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Macropodosauropus gravis

Reptilipedia - Saurischipedida - Macropodosauripodidae

Macropodosaurus gravis was named by Zakharov (1964). It is considered to be a form taxon. Its type specimen is nos. 1-3 (in situ), a footprint, and it is a trace fossil. Its type locality is Shirkent I tracksite, which is in an Albian peritidal grainstone/evaporite in the Shirabad Formation of Tajikistan. It is the type species of Macropodosauropus.

It was recombined as Macropodosauropus gravis by Dzhailov and Novikov (1993).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1964Macropodosaurus gravis Zakharov p. 32 fig. 1–2
1971Macropodosaurus gravis Haubold p. 79
1985Macropodosaurus qravis Amanniyazov p. 24
1993Macropodosauropus gravis Dzhailov and Novikov p. 55
2001Macropodosaurus gravis Avanzini et al. p. 239

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classReptilipediaVyalov 1966
subclassArchosauripediiVyalov 1987
superorderDinosauripedideaVyalov 1968
orderSaurischipedidaVyalov 1966
suborderTheropedinaVyalov 1987
infraorderCarnosauripodoideiVyalov 1987
superfamilyMegalosauripodidae(Vyalov 1987)
familyMacropodosauripodidaeVyalov 1987
genusMacropodosauropusDzhalilov and Novikov 1993

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