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Insecta - Blattodea - Archimylacridae

Acosmoblatta, Anthracomastax furcifer, Anusoblatta, Apophthegma, Archaeomantis, Archaeomantis fleischmanni, Archaeotiphe, A. bildstocki, A. incerta, A. ingberti, A. insignis, A. labachensis, A. mirabilis, A. notabilis, A. paupercula, A. pelzi, A. robusta, A. rollei, A. scudderi, A. tischbeini, A. venosa, A. winteriana, Archimylacrinae, Archimylacris (syn. Actinoblatta, Polyetoblatta, Palaeoblatta, Parelthoblatta, Manoblatta), Archimylacris aliena, Archimylacris carbonis, Archimylacris pruvosti, Archimylacris recta, Asemoblatta, Atimoblatta flexuosa, Barroisiblatta, Bertrandiblatta, Blattina (Etoblattina) bituminosa, Blattina ligniperda, Blattina neuropteroides, Blattina remigii, Blattina scaberata, Blattina sepulta, Blattoidea indeterminata, Blattoidea luedeckei, Blattoidea propinqua, Blattoidea pulchra, Blattoidea rugosa, Boltonoblatta, Ctenostematopteryx diversa, Discoblatta, Distatoblatta, Dromoblattina, Dysmenes, Eneriblatta, Etoblattina, Etoblattina coriacea, Etoblattina exilis, Flabellites, Friciella, Gerablattina eversa, Gerablattina inculta, Gondwanoblatta, Gongyloblatta, Grypoblattina, Gyroblatta, Haberleoblatta, Heinitzia, Hermatoblattina, Kashmiroblatta, Kinklidoptera, Limmatoblatta, Liparoblatta, Livetiblatta, Mesitoblatta, Mesitoblattella, Metachorus, Metaphyloblatta, Metapoblatta, Miroblatta, Muelleroblatta, Mylacris latissima, Mylacris packardii, Oxynoblatta, Patrodoron, Petrablattina aequa, Phyloblatta eximia, Phyloblatta lapidea, Phyloblatta perplexa, Phyloblatta ramosa, Phyloblatta wettiniana, Plagioblatta, Platyblatta, Procoptoblatta, Progonoblattina, Pruvostianus, Sardyoblattina, Scudderula, Sellardsula, Sooblattella, Sphaleroblattina, Stephanoblatta, Sterzelia, Stygetoblatta, Syncoptoblatta, Trilophomylacris, Uraloblatta

