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Poroblattina parvula

Insecta - Blattodea - Poroblattinidae

Blattina parvula was named by Goldenberg (1869). It is an impression. Its type locality is Löbejün, which is in a Stephanian C terrestrial shale in the Ottweiler Stufe Formation of Germany.

It was recombined as Etoblattina parvula by Scudder (1879); it was recombined as Nearoblatta parvula by Handlirsch (1906), von Schlechtendal (1913) and Handlirsch (1920); it was recombined as Poroblattina parvula by Schneider (1978), Schneider (1983) and Schneider et al. (2004).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1869Blattina parvula Goldenberg p. 161 figs. Pl 3, fig 6
1879Etoblattina parvula Scudder p. 81
1885Neorthroblattina lakesii Scudder p. 109
1890Neorthroblattina lakesii Scudder p. 468 figs. Pl 42, figs 9,15
1895Petrablattina hastata Scudder p. 141 figs. Pl 11 fig 10
1895Neorthroblattina lakesii Scudder p. 143
1906Poroblattina ambigua Handlirsch p. 287 figs. Pl XXIX fig 45
1906Nearoblatta parvula Handlirsch p. 292 figs. Pl XXX fig 16
1906Exochoblatta hastata Handlirsch p. 365 figs. Pl XXXV fig 56
1906Nearoblatta lakesii Handlirsch p. 378 figs. Pl XXXVI fig 46
1906Exochoblatta hastata Handlirsch p. 742
1906Nearoblatta lakesii Handlirsch p. 794
1906Drepanoblattina plicata Schlechtendal p. 236 figs. Pl 24, fig 22
1906Poroblattina subtilis Schlechtendal p. 285 figs. Pl XXIX fig 36
1906Poroblattina tenera Schlechtendal p. 285 figs. Pl XXIX fig 33
1906Poroblattina obscura Schlechtendal p. 286 figs. Pl XXIX fig 41
1906Poroblattina varia Schlechtendal p. 286 figs. Pl XXIX fig 40
1906Poroblattina ambigua Schlechtendal p. 287 figs. Pl XXIX fig 45
1906Poroblattina ornata Schlechtendal p. 287 figs. Pl XXX fig 1, 2
1906Poroblattina striolata Schlechtendal p. 287 figs. Pl XXX fig 3
1906Poroblattina modesta Schlechtendal p. 288 figs. Pl XXX fig 4
1906Autoblattina amoena Schlechtendal p. 289 figs. Pl XXX fig 6, 7
1906Autoblattina difficilis Schlechtendal p. 289 figs. Pl XXX fig 11
1906Autoblattina gracilis Schlechtendal p. 289 figs. Pl XXX fig 9
1906Autoblattina jucunda Schlechtendal p. 290 figs. Pl XXX fig 12
1906Nearoblatta exarata Schlechtendal p. 292 figs. Pl XXX fig 17
1906Blattoidea fallax Schlechtendal p. 294 figs. Pl 30, fig 27
1906Blattoidea inversa Schlechtendal p. 294 figs. Pl 30, fig 26
1913Nearoblatta parvula von Schlechtendal p. 71 figs. Pl 2, fig 18; Pl 6, fig 10
1920Drepanoblattina plicata Handlirsch p. 447
1920Exochoblatta hastata Handlirsch p. 447
1920Autoblattina amoena Handlirsch p. 458
1920Autoblattina difficilis Handlirsch p. 458
1920Autoblattina fallax Handlirsch p. 458
1920Autoblattina inversa Handlirsch p. 458
1920Autoblattina jucunda Handlirsch p. 458
1920Autoblattina schlechtendali Handlirsch p. 458
1920Poroblattina ambigua Handlirsch p. 458
1920Poroblattina modesta Handlirsch p. 458
1920Poroblattina obscura Handlirsch p. 458
1920Poroblattina ornata Handlirsch p. 458
1920Poroblattina striolata Handlirsch p. 458
1920Poroblattina subtilis Handlirsch p. 458
1920Poroblattina tenera Handlirsch p. 458
1920Poroblattina varia Handlirsch p. 458
1920Nearoblatta exarata Handlirsch p. 459
1920Nearoblatta lakesii Handlirsch p. 459
1920Nearoblatta parvula Handlirsch p. 459
1922Drepanoblattina plicata Handlirsch p. 150
1922Exochoblatta hastata Handlirsch p. 150
1934Poroblattina carbonaria Carpenter
1934Acmaeoblatta carbonaria Carpenter p. 340 fig. 13
1969Exochoblatta carbonaria Durden p. 1169
1978Poroblattina parvula Schneider p. 56 figs. Pl 1, figs 1-10; pl 2, figs 1-10; pl 3, figs 1-5; pl 4, figs 1-6a
1983Poroblattina carbonaria Schneider p. 131
1983Poroblattina parvula Schneider p. 131
2004Poroblattina parvula Schneider et al. p. 255 figs. 7G-J

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumArthropodaLatreille 1829
superclassHexapodaLatreille 1825
subclassPterygota(Brauer 1885)
NeopterygotaCrampton 1924
infraclassNeopteraMartynov 1923
PolyneopteraMartynov 1938
superorderDictyopteraLatreille 1829
orderBlattodea(Latreille 1810)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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