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Spiloblattina weissigensis

Insecta - Blattodea - Spiloblattinidae

Blattina weissigensis was named by Geinitz (1873). Its type specimen is MD 2505, a tegmen, and it is an impression. Its type locality is Weissig, which is in a Sakmarian lacustrine - small horizon in Germany.

It was recombined as Etoblattina weissigensis by Scudder (1879); it was recombined as Blattina (Etoblattina) weissigensis by Geinitz (1880); it was recombined as Sysciophlebia weissigensis by Handlirsch (1906), Handlirsch (1920) and Handlirsch (1922); it was recombined as Spiloblattina weissigensis by Schneider (1978), Schneider (1978), Schneider (1982), Schneider (1983) and Schneider and Werneburg (1993).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1873Blattina weissigensis Geinitz p. 692 figs. Pl 3, fig 1
1879Etoblattina weissigensis Scudder p. 65
1880Blattina (Etoblattina) weissigensis Geinitz p. 441 figs. Pl 39, fig 11
1885Spiloblattina gardineri Scudder p. 36
1885Spiloblattina guttata Scudder p. 36
1885Spiloblattina triassica Scudder p. 36
1885Spiloblattina gardineri Scudder p. 755 fig. 933
1890Spiloblattina gardineri Scudder p. 461 figs. Pl 41, figs 4,6,8,10
1890Spiloblattina triassica Scudder p. 462 figs. Pl 41, fig 1
1890Spiloblattina guttata Scudder p. 463 figs. Pl 41, fig 2; pl 42, fig 14
1895Spiloblattina gardineri Scudder p. 59
1895Spiloblattina triassica Scudder p. 59
1895Spiloblattina guttata Scudder p. 60
1906Sysciophlebia guttata Handlirsch p. 372 figs. Pl XXXVI fig 27, 28
1906Sysciophlebia triassica Handlirsch p. 372 figs. Pl XXXVI fig 26
1906Sysciophlebia weissigensis Handlirsch p. 373 figs. Pl XXXVI fig 31
1906Spiloblattina gardineri Handlirsch p. 375 figs. Pl XXXVI fig 35
1906Sysciophlebia guttata Handlirsch p. 758
1906Sysciophlebia triassica Handlirsch p. 758
1906Sysciophlebia fenestrata Handlirsch p. 759
1906Spiloblattina gardineri Handlirsch p. 762
1906Spiloblattina perforata Handlirsch p. 762
1920Sysciophlebia fenestrata Handlirsch p. 452
1920Sysciophlebia guttata Handlirsch p. 452
1920Sysciophlebia triassica Handlirsch p. 452
1920Sysciophlebia weissigensis Handlirsch p. 452
1920Spiloblattina gardineri Handlirsch p. 453
1920Spiloblattina perforata Handlirsch p. 453
1922Sysciophlebia fenestrata Handlirsch p. 168
1922Sysciophlebia guttata Handlirsch p. 169
1922Sysciophlebia triassica Handlirsch p. 169
1922Sysciophlebia weissigensis Handlirsch p. 169
1922Spiloblattina gardineri Handlirsch p. 172
1922Spiloblattina perforata Handlirsch p. 172
1978Spiloblattina weissigensis Schneider p. 24
1982Spiloblattina weissigensis Schneider p. 31 figs. Pl 5, fig 2
1983Spiloblattina weissigensis Schneider p. 129
1993Spiloblattina weissigensis Schneider and Werneburg p. 41 figs. Pl 6, fig 2; text-fig 6

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumArthropodaLatreille 1829
superclassHexapodaLatreille 1825
subclassPterygota(Brauer 1885)
NeopterygotaCrampton 1924
infraclassNeopteraMartynov 1923
PolyneopteraMartynov 1938
superorderDictyopteraLatreille 1829
orderBlattodea(Latreille 1810)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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