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1865Blattina neuropteroides Göppert p. 289 figs. Pl 28, figs 17, 18
1867Blattina remigii Dohrn p. 133 figs. Pl 8, fig 3
1867Blattina ramosa Giebel p. 417
1870Blattina winteriana Goldenberg p. 288 figs. 1-4
1873Blattina labachensis Goldenberg p. 16 figs. Pl 2, fig 15
1873Blattina tischbeini Goldenberg p. 16 figs. Pl 2, fig 16
1873Blattina insignis Goldenberg p. 17 figs. Pl 2, fig 14
1876Blattina sepulta Scudder p. 89 fig. 2
1877Blattina scaberata Goldenberg p. 25 figs. Pl 1, fig 8
1877Blattina venosa Goldenberg p. 25 figs. Pl 1, fig 7
1877Blattina winteriana Goldenberg p. 25 figs. Pl 1, fig 11
1877Blattina remigii Goldenberg p. 26 figs. Pl 1, fig 13
1879Etoblattina labachensis Scudder p. 59
1879Etoblattina insignis Scudder p. 82
1879Anthracoblattina winteriana Scudder p. 94
1879Anthracoblattina remigii Scudder p. 95
1879Gerablattina scaberata Scudder p. 102 figs. Pl 3 fig 3
1879Petrablattina sepulta Scudder p. 125 figs. Pl 6 fig 7
1881Anthracoblattina scudderi Goldenberg p. 186 figs. 1, 2
1883Anthracoblattina incerta Kliver p. 253 figs. Pl 34, fig 2, 2a
1883Gerablattina robusta Kliver p. 255 figs. Pl 34, fig 3
1884Blattina (Etoblattina) bituminosa Kušta p. 213 fig. 1
1884Blattina ligniperda Kušta p. 214 fig. 2
1885Petrablattina aequa Scudder p. 38
1887Etoblattina rollei Deichmüller p. 92 figs. Pl 3 fig 2
1890Anthracoblattina aequa Scudder
1890Petrablattina aequa Scudder p. 465 figs. Pl 42, fig 13
1893Mylacris packardii Scudder p. 11 figs. Pl 1 e, g
1893Etoblattina exilis Scudder p. 17 figs. Pl II e
1895Mylacris packardii Scudder p. 41 figs. Pl I figs 2, 3
1895Etoblattina exilis Scudder p. 101 figs. Pl 9 fig 1
1895Gerablattina inculta Scudder p. 113 figs. Pl 9 fig 16
1895Gerablattina eversa Scudder pp. 122-123 figs. Pl 10 fig 14
1895Petrablattina sepulta Scudder p. 140
1895Petrablattina aequa Scudder p. 141
1899Blattina ligniperda Fritsch p. 11 fig. 318b
1899Etoblattina bituminosa Fritsch p. 11 fig. 318a
1904Archimylacris carbonis Handlirsch p. 12 figs. Pl 5 fig 19, 20
1904Anthrocomastax furcifer Handlirsch p. 17 figs. Pl 7 fig 29-30
1904Etoblattina coriacea Sellards p. 213 figs. Fig 29; Pl I fig 11
1906Anthracomastax furcifer Handlirsch p. 150 figs. Pl XV fig 12
1906Blattoidea insignis Handlirsch p. 173 figs. Pl XVII fig 18
1906Archimylacridae Handlirsch p. 181
1906Aphthoroblattina carbonis Handlirsch p. 183 figs. Pl XVIII fig 53
1906Phyloblatta ramosa Handlirsch p. 208 figs. Pl XXI fig 28
1906Archimylacridae paupercula Handlirsch p. 238 figs. Pl XXIV fig 40
1906Petrablattina aequa Handlirsch p. 370 figs. Pl XXXVI fig 16
1906Archimylacridae Handlirsch p. 717
1906Archimylacris aliena Schlechtendal
1906Phyloblatta eximia Schlechtendal p. 227 figs. Pl 23, fig 40
1906Phyloblatta perplexa Schlechtendal p. 227 figs. Pl 23, fig 39
1906Blattoidea indeterminata Schlechtendal p. 295 figs. Pl 30, fig 34
1906Blattoidea propinqua Schlechtendal p. 295 figs. Pl 30, fig 32
1906Blattoidea pulchra Schlechtendal p. 298 figs. Pl 30, fig 52
1906Blattoidea rugosa Schlechtendal p. 298 figs. Pl 30, fig 54
1906Blattoidea luedeckei Schlechtendal p. 299 figs. Pl 31, fig 5
1908Mylacris latissima Sellards p. 505 figs. Pl LXXI fig 5; Pl LXXXII fig 2
1908Etoblattina coriacea Sellards p. 512 figs. Pl LXXVI fig 29; Pl LXXVII fig 9
1908Archimylacris recta Sellards p. 514
1911Archimylacridae Handlirsch
1913Phyloblatta ramosa von Schlechtendal p. 54 figs. Pl 6, figs 4a,b
1918Atimoblatta flexuosa Cockerell p. 306 figs. Pl 54, fig 6
1919Archimylacridae Pruvost p. 141
1920Aphthoroblattina carbonis Handlirsch p. 435
1920Archimylacris pruvosti Handlirsch p. 435
1920Phyloblatta eximia Handlirsch p. 442
1920Phyloblatta lapidea Handlirsch p. 442
1920Phyloblatta perplexa Handlirsch p. 442
1920Phyloblatta ramosa Handlirsch p. 442
1920Phyloblatta wettiniana Handlirsch p. 442
1920Archimylacridae ingberti Handlirsch p. 448
1922Anthracomastax furcifer Handlirsch p. 94
1922Archimylacridae Handlirsch p. 109
1922Aphthoroblattina carbonis Handlirsch p. 111
1922Phyloblatta eximia Handlirsch p. 131
1922Phyloblatta perplexa Handlirsch p. 131
1922Phyloblatta wettiniana Handlirsch p. 131
1922Phyloblatta lapidea Handlirsch p. 132
1922Phyloblatta ramosa Handlirsch p. 134
1925Archimylacridae Bolton p. 31
1927Archimylacridae Cockerell p. 388
1930Heinitzia bildstocki Guthörl p. 156 figs. 6; Pl 11 fig 4
1930Archimylacridae Pruvost p. 160
1931Archimylacridae Martynov p. 150
1934Archimylacridae Guthörl p. 112
1934Haberleoblatta Guthörl p. 155
1934Haberleoblatta remigii Guthörl pp. 156-157 figs. 101; Pl 21 fig 4
1934Phyloblatta robusta Waterlot p. 210 figs. Pl 21, fig 1
1936Phyloblatta robusta Guthörl p. 95 figs. 8; Pl 2 fig 3
1937Archimylacridae Martynov p. 19
1952Archaeomantis Haupt p. 245
1952Archaeomantis fleischmanni Haupt p. 245 fig. 4
1952Ctenostematopteryx diversa Haupt p. 255 fig. 15
1980Archimylacridae Laurentiaux-Vieira and Laurentiaux p. 416
1983Archimylacridae Schneider p. 108
1983Anthracoblattina aequa Schneider p. 123

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumArthropodaLatreille 1829
superclassHexapodaLatreille 1825
NeopterygotaCrampton 1924
infraclassNeopteraMartynov 1923
PolyneopteraMartynov 1938
superorderDictyopteraLatreille 1829
orderBlattodea(Latreille 1810)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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