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Insecta - Mecoptera

Pistillifera was named by Willmann (1987). It is extant.

It was assigned to Mecoptera by Willmann (1987).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1987Pistillifera Willmann

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumArthropodaLatreille 1829
superclassHexapodaLatreille 1825
NeopterygotaCrampton 1924
infraclassNeopteraMartynov 1923
orderMecopteraPackard 1886

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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Composition: chitinc
Environment: terrestrialc
Locomotion: actively mobilep
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Modified: 2017-04-17 09:56:18
Source: c = class, p = phylum
References: Kiessling 2004, Bush and Bambach 2015

Age range

Maximum range based only on fossils: base of the Anisian to the top of the Rupelian or 247.20000 to 28.10000 Ma
Minimum age of oldest fossil (stem group age): 242.0 Ma

Collections (195 total)

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Anisian247.2 - 242.0Australia (New South Wales) Choristopanorpa bifasciata (106483)
Longobardian242.0 - 235.0China (Shaanxi) Protorthophlebia triassica, Protorthophlebia ladinica, Protorthophlebia curta, Orthophlebia ladinica, Ctenophlebia tongchuanensis, Neorthophlebopsis qishuiheensis (117138)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0China (Xinjiang) Protorthophlebia macula (156325)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Kyrgyzstan (Osh) Choristopanorpa opinata (106090 113406) Choristopanorpa opinata, Choristopanorpa ridibunda (110763) Choristopanorpa temperata (105007) Thaumatomerope neuroptoides, Choristopanorpa ridibunda (110765)
Norian228.0 - 208.5Australia (Queensland) Archebittacus exilis (106484 191411) Orthophlebidae indet. (111558)
Rhaetian208.5 - 201.3United Kingdom (England) Orthophlebia communis (124687) Orthophlebia communis, Orthophlebia liassica, Orthophlebioides anglicus (115222) Orthophlebia gracilis (139595) Orthophlebia liassica (114643 114677 114680) Orthophlebia liassica, Orthophlebia pictipennis, Orthophlebia confusa (115223) Orthophlebia liassica, Protobittacus liassicus, Protobittacus maculatus, Chauliodes sp. 3 (113961) Panorpa liassica, Orthophlebia simillima (115220) Protorthophlebia latipennis, Orthophlebia liassica (113957)
Rhaetian - Hettangian208.5 - 199.3United Kingdom (Gloucestershire) Orthophlebia nana, Orthophlebia laesa, Orthophlebioides stigmaticus, Orthophlebioides furcatus, Orthophlebioides parvulus (139593)
Rhaetian - Hettangian208.5 - 199.3United Kingdom Orthophlebia pygmaea, Orthophlebia bella (139594)
Rhaetian - Early/Lower Hettangian208.5 - 196.5United Kingdom (England) Orthophlebia communis, Chauliodes sp. (124688)
Hettangian201.3 - 199.3United Kingdom (England) Orthophlebia liassica (115224)
Early/Lower Hettangian201.3 - 196.5United Kingdom (England) Orthophlebia liassica (113960) Protorthophlebia latipennis, Orthophlebia communis, Orthophlebia liassica (113956)
Planorbis201.3 - 196.5United Kingdom (England) Orthophlebia pictipennis (123982)
Hettangian - Sinemurian201.3 - 190.8United Kingdom (Warwickshire) Orthophlebia communis, Chauliodes sp. (133185)
