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Insecta - Orthoptera - Elcanidae

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1906Elcaninae Handlirsch p. 412
1986Baisselcaninae Gorochov p. 172
1989Baisselcaninae Gorochov p. 26
1995Elcaninae Gorochov p. 103
1995Baisselcaninae Gorochov p. 106
2006Elcaninae Gorochov et al. p. 642
2015Elcaninae Fang et al. p. 324
2019Elcaninae Tian et al. p. 276
2021Elcaninae Nel and Jouault p. 2071
2021Elcaninae Uchida p. 2
2022Elcaninae Gu et al. p. 2
2022Elcaninae Zhou et al. p. 2

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumArthropodaLatreille 1829
superclassHexapodaLatreille 1825
NeopterygotaCrampton 1924
infraclassNeopteraMartynov 1923
PolyneopteraMartynov 1938
suborderEnsiferaChopard 1920

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

Subfm. †Elcaninae Handlirsch 1906
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G. †Caelielca Uchida 2021
Caelielca spinocrus Uchida 2021
G. †Cratoelcana Martins-Neto 1991
Cratoelcana damianii Martins-Neto 1991
Cratoelcana rasnitsyni Nel and Jouault 2021
Cratoelcana zessini Martins-Neto 1991
G. †Ellca Kočárek 2020
Ellca nevelka Kočárek 2020
G. †Eubaisselcana Gorochov 1986
Eubaisselcana mongolica Gorochov 1986
Eubaisselcana sharovi Gorochov 1986
G. †Hukawnelca Uchida 2021
Hukawnelca gracile Uchida 2021
G. †Minelcana Gorochov et al. 2006
Minelcana dubia Giebel 1856
Minelcana membranacea Gorochov et al. 2006
G. †Panorpidium Westwood 1854
Panorpidium beyrichi Giebel 1856
Panorpidium bimaculatum Gorochov et al. 2006
Panorpidium deichmuelleri Handlirsch 1906
Panorpidium geinitzi Heer 1880
Invalid names: Elcana acuta Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana analis Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana aquila Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana belli Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana calopteryx Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana dilatata Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana emiliae Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana flexuosa Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana fusca Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana geinitziana Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana germanica Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana hildesiana Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana hubertiana Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana intercalata Geinitz 1880 [synonym], Elcana lacunosa Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana latibasis Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana latrunculorum Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana ligulaeformis Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana littoralis Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana marginalis Handlirsch 1920 [synonym], Elcana mutilata Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana obliqua Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana obscura Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana orchestes Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana perdix Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana picta Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana plicata Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana recta Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana retrolaesa Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana robusta Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana roemermusei Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana rotundata Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana rudis Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana saltans Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana signata Heer 1864 [synonym], Elcana similis Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana spiloptera Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana striata Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana strix Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana tincta Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana trifasciata Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana trifurcata Handlirsch 1906 [synonym]
Panorpidium lata Sharov 1968
Panorpidium liasina Giebel 1856
Invalid names: Elcana angustior Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana brodiei Handlirsch 1906 [synonym]
Panorpidium lithophila Germar 1842
Panorpidium longicornis Handlirsch 1906
Panorpidium longirostre Peñalver and Grimaldi 2010
Panorpidium maculosum Zhou et al. 2022
Panorpidium magna Handlirsch 1906
Invalid names: Elcana bodei Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana gravida Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana obtecta Heer 1864 [synonym]
Panorpidium media Handlirsch 1906
Invalid names: Elcana abnormis Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana aequelata Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana arcuata Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana aversa Bode 1905 [synonym], Elcana basalis Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana bodeana Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana grandis Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana imperfecta Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana infralaesa Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana muta Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana postflexa Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana prominens Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana replicata Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana rescripta Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana simplex Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana taeniata Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana truncatula Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana varia Bode 1953 [synonym]
Panorpidium mesostena Handlirsch 1939
Panorpidium minima Handlirsch 1906
Invalid names: Calotermes maculatus Heer 1864 [synonym], Elcana agilis Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana angustipennis Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana bialata Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana bisinflexa Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana brunsvicensis Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana continentalis Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana dobbertiniana Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana gracilis Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana gracillima Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana grasseliana Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana halophila Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana hirundo Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana incurvata Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana latior Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana longicosta Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana lugubris Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana modesta Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana novemmaculata Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana parvula Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana planta Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana praetruncata Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana pullula Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana pygmaea Handlirsch 1939 [synonym], Elcana saliens Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana simplicissima Bode 1953 [synonym], Elcana tennis Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Elcana triquetra Handlirsch 1906 [synonym], Termes troglodytes Heer 1864 [synonym]
Panorpidium minuta Sharov 1968
Panorpidium oppenheimi Handlirsch 1906
Panorpidium parvum Gorochov et al. 2006
Panorpidium phyllophora Handlirsch 1906
Invalid names: Elcana bavarica Handlirsch 1906 [synonym]
Panorpidium proximum Gorochov et al. 2006
Panorpidium reticulata Handlirsch 1920
Panorpidium sibirica Sharov 1968
Panorpidium spica Kim et al. 2021
Panorpidium tessellatum Westwood 1854
Panorpidium westwoodi Handlirsch 1906
Panorpidium yixianensis Fang et al. 2015
Invalid names: Baisselcana Sharov 1968 [synonym], Burmelcana Peñalver and Grimaldi 2010 [synonym], Clathrotermes Heer 1864 [synonym], Elcana Giebel 1856 [objective synonym], Panorpidium plagiatus Heer 1864 [nomen dubium], Rapha Giebel 1856 [synonym]
G. †Probaisselcana Gorochov 1989
Probaisselcana cretacea Gorochov et al. 2006
Probaisselcana euryptera Tian et al. 2019
Probaisselcana minuta Gu et al. 2022
Probaisselcana oculata Hu and He 2023
Probaisselcana zhengi Gu et al. 2022
Invalid names: Baisselcaninae Gorochov 1986 [synonym]
No diagnoses are available
No measurements are available
Composition: chitinsubo
Ontogeny: moltingsubo
Grouping: gregarioussubo
Environment: terrestrialsubo
Locomotion: fast-movingsubo
Life habit: ground dwellingsubo
Diet: herbivoresubo
Vision: well-developedsubo
Reproduction: oviparoussubo
Dispersal: direct/internalsubo
Dispersal 2: mobilesubo
Created: 2011-07-02 09:58:43
Modified: 2011-07-01 18:58:43
Source: subo = suborder
Reference: Tillyard 1921

