1902), Hay (1930) and Demathieu (1970); it was recombined as Anisopus deweyanus by Hitchcock (1848), Hitchcock (1855), Hitchcock (1858), Deane (1861) and Lyman (1894); it was recombined as Anisichnus deweyanus by Hitchcock (1871), Hitchcock (1889) and Hitchcock (1898); it was recombined as Batrachopus deweyi by Lull (1904), Lull (1915), Lull (1917), Lull (1953), Kuhn (1963), Lapparent and Montenat (1967), Haubold (1969), Demathieu and Haubold (1974), Olsen (1980), Olsen and Galton (1984), Olsen and Padian (1986), Demathieu and Sciau (1992), Demathieu (1993), Demathieu et al. (2002), Demathieu (2003), Hunt and Lucas (2006), Gallagher and Hanczaryk (2006), Hunt and Lucas (2006), Rainforth (2007) and Moreau et al. (2019).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1837Ornithichnites parvulus Hitchcock p. 175
1841Palamopus palmatus Hitchcock
1843Ornithoidichnites rogersi Hitchcock p. 256
1843Sauroidichnites deweyi Hitchcock p. 261 figs. Pl. 11:9
1844Batrachoidichnites deweyi Hitchcock p. 308
1845Batrachopus parvulus Hitchcock
1845Palamopus palmatus Hitchcock
1845Sillimanius rogersianus Hitchcock p. 24
1845Batrachopus deweyanus Hitchcock p. 25
1848Anisopus deweyanus Hitchcock p. 226
1848Macropterna rhynchosauroidea Hitchcock p. 233 figs. Pl. 15:9
1855Anisopus deweyanus Hitchcock p. 394
1858Anisopus deweyanus Hitchcock p. 60
1858Orthodactylus floriferus Hitchcock p. 114
1858Orthodactylus introvergens Hitchcock p. 114
1858Antipus flexiloquus Hitchcock p. 115
1858Orthodactylus linearis Hitchcock p. 115
1858Stenodactylus curvatus Hitchcock p. 116
1858Arachichnus dehiscens Hitchcock p. 117
1858Macropterna vulgaris Hitchcock p. 128
1858Macropterna gracilipes Hitchcock p. 129–130
1858Cheirotheroides pilulatus Hitchcock p. 130 figs. Pl. 23:4
1858Chelonoides incedens Hitchcock p. 140
1858Exocampe arcta Hitchcock p. 142
1858Exocampe ornata Hitchcock p. 143
1861Orthodactylus floriferus Deane p. 45
1861Anisopus deweyanus Deane p. 46
1861Macropterna gracilipes Deane p. 47
1861Macropterna vulgaris Deane p. 47
1861Exocampe arcta Deane p. 57
1861Exocampe ornata Deane p. 57
1861Orthodactylus linearis Deane p. 57
1862Exocampe minimus Hitchcock p. 86
1865Exocampe minima Hitchcock p. 11 figs. Pl. 18:3
1871Anisichnus deweyanus Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Antipus flexiloquus Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Arachichnus dehiscens Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Cheirotheroides pilulatus Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Chelonioides incedens Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Exocampe arcta Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Exocampe minima Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Exocampe ornata Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Macropterna gracilipes Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Macropterna vulgaris Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Orthodactylus floriferus Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Orthodactylus introvergens Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Orthodactylus linearis Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Stenodactylus curvatus Hitchcock p. xxi
1889Anisichnus deweyanus Hitchcock p. 119
1889Antipus flexiloquus Hitchcock p. 119
1889Arachichnus dehiscens Hitchcock p. 119
1889Cheirotheroides pilulatus Hitchcock p. 119
1889Chelonoides incedens Hitchcock p. 119
1889Exocampe arcta Hitchcock p. 119
1889Exocampe minima Hitchcock p. 119
1889Exocampe ornata Hitchcock p. 119
1889Macropterna gracilipes Hitchcock p. 119
1889Macropterna vulgaris Hitchcock p. 119
1889Orthodactylus floriferus Hitchcock p. 119
1889Orthodactylus introvergens Hitchcock p. 119
1889Orthodactylus linearis Hitchcock p. 119
1889Stenodactylus curvatus Hitchcock p. 119
1894Anisopus deweyanus Lyman p. 205
1894Arachichnus dehiscens Lyman p. 206
1894Cheirotheroides pilulatus Lyman p. 206
1894Chelonoides incedens Lyman p. 206
1894Exocampe arcta Lyman p. 206
1894Exocampe ornata Lyman p. 206
1894Macropterna gracilipes Lyman p. 206
1894Macropterna vulgaris Lyman p. 206
1894Orthodactylus floriferus Lyman p. 206
