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Myonia (Myomedia) carinata

Bivalvia - Pholadida - Vacunellidae

Pachydomus carinatus was named by Morris (1845). It is a 3D body fossil. Its type locality is Illawarra (Strzelecki coll), which is in a Wordian coastal siliciclastic in the Gerringong Formation of Australia.

It was recombined as Maeonia carinata by Dana (1849), Laseron (1910) and Etheridge (1919); it was recombined as Sanguinolites carinatus by Reed (1932); it was recombined as Myonia carinata by Runnegar (1967); it was recombined as Myonia (Myonia) carinata by Muromtseva and Guskov (1984); it was recombined as Myonia (Myomedia) carinata by Waterhouse (1969), Waterhouse (1983) and Waterhouse (1988).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1845Pachydomus carinatus Morris p. 273 figs. Pl 11, fig 3
1847Cypricardia rugulosa Dana p. 157
1847Pachydomus carinatus M'Coy p. 301
1849Maeonia carinata Dana p. 696
1849Maeonia fragilis Dana p. 696 figs. Pl 6, fig 2
1890Pachydomus carinatus Foord p. 154
1910Maeonia carinata Laseron p. 206
1919Myonia minor Etheridge p. 187 figs. Pl 29, figs 5-8
1919Maeonia carinata Etheridge Jr. p. 187 figs. Pl 29, figs 5-8
1932Sanguinolites carinatus Reed p. 38 figs. Pl 9, figs 12,13
1960Thracia alta Lutkevitch and Lobanova
1960Thracia longa Lutkevitch and Lobanova
1967Myonia carinata Runnegar p. 50 figs. Pl 4, figs 8, 9; pl 5, fig 20; pl 12, figs 7, 14
1969Myonia (Myomedia) carinata Waterhouse p. 67
1976Myonia (Myonia) sulcatiformis Astafieva-Urbaitis
1976Myonia (Pachymyonia) bytantajensis Astafieva-Urbaitis
1976Myonia (Pachymyonia) longa Astafieva-Urbaitis
1976Myonia (Pachymyonia) lutkevitchi Astafieva-Urbaitis
1983Myonia (Myomedia) carinata Waterhouse p. 251 figs. Pl 5, fig 7; pl 6, fig 14
1984Myonia (Myonia) carinata Muromtseva and Guskov p. 96 figs. Pl 41, figs 9-12; pl 45, figs 1,2,8,9; pl 46, figs 1-6
1988Myonia (Myomedia) carinata Waterhouse p. 183 figs. Pl 7, fig 3; pl 15, fig 6

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EubilateriaAx 1987
subclassAutobranchia(Groblen 1894)
infraclassHeteroconchia(Cox 1960)
CardiomorphiFerussac 1822
CardioniFerussac 1822
CardiidiaFerussac 1822
CardiataFerussac 1822
superorderPholadiformiiGray 1854
orderPholadidaGray 1854
superfamilyPleuromyoideaDall 1900
familyVacunellidaeAstafieva-Urbajtis 1973

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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