Age range: base of the Rhaetian to the top of the Early/Lower Cenomanian or 208.50000 to 93.50000 Ma

Collections (72 total)

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Rhaetian208.5 - 201.3United Kingdom (England) Elcana liasina (124689) Ephemera sp. (113961)
Rhaetian - Hettangian208.5 - 199.3United Kingdom (Gloucestershire) Elcana angustior (139593)
Angulata201.3 - 196.5Switzerland Calotermes maculatus, Clathrotermes signatus, Calotermes obtectus, Calotermes plagiatus, Calotermes troglodytes (131766)
Planorbis201.3 - 196.5United Kingdom (England) Elcana sp. (123982)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0Germany (Niedersachsen) Elcana bialata, Elcana emiliae, Elcana aquila, Elcana trifasciata, Elcana imperfecta, Elcana replicata, Elcana simplicissima, Elcana perdix, Elcana postflexa, Elcana mutilata, Elcana lacunosa (107323) Elcana bisinflexa, Elcana grasseliana, Elcana latrunculorum (107556) Elcana hirundo, Elcana belli, Elcana continentalis, Elcana ligulaeformis, Elcana strix (107555) Elcana hubertiana (107557) Elcana minima, Elcana geinitzi (114995) Elcana minima, Elcana praetruncata, Elcana rotundata, Elcana striata, Elcana prominens, Elcana retrolaesa, Elcana roemermusei (105002) Elcana minima, Elcana pullula, Elcana prominens (107552) Elcana novemmaculata, Elcana planta, Elcana incurvata, Elcana prominens, Elcana varia, Elcana infralaesa, Elcana dilatata, Elcana hildesiana, Elcana rescripta (107321) Elcana obscura (108447) Elcana striata, Elcana retrolaesa (107322)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0Germany Elcana minima, Elcana geinitzi, Elcana media (114991) Elcana pullula, Elcana rotundata, Elcana halophila, Elcana latior, Elcana parvula, Elcana gracillima, Elcana triquetra, Elcana intercalata, Elcana geinitzi, Elcana flexuosa, Elcana trifurcata, Elcana geinitziana, Elcana littoralis, Elcana obliqua, Elcana spiloptera, Elcana plicata, Elcana fusca, Elcana germanica, Elcana calopteryx, Elcana mesostena, Elcana reticulata, Elcana analis, Elcana marginalis, Elcana robusta, Elcana latibasis, Elcana picta, Elcana similis, Elcana recta, Elcana tincta, Elcana media, Elcana arcuata, Elcana simplex, Elcana abnormis, Elcana grandis, Elcana truncatula, Elcana taeniata, Elcana aequelata, Elcana muta (123987)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0Germany (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) Elcana minima, Elcana geinitzi, Elcana magna (114992) Elcana minima, Elcana geinitzi, Elcana media, Elcana magna (114993) Elcana minima, Elcana media (114994)
Toarcian182.7 - 174.1China (Guangxi) Elcana reticulata (151540)
Toarcian182.7 - 174.1United Kingdom Neuroptera indet. (133537)