1894Orthodactylus introvergens Lyman p. 206
1894Orthodactylus linearis Lyman p. 206
1894Stenodactylus curvatus Lyman p. 206
1895Stenodactylus curvatus Lyman figs. Pl. 609
1898Anisichnus deweyanus Hitchcock p. 402
1898Antipus flexiloquus Hitchcock p. 402
1898Arachichnus dehiscens Hitchcock p. 402
1898Cheirotheroides pilulatus Hitchcock p. 402
1898Exocampe arcta Hitchcock p. 402
1898Exocampe minima Hitchcock p. 402
1898Exocampe ornata Hitchcock p. 402
1898Macropterna gracilipes Hitchcock p. 402
1898Macropterna vulgaris Hitchcock p. 402
1898Orthodactylus floriferus Hitchcock p. 402
1898Orthodactylus introvergens Hitchcock p. 402
1898Orthodactylus linearis Hitchcock p. 402
1898Stenodactylus curvatus Hitchcock p. 402
1902Antipus flexiloquus Hay p. 540
1902Arachichnus dehiscens Hay p. 540
1902Batrachopus deweyanus Hay p. 541
1902Cheirotheroides pilulatus Hay p. 541
1902Chelonoides incedens Hay p. 542
1902Exocampe arcta Hay p. 544
1902Exocampe minima Hay p. 544
1902Exocampe ornata Hay p. 544
1902Orthodactylus floriferus Hay p. 547
1902Orthodactylus introvergens Hay p. 547
1902Orthodactylus linearis Hay p. 547
1902Palamopus gracilipes Hay p. 548
1902Palamopus rogersianus Hay p. 548
1902Stenodactylus curvatus Hay p. 551
1904Batrachopus deweyi Lull p. 483
1904Chelonoides incedens Lull pp. 529-530
1904Palamopus gracilipes Lull p. 533
1904Palamopus rogersianus Lull p. 533
1904Exocampe arcta Lull p. 534
1904Exocampe minima Lull pp. 534-535
1904Exocampe ornata Lull p. 534
1904Orthodactylus floriferus Lull p. 535
1904Orthodactylus introvergens Lull p. 535
1904Antipus flexiloquus Lull p. 536
1904Orthodactylus linearis Lull p. 536
1904Sustenodactylus curvatus Lull p. 537
1904Arachichnus dehiscens Lull p. 539
1915Batrachopus deweyi Lull p. 175
1915Cheirotheroides pilulatus Lull p. 179
1917Batrachopus deweyi Lull p. 113
1917Cheirotheroides pilulatus Lull p. 114
1917Chelonoides incedens Lull p. 123
1917Exocampe arcta Lull p. 124
1917Exocampe minima Lull p. 124
1917Exocampe ornata Lull p. 124
1917Palamopus gracilipes Lull p. 124
1917Palamopus palmatus Lull p. 124
1917Palamopus rogersi Lull p. 124
1917Antipus flexiloquus Lull p. 125
1917Orthodactylus floriferus Lull p. 125
1917Orthodactylus introvergens Lull p. 125
1917Orthodactylus linearis Lull p. 125
1917Sustenodactylus curvatus Lull p. 125
1917Arachichnus dehiscens Lull p. 126
1927Orthodactylus floriferus Hitchcock and Grier p. 194
1927Palamopus gracilipes Hitchcock and Grier p. 194
1930Antipus flexiloquus Hay p. 5
1930Arachichnus dehiscens Hay p. 5
1930Batrachopus deweyanus Hay p. 8
1930Cheirotheroides pilulatus Hay p. 8
1930Chelonoides incedens Hay p. 9
1930Exocampe arcta Hay p. 12
1930Exocampe minima Hay p. 12
1930Exocampe ornata Hay p. 12
1930Orthodactylus floriferus Hay p. 16
1930Orthodactylus introvergens Hay p. 17
1930Orthodactylus linearis Hay p. 17
1930Palamopus gracilipes Hay p. 18
1930Palamopus palmatus Hay p. 18
1930Palamopus rogersianus Hay p. 18
1930Sustenodactylus curvatus Hay p. 21
1953Batrachopus deweyi Lull p. 237
1963Batrachopus deweyi Kuhn p. 66
1967Batrachopus deweyi Lapparent and Montenat p. 13
1969Batrachopus deweyi Haubold p. 98 fig. 7
1969Cheirotheroides pilulatus Haubold p. 98 fig. 7
1970Batrachopus deweyanus Demathieu p. 124
1974Batrachopus deweyi Demathieu and Haubold p. 62
1980Batrachopus deweyi Olsen p. 32
1984Batrachopus deweyi Olsen and Galton p. 98 fig. 4
1986Batrachopus deweyi Olsen and Padian p. 261
1986Batrachopus parvulus Olsen and Padian p. 261
1992Batrachopus deweyi Demathieu and Sciau p. 1561
1993Batrachopus deweyi Demathieu p. 232
2002Batrachopus deweyi Demathieu et al. p. 12
2003Batrachopus deweyi Demathieu p. 59
2006Batrachopus deweyi Gallagher and Hanczaryk p. 240
2006Batrachopus deweyi Hunt and Lucas p. 165
2007Batrachopus deweyi Rainforth p. 54
2019Batrachopus deweyi Moreau et al. p. 346

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1874
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986
Pseudosuchia(Zittel 1890)
SuchiaKrebs 1974
Aetosauria(Lydekker 1889)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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