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Compsoscorpius buthiformis

Xiphosura - Xiphosurida

Anthracoscorpio buthiformis was named by Pocock (1911). It is a compression fossil. Its type locality is Sparth Bottoms, Rochdale (BMNH coll), which is in a Westphalian A delta plain shale in the United Kingdom.

It was recombined as Eoscorpius buthiformis by Petrunkevitch (1949); it was recombined as Buthiscorpius buthiformis by Petrunkevitch (1953), Wills (1960) and Kjellesvig-Waering (1986); it was recombined as Compsoscorpius buthiformis by Legg et al. (2012) and Dunlop et al. (2013).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1911Anthracoscorpio buthiformis Pocock p. 24 figs. Pl 1, fig 2; pl 2, fig 1; text-figs 6-8
1949Typhlopisthacanthus anglicus Petrunkevitch p. 145 figs. 143, 182
1949Lichnoscorpius minutus Petrunkevitch p. 148 figs. 144, 145, 181
1949Compsoscorpius elegans Petrunkevitch p. 149 figs. 152-154, 183-185
1949Compsoscorpius elongatus Petrunkevitch p. 150 figs. 147-150, 186-188
1949Eoscorpius buthiformis Petrunkevitch p. 153
1953Anthracoscorpio minutus Petrunkevitch p. 30
1953Buthiscorpius buthiformis Petrunkevitch p. 32 figs. 31-34, 122
1953Compsoscorpius elegans Petrunkevitch p. 32
1953Compsoscorpius elongatus Petrunkevitch p. 33
1953Typhlopisthacanthus anglicus Petrunkevitch p. 34
1960Buthiscorpius buthiformis Wills p. 277 figs. Pls 46, figs 1-5; pl 47, figs 1-6; pl 48, figs 1-7; text-figs 1-9
1960Buthiscorpius major Wills p. 300 figs. Pl 51, figs 1-3; pl 52; text-figs 14-16
1986Buthiscorpius buthiformis Kjellesvig-Waering p. 102 figs. 40, 110F
1986Allobuthiscorpius major Kjellesvig-Waering p. 105
1986Lichnoscorpius minutus Kjellesvig-Waering p. 110 fig. 45
1986Allobuthus macrostethus Kjellesvig-Waering p. 112 figs. 110C, 113B4
1986Coseleyscorpio lanceolatus Kjellesvig-Waering p. 113
1986Leioscorpio pseudobuthiformis Kjellesvig-Waering p. 209 fig. 92
1986Pseudobuthiscorpius labiosus Kjellesvig-Waering p. 219 figs. 97, 112J
1986Compsoscorpius elegans Kjellesvig-Waering p. 236 figs. 105-107
1994Compsoscorpius elegans Jeram p. 530
2012Compsoscorpius buthiformis Legg et al. p. 5 figs. 3,5; videos 1,2
2013Compsoscorpius buthiformis Dunlop et al. p. 35

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumArthropodaLatreille 1829
subphylumChelicerataHeymons 1901
EuchelicerataWeygoldt and Paulus 1979
orderXiphosuridaLatreille 1802
SclerophorataKamenz et al. 2011
classArachnidaLamarck 1801
orderScorpionesLatreille 1817

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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