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Bivalvia - Lucinida - Lucinidae

Codakia was named by Scopoli (1777) [Sepkoski's age data: K Maes-l R]. It is extant.

It was reranked as Lucina (Codakia) by Toula (1911).

It was assigned to Lucina by Toula (1911); to Lucininae by Cox et al. (1969) and Vokes (1980); to Veneroida by Sepkoski (2002); to Lucinidae by Woodring (1925), Olsson (1931), da Silva Forti (1969), Freneix et al. (1988), Lamprell and Whitehead (1992), Wienrich (1999) and Glover and Taylor (2007); and to Codakiidae by Bouchet et al. (2010).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1777Codakia Scopoli p. 398
1911Lucina (Codakia) Toula p. 494
1925Codakia Woodring p. 107
1930Pexocodakia Iredale p. 389
1931Codakia Olsson p. 51
1969Codakia Cox et al. p. 494
1969Codakia da Silva Forti p. 80
1980Codakia Vokes p. 101
1988Codakia Freneix et al. p. 418
1992Codakia Lamprell and Whitehead p. 42
1999Codakia Wienrich p. 226
2002Codakia Sepkoski, Jr.
2007Lentillaria Glover and Taylor p. 49
2007Codakia Glover and Taylor p. 130
2010Codakia Bouchet et al.

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EubilateriaAx 1987
subclassAutobranchia(Groblen 1894)
infraclassHeteroconchia(Gray 1854)
CardiomorphiFerussac 1822
CardioniFerussac 1822
LucinidiaGray 1854
orderLucinida(Stoliczka 1871)
superfamilyLucinoideaFleming 1828
familyLucinidaeFleming 1828
genusCodakiaScopoli 1777

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

E. A. Glover and J. D. Taylor 2007Shells robust, medium to large, discoidal, flat to moderately infl ated. Sculpture of numerous fine to broad low radial ribs crossed by fi ne commarginal lamellae, sometimes producing nodules at intersection with radial ribs. Lunule short, triangular to narrowly
ovate, deep, strongly asymmetric, projecting from RV. Ligament large, set in deep resilifer. RV with two cardinal teeth, and a single, large anterior lateral tooth set close to cardinal teeth, posterior lateral teeth absent or indistinct. LV with 2 cardinals, anterior lateral 1 or 2, close to cardinal. Posterior lateral tiny or absent. Anterior adductor scar, long, detached from pallial line for about 2/3 of length. Shell usually white, internally with margin and hinge often rose-pink to red, within pallial line shell often yellow.