Hettangian - Sinemurian201.3 - 190.8Kyrgyzstan (Tonskiy) Mesopanorpa obscura, Mesopanorpa kuliki, Orthophlebia effusa, Orthophlebia varia, Protorthophlebia aksaji (105086) Protorthophlebia latipennis, Orthophlebia maculata, Mesopanorpa hartungi, Orthophlebia extensa, Mesopanorpa obscura, Mesopanorpa umbrata, Mesopanorpa unicolor, Neorthophlebia robusta, Orthophlebia curta, Orthophlebia churabica, Orthophlebia effusa, Orthophlebia varia, Orthophlebia vernacula, Mesopanorpa palmaris, Mesopanorpa ampla, Protorthophlebia egloni, Protorthophlebia aksaji, Neorthophlebia unica, Neorthophlebia nana, Orthophlebia rossica (105087)
Early/Lower Jurassic201.3 - 174.1Russian Federation (Kemerovo) Tutujasina paradoxa (125231)
Early/Lower Jurassic - Middle Jurassic201.3 - 163.5Kazakhstan Mesopanorpa kuschmurunensis (172378) Mesopanorpa sp. (172379 172380) Mesopanorpa turgaica (172377) Orthophlebia pulchra (172375) Orthophlebia sp. (172376)
Jurassic201.3 - 145.0Kazakhstan Mesopanorpa praeangustipennis (172381)
Sinemurian199.3 - 190.8China (Jiangxi) Protorthophlebia latipennis (156323)
Early/Lower Sinemurian196.5 - 189.6China (Xinjiang) Protorthophlebia latipennis, Mesopanorpa obscura, Orthophlebia latebrosa, Orthophlebia colorata, Mesopanorpa brodiei, Mesopanorpa kuliki, Mesopanorpa densa, Mesopanorpa monstrosa, Protorthophlebia badaowanica, Protorthophlebia karamayiensis (103480)
Obtusum196.5 - 189.6United Kingdom (England) Orthophlebia capillata (114638) Protorthophlebia latipennis (114637)
Turneri196.5 - 189.6United Kingdom (Dorset) Jurachorista bashkuevi (166829)
Pliensbachian190.8 - 182.7Kyrgyzstan Neorthophlebia abshirica (160469) Orthophlebia aequalis (114701)
Pliensbachian190.8 - 182.7Kyrgyzstan (Batken) Asiobittacus sajsagulis, Plesiobittacus martynovi, Plesiobittacus primigenius (105003)
Pliensbachian190.8 - 182.7Tajikistan Mesopanorpa unicolor (114705) Orthophlebia angustata (114704) Orthophlebia extensa, Orthophlebia shurabica, Orthophlebia venosa, Mesopanorpa umbrata, Neorthophlebia robusta (114702) Orthophlebia rotundipennis (114703)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0Germany (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) Bittacidae indet., Cimbrophlebiidae indet., Orthophlebia brunsvicensis, Orthophlebia germanica, Orthophlebia elongata, Neorthophlebia maculipennis, Mesobittacus minutus (114993)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0Germany Orthophlebia geinitzi, Orthophlebia germanica, Synorthophlebia dubia, Orthophlebia elongata, Neorthophlebia minor, Mesobittacus minutus, Orthophlebia megapolitana, Neorthophlebia debilis, Orthophlebioides fuscipennis, Parabittacus analis, Synorthophlebia vicina, Synorthophlebia elegans, Synorthophlebia liadis, Orthophlebiites radialis, Synorthophlebia maculata, Neorthophlebia pallida, Neorthophlebia simillima, Neorthophlebia medialis, Neorthophlebia stigmatica, Neorthophlebia acutipennis, Orthophlebia megapolitana, Orthophlebia intermedia, Orthophlebia intermedia (123987)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0United Kingdom (Gloucestershire) Orthophlebia brodiei (153651) Protobittacus handlirschi (154307)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0Germany (Niedersachsen) Auxobittacus marginelaesus (107322) Orthophlebia brunsvicensis (107556) Orthophlebia compacta, Orthophlebia latipennisimilis, Orthophlebia diminuta, Orthophlebia formosa, Synorthophlebia speciosa, Synorthophlebia obtusa, Protobittacus arculatus, Protobittacus pediculatus, Auxobittacus praeacutus, Metaxybittacus vittatus, Pleobittacus retroflexus, Polydicrobittacus lingula (105002) Orthophlebia fallerslebensis (108447) Orthophlebia formosa, Auxobittacus praeacutus (107343) Orthophlebia latipennisimilis (107344) Parorthophlebia grasselensis, Orthophlebia latipennisimilis, Polydicrobittacus lingula, Haplobittacus parvus (107321) Polydicrobittacus lingula (107553) Protobittacus desacuminatus (107555) Protorthophlebia cuneata, Protobittacus clavaeformis (107323)
