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Eccoptochile almaldensis

Trilobita - Phacopida - Cheiruridae

Eccoptochile (Eccoptochile) almadenensis was named by Romano (1980) [= 1896 Cheirurus (Eccoptochlle) marianus (De Verneuil); Reed, p. 164. = 1907 Clreirurus sedgwicki M'Coy; Lake in Reed, p. 39. = 1908 Cheirurus claviger Beyrich; Delgado,? p. 57 (refigured by Thadeu, 1947, pl. 3, fig. 2), 'I p. 80, p. 106. = 1908 Cheirurus guillieri Trom. (afT. C. claviger Beyr.); Delgado, p. 106. = 1908 Cheirurus sp. n. (aff. C. sedgwicki McCoy); Delgado, p. 106. = 1916 Eccoptochile mariana (Verneuil and Barrande); Barton, p. 106. = 1918 Cheirurus claviger var. marianus Verneuil and Barrande emend. Born; Born, p. 351, pl. 27, fig. 1. = 1947 Cheirurus claviger Beyrich; Thadeu, p. 228, pl. 3, fig. 3. = 1958 Eccoptochlle clavigera (Beyrich); Whittard, p. 115 (specimen from Perhaven Beach, Cornwall). = 1961 Eccoptochlle mariana (Verneuil and Barrande); Curtis, p. 6, pl. I, fig. 2 (non fig. 1), pl. 2, figs. I. 2. pl. 3, ? fig. I. = 1969 Eccoptochile (Eccoptochile) sp. indet; Racheboeuf. p. 74, pl. 2, figs. 3a, b. = 1971b Eccoptochile marianliS (Verneuil and Barrande); Hammann, pp. 267, 270. = 1974 Eccoptochile clavigera (Beyrich)?; Sadler, p. 73. = 1974 Eccoptochile (Eccoptochile) mariana (Verneuil and Barrande); Lindstrom, Racheboeuf, and Henry, ? pp. 20, 21. = 1974 Eccoptochile mariana (Verneuil and Barrande); Hammann, p. 105, text-fig. 39. pl. 11, figs. 188-191, pl. 12, figs. 192-198. = 1978 Eccoptochile mariana (Verneuil and Barrande); Henry and Romano, p. 335.]. Its type specimen is SMG X 337a, a cephalon/head (Internal mould of cephalon with seven thoracic segments), and it is a 3D body fossil.

It was recombined as Eccoptochile almaldensis by Gapp et al. (2012).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1980Eccoptochile (Eccoptochile) almadenensis Romano pp. 610 - 614 figs. Plate 78, figs. 8, 9; Plate 79, figs. 1- 7; text-fig. 2 a-c
2012Eccoptochile almaldensis Gapp et al. pp. Table 1

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumArthropodaLatreille 1829
classTrilobitaWalch 1771
orderPhacopidaSalter 1864
suborderCheirurinaHarrington and Leanza 1957
familyCheiruridaeHawle and Corda 1847
subfamilyEccoptochilinaeLane 1971
genusEccoptochileHawle and Corda 1847
speciesalmaldensis(Romano 1980)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

M. Romano 1980(Modified from Hammann, 1974, p. 106.) Species of Eccoptochile with glabel la strongly convex, anterior lobe descending almost vertically to preglabellar field. Frontal area relatively narrow (sag.); anterior border steeply upturned forming an angle with lateral borders of free cheeks (viewed dorsally). Eyes start approximately level with S2 and reach back to St. Fixed cheeks narrow (sag.). Anterior thoracic segments pointed, becoming gradually more rounded posteriorly. Internal surface of exoskeleton smooth except for pits on cheeks