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Hypophylloceras (Neophylloceras) ramosum

Cephalopoda - Phylloceratida - Phylloceratidae

Ammonites (Scaphites) ramosus was named by Meek (1857). It is not a trace fossil.

It was recombined as Ammonites (Scaphites) ramosum by Jones (1963) and Matsumoto (1984); it was recombined as Neophylloceras ramosum by Henderson (1970); it was recombined as Phylloceras (Neophylloceras) ramosum by Henderson and McNamara (1985) and Ward and Kennedy (1993); it was recombined as Hypophylloceras (Neophylloceras) ramosus by Wright et al. (1996); it was recombined as Hypophylloceras (Neophylloceras) ramosum by Salazar et al. (2010).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1857Ammonites (Scaphites) ramosus Meek
1958Phylloceras vaculae Anderson p. 181 figs. Pl 40, figs 3,3a,3b
1958Phylloceras pachecoensis Anderson p. 182 figs. Pl 53, figs 1,1a
1963Ammonites (Scaphites) ramosum Jones p. 22
1970Neophylloceras ramosum Henderson
1984Ammonites (Scaphites) ramosum Matsumoto p. 9
1985Phylloceras (Neophylloceras) ramosum Henderson and McNamara p. 40 figs. Pl 1, figs 1-3; text-fig 3c
1993Phylloceras (Neophylloceras) ramosum Ward and Kennedy p. 15 figs. 17.2, 17.5, 17.6
1996Hypophylloceras (Neophylloceras) ramosus Wright et al. p. 1
2010Hypophylloceras (Neophylloceras) ramosum Salazar et al. p. 184 figs. 3, 4a-d,m

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EubilateriaAx 1987
classCephalopodaCuvier 1797
subclassAmmonoidea(Zittel 1884)
orderPhylloceratida(Zittel 1884)
superfamilyPhylloceratoidea(Zittel 1884)
familyPhylloceratidaeZittel 1884
subfamilyPhylloceratinaeZittel 1884
genusHypophyllocerasShimizu 1934
speciesramosum(Meek 1857)

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