Falciferum183.0 - 182.0Germany Bittacidae indet., Orthophlebia elongata (192037)
Toarcian182.7 - 174.1Russian Federation (Irkutsk) Mesopanorpa angarensis, Mesopanorpa incerta (114694) Orthophlebia latebrosa (104946) Orthophlebia lauta, Orthophlebia retorrida (113471) Orthophlebia martynovae (105019) Panorpa hartungi (114696)
Toarcian182.7 - 174.1Russian Federation (Kemerovo) Protobittacus moestus (125484)
Toarcian182.7 - 174.1United Kingdom Orthophlebia brodiei (132073)
Toarcian182.7 - 174.1Germany Orthophlebioides limnophilus (131767)
Toarcian182.7 - 174.1Russian Federation (Krasnoyarsk) Orthophlebia jejuna, Orthophlebiinae indet. (110819)
Toarcian - Aalenian182.7 - 170.3China (Hebei) Protorthophlebia yangjuanxiangensis (164199)
Aalenian - Bajocian174.1 - 168.3China (Xinjiang) Orthophlebia exculpta, Protorthophlebia strigata (117193)
Middle Jurassic174.1 - 163.5China (Gansu) Orthophlebia quadrimacula (154785)
Bajocian170.3 - 168.3China (Guangxi) Protorthophlebia latipennis, Protorthophlebia deformis, Mesopanorpa enormis (151540)
Bajocian - Bathonian170.3 - 166.1Russian Federation (Krasnoyarsk) Orthophlebia sp., Mesopanorpa sp., Microbittacus kubekovensis, Orthophlebia obunca, Orthophlebiinae indet., Boreomerope antiqua (118010)
Bajocian - Bathonian170.3 - 166.1China (Anhui) Orthophlebia rotundipennis (106695)
Bathonian168.3 - 166.1Mongolia Orthophlebia mongolica (119621)
Callovian - Oxfordian166.1 - 157.3China (Beijing Shi) Protorthophlebia yanqingensis (162200)
Callovian - Oxfordian166.1 - 157.3China (Hebei) Mesopanorpa luanpingensis (154786) Protorthophlebia yaogouensis (154788)
Callovian - Oxfordian166.1 - 157.3China (Nei Mongol) Exilibittacus lii (137887) Formosibittacus macularis, Jurahylobittacus astictus, Decoribittacus euneurus, Decoribittacus stictus, Karattacus longialatus (112664) Jurassipanorpa impunctata, Jurassipanorpa sticta, Mongolobittacus speciosus, Mongolobittacus oligophlebius, Exilibittacus foliaceus, Exilibittacus plagioneurus, Longiphlebia stigmosa (155751) Mongolobittacus daohugouensis (113371) Orthobittacus suni (183155) Orthophlebia nervulosa, Orthophlebia stigmosa, Jurathauma simplex (113365) Orthophlebia riccardii, Orthophlebia nervulosa, Orthophlebia stigmosa, Bellicimbrophlebia cruciata, Bellicimbrophlebia disvena (117610) Perfecticimbrophlebia laetus, Preanabittacus validus, Juracimbrophlebia ginkgofolia, Telobittacus bellus, Mirorcimbrophlebia daohugouensis, Bellicimbrophlebia cruciata, Bellicimbrophlebia angusta, Bellicimbrophlebia eumorpha, Bellicimbrophlebia disvena (113366) Telobittacus decorus, Bellicimbrophlebia heteroneura, Cimbrophlebia amoena, Cimbrophlebia gracilenta, Composibittacus bipunctatus, Composibittacus reticulatus, Orthobittacus maculosus (123761) Tsuchingothauma shihi (113361)
Callovian - Oxfordian166.1 - 157.3China (Liaoning) Jibeiorthophlebia xiafanzhangziensis (113475) Liaobittacus longantennatus (107004)
