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Parastrophina portentosa

Rhynchonellata - Pentamerida - Parastrophinidae

Parastrophinella portentosa was named by Nikitin et al. (1996) [Nikitin and Popov in Nikitin et al. 1996: ]. Its type specimen is CNIGR 28/12888, a valve (conjoined valves), and it is a 3D body fossil. Its type locality is F-1014. Sortan-Manai salt marsh, Betpak-Dala desert, mud mound, which is in a Katian reef, buildup or bioherm floatstone in the Dulankara Formation of Kazakhstan.

It was recombined as Parastrophina portentosa by Jin and Popov (2008).

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1996Parastrophinella portentosa Nikitin et al. p. 91 figs. 5C, 6A–K
2008Parastrophina portentosa Jin and Popov pp. 225 - 226, Appendix 2 figs. 4, 5

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phylumBrachiopodaCuvier 1805
subphylumRhynchonelliformeaWilliams et al. 1996
classRhynchonellataWilliams et al. 1996
orderPentameridaSchuchert and Cooper 1931
suborderSyntrophiidinaUlrich and Cooper 1936
superfamilyCamerelloideaHall and Clarke 1894
familyParastrophinidaeUlrich and Cooper 1938
speciesportentosa(Nikitin et al. 1996)

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J. Jin and L. E. Popov 2008Shell subpentagonal, dorsibi− convex, asymmetrical, with sigmoidal anterior commissure; ventral sulcus and dorsal fold originating at 7 mm or more from apex; costae subangular, 5–12 per valve, present in shells larger than 11 mm long. Spondylium V−shaped in transverse cross section, supported by medium septum along its entire length; septalium narrow, usually asymmetrical in cross section, supported by low median septum.