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Nuculanidae (pointed nut clam)

Bivalvia - Protobranchia - Nuculanidae

Nuculanidae was named by Adams and Adams (1858) [m. kosnik taxon no: 5054; =Ledidae H. Adams and A. Adams 1858; Poroledidae Scarlato and Starobogatov 1979; Ledidae published in Jan. 1858, Nuculanidae published in Nov. 1858, Nuculanidae maintained under ICZN Code Art. 40b.]. It is extant.

It was assigned to Pelecypoda by Turner (1938); to Nuculacea by Adams and Adams (1858), Gardner (1945) and DuBar (1958); to Nuculanacea by Newell (1965), Vokes (1980), Dockery (1982), Squires (1984), Ward and Blackwelder (1987), Squires (1987), Stilwell and Zinsmeister (1992) and Maxwell (1992); to Nuculoida by Givens and Kennedy (1976), Squires (1999), Spencer et al. (2004) and El Qot (2006); and to Nuculanoidea by Coan et al. (2000), Todd (2001), Stilwell et al. (2004), Fang and Cope (2004), Bieler and Mikkelsen (2006), Fang (2006), Mikkelsen and Bieler (2008), Nevesskaja (2009), Bouchet et al. (2010), Carter et al. (2011), Coan and Valentich-Scott (2012) and Ros-Franch et al. (2014).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1858Ledidae Adams and Adams
1858Nuculanidae Adams and Adams
1904Ledidae Glenn p. 395
1916Ledidae Raymond
1923Ledidae Clark and Arnold p. 137
1931Ledidae Olsson p. 36
1938Nuculanidae Turner p. 41
1945Nuculanidae Gardner
1958Nuculanidae DuBar p. 153
1965Nuculanidae Newell p. 16
1976Nuculanidae Givens and Kennedy p. 973
1980Nuculanidae Vokes p. 5
1982Ledellinae Allen and Sanders
1982Nuculanidae Dockery p. 28
1983Veteranellinae Chen et al.
1984Nuculanidae Squires p. 41
1987Nuculanidae Squires p. 54
1987Nuculanidae Ward and Blackwelder p. 129
1992Nuculanidae Maxwell p. 56
1992Nuculanidae Stilwell and Zinsmeister p. 48
1999Nuculanidae Squires p. 23
2000Ledellinae Coan et al. pp. 82, 94
2000Nuculanidae Coan et al. pp. 82, 83
2001Nuculanidae Todd
2004Nuculanidae Fang and Cope
2004Nuculanidae Spencer et al.
2004Nuculanidae Stilwell et al. p. 17
2006Nuculanidae Bieler and Mikkelsen p. 228
2006Nuculanidae El Qot p. 17
2006Nuculanidae Fang
2008Nuculanidae Mikkelsen and Bieler p. 19
2009Nuculanidae Nevesskaja
2010Nuculanidae Bouchet et al.
2011Nuculanidae Carter et al. p. 6
2012Nuculanidae Coan and Valentich-Scott p. 57
2014Nuculanidae Ros-Franch et al.

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EubilateriaAx 1987
orderProtobranchiaPelseneer 1889
superorderNuculaniformiiCarter et al. 2000
orderNuculanida(Carter et al. 2000)
superfamilyNuculanoideaAdams and Adams 1858
familyNuculanidaeAdams and Adams 1858
familyNuculanidaeAdams and Adams 1858

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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