Callovian - Oxfordian166.1 - 157.3Kazakhstan (Chimkent) Mesopanorpa felix, Probittacus avitus (114692) Orthophlebia elenae (122330) Orthophlebia elenae, Karattacus persibus, Orobittacus antiquus (105971) Orthophlebia elenae, Orthophlebia longicauda, Orthobittacus polymitus, Probittacus karatavicus (105426) Orthophlebia grandis, Orthophlebia phryganoides (115717) Orthophlebia grandis, Prohylobittacus sorosi, Orobittacus antiquus (105970) Orthophlebia heidemariae, Preanabittacus karatavensis, Probittacus karatavicus (106101) Orthophlebia maculata (114693) Orthophlebioides obscurus (31311) Prohylobittacus sorosi (113439) Sibirobittacus kazakhstanensis (106102)
Oxfordian163.5 - 157.3Russian Federation (Buryat) Mesopanorpa unica, Protorthophlebia lecta, Muchoria reducta (105017)
Oxfordian - Kimmeridgian163.5 - 152.1Russian Federation (Buryat) Mesopanorpa sp. (125482) Protorthophlebia hebes (114614)
Oxfordian - Kimmeridgian163.5 - 152.1China (Yunnan) Neorthophlebia yunnanensis (164859)
Late/Upper Jurassic163.5 - 145.0Russian Federation (Buryatia) Neorthophlebia indet. (125483)
Tithonian152.1 - 145.0Mongolia Orthophlebia shartegica (118966 121394 152133) Orthophlebia sp., Orthophlebia gubini, Orthophlebia shartegica, Orthophlebiidae indet., Orobittacus minutus (104748) Probittacus mongolicus (121393)
Tithonian152.1 - 145.0Russian Federation (Chita) Mesopanorpa martynovae (119397) Orthophlebidae indet. (114307) Panorpoidea indet. (125407) Sibirobittacus undus (123197)
Tithonian152.1 - 145.0Russian Federation Mesopanorpa tergenica (138150) Orthophlebia bolboica (150500) Orthophlebidae indet. (123198)
Early/Lower Tithonian150.8 - 145.0Germany Malmocimbrophlebia buergeri (122880)
Early/Lower Tithonian150.8 - 145.0Germany (Bavaria) Orthophlebia lithographica (105797)
Early/Lower Berriasian145.0 - 140.2United Kingdom (England) Tytthobittacus jarzembowski (104007)
Middle Berriasian145.0 - 140.2United Kingdom (England) Orthophlebia sp. 2, Orthophlebia sp. 1 (104008)
Late/Upper Hauterivian136.4 - 130.0United Kingdom (Surrey) Mesopanorpa brooksorum (74972)
Late/Upper Hauterivian136.4 - 130.0United Kingdom (England) Antiquanabittacus nanus, Mesopanorpa brooksorum (106417)
Late/Upper Hauterivian - Early/Lower Barremian136.4 - 125.45China (Shaanxi) Telobittacus fragosus (140940)
Late/Upper Barremian130.0 - 125.45China (Liaoning) Parachorista miris (146276)
Late/Upper Barremian130.0 - 125.45Spain (Cuenca) Orthophlebiinae indet. (28006)
Barremian129.4 - 125.0China (Zhejiang) Mesopanorpa gambra (155607) Mesopanorpa yaojiashanensis (155606)
Barremian129.4 - 125.0Russian Federation (Chita) Panorpoidea indet. (151642 153644)
Early/Lower Aptian125.45 - 122.46China (Liaoning) Megabittacus colosseus, Megabittacus beipiaoensis, Sibirobittacus atalus, Orthophlebia liaoningensis (138436) Megabittacus spatiosus (137886) Orthophlebia liaoningensis (106966) Typhothauma excelsa (123472) Typhothauma yixianensis (111722)
Early/Lower Aptian125.45 - 122.46China (Nei Mongol) Cimbrophlebia rara (125656)
Aptian125.0 - 113.0Russian Federation (Buryatia) Baissobittacus angustipennatus, Cretobittacus baisensis (105969)
Aptian125.0 - 113.0Russian Federation (Chita) Orthophlebia fracta (138072) Orthophlebia karabonica (126001) Panorpoidea indet. (153643)
Late/Upper Aptian122.46 - 112.03Australia (Victoria) Choristopanorpa drinnani, Prochoristella leongatha, Cretacochorista parva, Orthophlebiidae indet. (77192)
