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Anura (frog)


Anuri was named by Fischer von Waldheim (1813) [also attributed to Rafinesque 1815, originally ranked as a "section"]. It is extant.

It was corrected as Anura by Gadow (1898), Säve-Söderbergh (1934), Frank and Ramus (1996), Evans and Borsuk-Bialynicka (1998), Sanchiz (1998), Gardner (2001), Augé and Rage (2006), Anderson et al. (2008), Böhme (2008), Fernicola and Albino (2012) and Maddin et al. (2012); it was synonymized subjectively with Salientia by Hay (1902); it was reranked as the suborder Anura by McGrew et al. (1959), Gauthier et al. (1989), Holman et al. (1990) and Meyer and Zardoya (2003); it was corrected as Anura by Cope (1875), Swinton (1934), Kuhn (1946), Huene (1954), Gardiner (1982), Carroll (1988), Shoshani et al. (1989), Gao and Wang (2001), Zardoya and Meyer (2001), Peng et al. (2001), Gao and Chen (2004), Venczel and Stiuca (2008), Böhme (2010) and Vianey-Liaud et al. (2014).

It was assigned to Batrachomorpha by Säve-Söderbergh (1934); to Euamphibia by Kuhn (1946); to Batrachomorphoidea by Huene (1954); to Paratoidea by Gardiner (1982); to Lepospondyli by Carroll (1988); to Batrachia by Cope (1875) and Meyer and Zardoya (2003); to Salientia by Sanchiz (1998), Gao and Wang (2001) and Gao and Chen (2004); to Salientia by Evans and Borsuk-Bialynicka (1998), Gardner (2001) and Anderson et al. (2008); to Amphibia by Swinton (1934), McGrew et al. (1959), Shoshani et al. (1989), Holman et al. (1990), Frank and Ramus (1996), Peng et al. (2001), Venczel and Stiuca (2008) and Böhme (2010); to Amphibia by Augé and Rage (2006), Böhme (2008) and Fernicola and Albino (2012); to Batrachia by Zardoya and Meyer (2001) and Maddin et al. (2012); and to Lissamphibia by Gadow (1898), Gauthier et al. (1989) and Vianey-Liaud et al. (2014).

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1777Ecaudata Scopoli
1873Diacium unipedalis Cope p. 18
1874Cremastosaurus unipedalis Cope p. 516
1875Anura Cope p. 7
1887Eobatrachus Marsh p. 328
1887Eobatrachus agilis Marsh p. 328
1898Anura Gadow p. 14
1902Eobatrachus Hay p. 425
1902Eobatrachus agilis Hay p. 425
1902Platyrhachis unipedalis Hay p. 477
1912Eobatrachus Moodie p. 286
1912Eobatrachus agilis Moodie p. 288
1934Anura Swinton p. 76
1934Anura Säve-Söderbergh p. 17
1940Jeholobatrachus Endo
1940Jeholobatrachus intermedius Endo
1946Anura Kuhn p. 53
1954Anura Huene p. 12
1958Archaeobatrachia Reig
1959Anura McGrew et al. p. 130
1960Eobatrachus Hecht and Estes p. 2
1960Eobatrachus agilis Hecht and Estes p. 2
1960Comobatrachus Hecht and Estes p. 6
1960Comobatrachus aenigmatis Hecht and Estes pp. 6-7 figs. Pl. 1:2,4,6
1961Vieraellidae Reig
1979Mesobatrachia Laurent
1982Anura Gardiner p. 228
1983Pipoidei Dubois
1988Anura Carroll
1989Anura Gauthier et al. p. 349
1989Anura Shoshani et al. p. 436
1990Anura Holman et al. p. 523
1996Anura Frank and Ramus
1998Anura Evans and Borsuk-Bialynicka p. 578
1998Liaobatrachus Ji and Ji
1998Anura Sanchiz
1998Mesobatrachia Sanchiz
1999Callobatrachus Wang and Gao
2001Anura Gao and Wang p. 461
2001Mesophryne Gao and Wang p. 461
2001Callobatrachus Gao and Wang p. 464
2001Liaobatrachus Gao and Wang p. 468
2001Archaeobatrachia Gao and Wang p. 469
2001Anura Gardner p. 334 fig. 8
2001Anura Peng et al. p. 22
2001Anura Zardoya and Meyer p. 7380
2003Anura Meyer and Zardoya
2004Anura Gao and Chen p. 762
2004Yizhoubatrachus Gao and Chen pp. 762-766 figs. 2-3
2004Dalianbatrachus Gao and Liu
2004Callobatrachus Wang p. 1170
2004Liaobatrachus Wang p. 1170
2004Mesophryne Wang p. 1170
2006Anura Augé and Rage p. 237
2008Anura Anderson et al. p. 517
2008Anura Böhme p. 167
2008Anura Venczel and Stiuca p. 741
2010Anura Böhme p. 13
2010Liaobatrachus Zhou and Wang
2010Mesophryne Zhou and Wang
2010Yizhoubatrachus Zhou and Wang
2010Callobatrachus Zhou and Wang pp. 639-641 fig. 1
2012Anura Fernicola and Albino
2012Anura Maddin et al.
2013Callobatrachus Baez
2013Liaobatrachus Dong et al.
2014Anura Vianey-Liaud et al. p. 569

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
Batrachia(Macartney 1802)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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