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Acila (Truncacila)

Bivalvia - Protobranchia - Nuculidae

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1931Acila (Truncacila) Grant and Gale
1936Acila (Truncacila) Schenck p. 23
1938Acila (Truncacila) Turner p. 41
1938Acila (Truncacila) Woodring p. 29
1944Acila (Truncacila) Durham p. 133
1964Acila (Truncacila) Faustman p. 113
1972Acila (Truncacila) Hertlein and Grant p. 147
1976Acila (Truncacila) Moore p. 42
1980Truncacila Vokes p. 3
1982Acila (Truncacila) Tashiro and Kozai p. 70
1983Acila (Truncacila) Moore p. A9
1984Acila (Truncacila) Squires p. 40
1987Acila (Truncacila) Squires p. 54
1988Acila (Truncacila) Squires p. 17
1999Acila (Truncacila) Squires p. 22
2000Acila (Truncacila) Coan et al. p. 74
2002Acila (Truncacila) Matsubara p. 134
2002Truncacila Sepkoski
2003Acila (Truncacila) Kafanov and Ogasawara p. 51
2006Acila (Truncacila) Squires and Saul p. 89
2010Acila (Truncacila) Huber p. 89
2012Acila (Truncacila) Coan and Valentich-Scott p. 34
2020Acila (Truncacila) Hendy

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EubilateriaAx 1987
orderProtobranchiaPelseneer 1889
superorderNuculiformiiDall 1889
orderNuculida(Dall 1889)
superfamilyNuculoidea(Gray 1824)
familyNuculidaeGray 1824
genusAcilaAdams and Adams 1858
subgenusTruncacilaGrant and Gale 1931

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

Subg. Acila (Truncacila) Grant and Gale 1931
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Acila (Truncacila) allisoni Squires and Saul 2006
Acila (Truncacila) bellula Slodkewitsch 1967
Invalid names: Acila (Truncacila) beringiana Slodkevisch 1967 [synonym], Acila empirensis Howe 1922 [synonym], Nucula lyalli Baird 1863 [synonym]
Acila (Truncacila) dalli Arnold 1908
Invalid names: Acila gabbiana Dickerson 1916 [synonym], Acila lajollaensis Hanna 1927 [synonym]
Acila (Truncacila) galinae Slodkewitsch 1967
Acila (Truncacila) grahami Squires and Saul 2006
Acila (Truncacila) jucunda Thiele and Jaeckel 1931
Acila (Truncacila) moneronica Slodkewitsch 1967
Acila (Truncacila) nagaoi Oyama and Mizuno 1958
Acila (Truncacila) osugii Nagao and Huzioka 1941
Acila (Truncacila) rosaria Squires and Saul 2006
Acila (Truncacila) schencki Stoyanow 1949
No diagnoses are available

Composition: aragonitef
Entire body: yesf
Adult length: 1.0 to < 10f
Adult width: 1.0 to < 10f
Adult height: 1.0 to < 10f
Thickness: thinf
Folds: nonef
Ribbing: minorf
Spines: nonef
Internal reinforcement: nonef
Ontogeny: accretionf
Environment: coastal, inner shelf, outer shelf, oceanicf
Locomotion: facultatively mobilef
Life habit: infaunalf
Diet: deposit feederf
Diet 2: suspension feederf
Vision: blindc
Created: 2008-11-15 10:09:53
Modified: 2009-08-18 20:13:53
Source: f = family, c = class
References: Aberhan et al. 2004, Mikkelsen and Bieler 2008

Age range

Maximum range based only on fossils: base of the Aptian to the top of the Late/Upper Pleistocene or 125.00000 to 0.01170 Ma
Minimum age of oldest fossil (stem group age): 113.0 Ma

Collections (351 total)

Oldest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Aptian125.0 - 113.0USA (Arizona) Acila schencki (65011)
Albian113.0 - 100.5USA (California) Acila sp. (185408)
Cenomanian100.5 - 93.9Japan Acila himenourensis (117145) Acila hokkaidoensis (87007)
Cenomanian100.5 - 93.9USA (Texas) Acila chicotana (6595 6606 6639 6642 6646) Acila sp. (4647 4655)
Cenomanian100.5 - 93.9USA (California) Acila sp. (185726 185734)
Turonian93.9 - 89.8USA (California) Acila sp. (185415)
Turonian93.9 - 89.8Japan (Teshio) Acila hokkaidoensis (39822)
Early/Lower Turonian93.5 - 89.3Japan Acila hokkaidoensis (87008)
Coniacian89.8 - 86.3Japan (Teshio) Acila hokkaidoensis (40122)
Coniacian89.8 - 86.3USA (California) Acila demessa (44214 44232)
Coniacian - Santonian89.8 - 83.6USA (California) Acila sp. (185448)
Early/Lower Coniacian89.3 - 85.8Japan (Fukushima) Acila hokkaidoensis (39626)
Santonian86.3 - 83.6Japan (Teshio) Acila hokkaidoensis (40126)
Santonian86.3 - 83.6Japan Acila sp. (219966)
Santonian86.3 - 83.6USA (California) Acila demessa (86956 185391)
Early/Lower Santonian85.8 - 83.5Japan Acila hokkaidoensis (115281 115284 219958)
Late/Upper Santonian85.8 - 83.5Japan Acila hokkaidoensis (82349 87009 115287 115289 115295 115297 115299)
Campanian83.6 - 72.1USA (California) Acila demessa (44274 80945 80946 168012)
Campanian83.6 - 72.1Japan Acila hokkaidoensis (62239 117146)
Campanian83.6 - 72.1Japan (Osaka, Wakayama) Acila hokkaidoensis (39905)