Toarcian182.7 - 174.1Germany Elcana minima, Elcana geinitzi, Elcana media, Elcana magna (104056) Elcana minima, Elcana grasseliana, Elcana gracilis, Elcana dobbertiniana, Elcana brunsvicensis, Elcana agilis, Elcana modesta, Elcana angustipennis, Elcana longicosta, Elcana pygmaea, Elcana lugubris, Elcana saltans, Elcana orchestes, Elcana acuta, Elcana basalis, Elcana magna, Elcana gravida (114990) Elcana tennis, Elcana saliens, Elcana rudis (131767)
Callovian - Oxfordian166.1 - 157.3Kazakhstan (Chimkent) Elcana minuta (106101 113402) Elcana minuta, Elcana karatavica (105970) Elcana minuta, Elcana lata (105971)
Callovian - Oxfordian166.1 - 157.3China (Hebei) Elcana reticulata (154824)
Early/Lower Tithonian150.8 - 145.0Germany (Bayern) Acheta quaerula (123906) Asilicus lithophilus (133581) Elcana amanda (133578) Elcana longicornis (133579) Elcana oppenheimi, Locusta amanda, Elcana amanda (123985) Elcana phyllophora, Elcana bavarica, Elcana lithophila (123144)
Early/Lower Tithonian150.8 - 145.0Germany (Bavaria) Elcana phyllophora, Elcana lithophila (122586 139876)
Early/Lower Berriasian145.0 - 140.2United Kingdom (England) Sialidae indet. (105966)
Late/Upper Berriasian145.0 - 140.2United Kingdom (England) Minelcana membranacea, Minelcana dubia, Panorpidium tesselatum, Panorpidium proximum (103833) Panorpidium tesselatum (117342) Panorpidium tessellatum (160681)
Middle Berriasian145.0 - 140.2United Kingdom (England) Neuroptera indet. (104008)
Berriasian145.0 - 139.8United Kingdom (England) Panorpidium tessellatum (127481)
Early/Lower Hauterivian136.4 - 130.0United Kingdom (England) Probaisselcana cretacea, Panorpidium parvum (103930)
Late/Upper Hauterivian136.4 - 130.0United Kingdom (England) Panorpidium bimaculatum (106281)
Early/Lower Barremian130.0 - 125.45United Kingdom (England) Panorpidium bimaculatum (45193 104005 118921)
Late/Upper Barremian130.0 - 125.45China (Nei Mongol) Panorpidium yixianensis (103654) Probaisselcana euryptera, Probaisselcana minuta (125656)
Aptian125.0 - 113.0Russian Federation (Buryatia) Baisselcana sibirica (105536 113403)
Aptian125.0 - 113.0Mongolia (Govi-Altai) Eubaisselcana mongolica (122332 136020)
Aptian125.0 - 113.0Mongolia (Kobdo aimak) Eubaisselcana sharovi (104054)
Late/Upper Aptian122.46 - 113.0Brazil (Ceará) Cratoelcana rasnitsyni (227841) Cratoelcana zessini (124526) Cratoelcana zessini, Cratoelcana damianii (122352 123013 125510 125511 149767)
Late/Upper Aptian122.46 - 113.0Brazil (Ceara) Cratoelcana zessini (34899)
Albian113.0 - 100.5South Korea Panorpidium spica (184781)
Early/Lower Cenomanian99.6 - 93.5Myanmar Burmelcana longirostris (111688) Burmelcana sp. (161726) Ellca nevelka (195541) Hukawnelca gracile, Caelielca spinocrus (224168) Panorpidium maculosum (224419) Probaisselcana oculata (226917) Probaisselcana zhengi (165561)