Late/Upper Aptian122.46 - 112.03China (Beijing Shi) Orthophlebia fanshanensis (106965)
Early/Lower Cenomanian99.6 - 93.5Myanmar Bittacus lepiduscretaceus (178121) Burmomerope clara (172900 187929) Burmomerope clara, Burmobittacus jarzembowskii (161726) Burmomerope eureka (123113)
Late/Upper Paleocene58.7 - 55.8Argentina (Jujuy) Thyridates novokschonovi (113004)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8Australia (Queensland) Austropanorpa australis, Chorista sobrina (125666)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8Denmark Cimbrophlebia bittaciformis (113025)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8Canada (British Columbia) Cimbrophlebia sp. A, Cimbrophlebia flabelliformis, Cimbrophlebia leahyi, Eomerope macabeensis, Dinokanaga hillsi, Eorpa ypsipeda, Eomerope eonearctica (103205) Dinokanaga dowsonae (119948) Dinokanaga dowsonae, Eorpa sp. (119946) Dinokanaga hillsi (144346) Dinokanaga hillsi, Dinokanaga dowsonae, Eorpa ypsipeda (144347) Dinokanaga hillsi, Eorpa ypsipeda (144345) Dinokanaga webbi (113148) Eomerope simpkinsae (193538) Eorpa sp., Panorpidae indet. (31677) Eorpa ypsipeda (147813)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8Russian Federation (Primorsky Krai) Eomerope sp., Dinopanorpa sp., Eomerope asiatica (123616)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8Argentina (Chubut) Austropanorpodes gennaken (75178)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8USA (Washington) Cimbrophlebia brooksi, Cimbrophlebia westae, Dinokanaga dowsonae, Dinokanaga andersoni, Eorpa ypsipeda, Eorpa elverumi (103206) Dinokanaga dowsonae, Dinokanaga sternbergi (104761) Eorpa elverumi (147823) Eorpa sp. (147824 147825) Eorpa ypsipeda (147822)
Ypresian - Lutetian56.0 - 41.3Canada (British Columbia) Dinokanaga wilsoni (144348)
Bridgerian50.3 - 46.2USA (Colorado) Palaeobittacus eocenicus (163519)
Bridgerian50.3 - 46.2USA (Utah) Bittacus egestionis (122882)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9United Kingdom (England) Bittacus sp.A, Panorpa veterna, Bittacus veternus (123960)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9Russian Federation (Primorskiy) Bittacus biamensis (123794)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9Poland Baltipanorpa damzeni, Panorpodes brevicauda, Panorpodes weitschati, Hylobittacus antiquus, Hylobittacus fossilis, Hylobittacus minimus, Hylobittacus picteti (123215) Bittacus antiquus (109625) Hylobittacus fossilis (120813) Panorpa brevicauda (120811)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9Russian Federation (Kaliningrad) Bittacus minimus (123766) Panorpodes brevicauda, Panorpodes hageni, Panorpa obsoleta, Panorpa mortua, Bittacus fossilis, Bittacus minimus, Bittacus succinus, Hylobittacus antiquus (124205) Panorpodes weitschati (110735)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9Germany (Halle) Hylobittacus picteti (124273)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9Russian Federation Hylobittacus fossilis, Hylobittacus minimus, Hylobittacus picteti, Panorpodes gedanensis (123419)
Chadronian37.2 - 33.9USA (Colorado) Panorpa arctiiformis, Eomerope tortriciformis (106381) Panorpa rigida (106384)
Rupelian33.9 - 28.1Russian Federation Dinopanorpa megarche (122745) Eomerope pacifica (124920)
MP 3028.4 - 23.03Germany Panorpa gracilis, Panorpa rottensis, Panorpa maculatuosa (122010)