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Neospirifer (Neospirifer) moosakhailensis

Rhynchonellata - Spiriferida - Trigonotretidae

Spirifera moosakhailensis was named by Davidson (1862). It is a 3D body fossil. Its type locality is Moosakhail (Fleming coll), which is in a Wuchiapingian marine limestone in the Wargal Formation of Pakistan.

It was recombined as Spirifer moosakhailensis by Grabau (1931); it was recombined as Spirifer (Neospirifer) musakheylensis by Reed (1944); it was recombined as Neospirifer moosakhailensis by Waterhouse (1966), Waterhouse (1978), Lee and Gu (1980) and Shi and Shen (1997); it was misspelled as Neospirifer musakheylensis by Shimizu (1981); it was recombined as Neospirifer (Neospirifer) moosakhailensis by Shen et al. (2003).

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1862Spirifera moosakhailensis Davidson p. 28 figs. Pl 2, fig 2
1881Spirifer timorensis Martin p. 41 figs. Pl 2, figs 7-7b, 8
1883Spirifer musakheylensis Waagen p. 512 figs. Pl 45
1892Spirifer musakheylensis Rothpletz p. 79 figs. Pl 9, figs 1, 2
1897Spirifer musakhelensis Diener
1903Spirifera musakheylensis Etheridge Jr. p. 12
1931Spirifer moosakhailensis Grabau p. 168 figs. Pl 23, figs 5-8
1931Neospirifer warchensis Reed p. 21 figs. Pl 4, fig 9
1944Spirifer (Neospirifer) musakheylensis Reed p. 196
1944Spirifer (Neospirifer) warchensis Reed p. 198
1966Neospirifer moosakhailensis Waterhouse p. 34 figs. Pl 8, figs 1,2; pl 9, figs 1,4; pl 10, figs 1,2
1978Neospirifer moosakhailensis Waterhouse p. 57 figs. Pl 6, figs 19,20
1980Neospirifer moosakhailensis Lee and Gu p. 412 figs. Pl 177, figs 7,10
1981Neospirifer musakheylensis Shimizu p. 80 figs. Pl 8, fig 24
1997Neospirifer moosakhailensis Shi and Shen p. 51 figs. 7B-D
2003Neospirifer (Neospirifer) moosakhailensis Shen et al. figs. 6.1-6.5

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumBrachiopodaCuvier 1805
subphylumRhynchonelliformeaWilliams et al. 1996
classRhynchonellataWilliams et al. 1996
genusNeospiriferFredericks 1919
subgenusNeospiriferFredericks 1919

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

J. B. Waterhouse 1966Transverse Neospirifer with moderately low ventral umbo and moderately high ventral interarea, alate, with rounded anterior-lateral extremities, sulcus shallow and V-shaped in profile posteriorly, wide and more U-shaped anteriorly, fold moderately high and narrow, plicae well developed, costae fine to strong, moderately differentiated, crests rounded, concentric lamellae well developed.