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Insecta - Reculida

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1906Reculoidea Handlirsch p. 127
2015Reculida Aristov p. 1314

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumArthropodaLatreille 1829
superclassHexapodaLatreille 1825

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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Composition: chitinc
Environment: terrestrialc
Locomotion: actively mobilep
Created: 2017-04-17 09:56:18
Modified: 2017-04-17 09:56:18
Source: c = class, p = phylum
References: Kiessling 2004, Bush and Bambach 2015

Age range: base of the Westphalian A to the top of the Tithonian or 318.10000 to 145.00000 Ma

Collections (163 total)

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Westphalian A318.1 - 314.6France (Nord-Pas-de-Calais) Climaconeura reumauxi (151687)
Stephanian B304.8 - 303.4France Phenopterum briggsi (122490)
Stephanian C303.4 - 301.2Germany Liomopterites germanicus (133665)
Stephanian C303.4 - 301.2Germany (Saxony-Anhalt) Recula parva (122578)
Asselian298.9 - 295.5USA (New Mexico) Liomopteridae indet. (124385) Liomopteridae indet., Tapopterum populus, Depressopterum generator (124386) Liomopteridae indet., Tapopterum populus, Liomopterites annosus (124387)
Asselian - Sakmarian298.9 - 290.1Germany (Th├╝ringer Wald) Germanoprisca zimmermanni (160735)
Sakmarian295.5 - 290.1Czech Republic Depressopterum senior, Depressopterum fragile, Depressopterum mancum, Drahania avia, Donopterum sp., Donopterum carpenteri, Donopterum nocturnum, Lioma moravica, Fumopterum largum, Cerasopterum oborianum, Cerasopterum longum, Cerasopterum extendum, Cerasopterum subtile, Tyrannopterum minimum, Brnia raketa, Chlumia sp., Chlumia parva, Chlumia obesa, Skalicia rara, Lioma sp. (114186)
Artinskian290.1 - 279.3France (Languedoc) Liomopteridae indet. A (105044)
Artinskian290.1 - 279.3France Lodevophlebia reticulata (117228)
Artinskian290.1 - 279.3USA (Kansas) Artinska sp., Lemmatophora sp., Stemma sp., Estadia tripunctata (151412) Lemmatophora typa, Lisca minuta, Artinska clara, Artinska ovata, Lecorium elongatum (114152) Lemmatophora typa, Lisca minuta, Artinska clara, Artinska ovata, Lecorium elongatum, Paraprisca grandis (114151) Lemmatophora typa, Lisca minuta, Artinska clara, Liomopterum ornatum, Orta ovata, Prisca fragilis, Lemmatophora delicosa, Lemmatophora hirsuta, Lemmatophora elongata, Lemmatophora anomala, Artinska medialis, Artinska gracilis, Artinska pecta, Artinska major, Artinska extensa, Estadia elongata, Estadia arcuata, Estadia tenuis, Lectrum anomalum, Lecorium elongatum, Stemma elegans, Stemma extensa, Lepium elongatum, Lepium reticulatum, Liomopterum extensum, Horates elongatus, Prosaites compactus, Prosaites secundus, Lepium sp., Estadia sp. (21979) Lemmatophora typa, Lisca minuta, Artinska clara, Liomopterum ornatum, Phenopterum elongatum, Artinska ovata, Tapopterum celsum (111319) Paraprisca fragilis, Artinska clara, Liomopterum ornatum, Phenopterum elongatum, Artinska ovata, Lemmatophora typica, Lemmatophora minuta, Lemmatophora reducta, Artinska sellardsi, Lecorium elongatum, Sellardsia kansasensis, Sellardsia lecorioides, Paraprisca grandis, Paraprisca stigmatica, Liomopterum elongatum, Artinska inversa, Artinska pentamera, Artinska tillyardi, Artinska nova, Artinska simplex, Estadia altera, Estadia maculipennis, Estadia reducta, Estadia kansasia, Estadia aucta, Estadia banneria, Estadia confusa, Orta quadrifida, Orta reducta, Metalecorium confusum, Sellardsia separanda, Sellardsia abnormis, Liomopterum sellardsi, Semopterum venosum, Metalecorium anomalum, Lemmatophora cubitalis, Lemmatophora longipennis (111219) Paraprisca fragilis, Lemmatophora typa, Lisca minuta, Artinska clara, Liomopterum ornatum, Artinska ovata, Lecorium elongatum, Paraprisca grandis (111217) Paraprisca fragilis, Lemmatophora typa, Lisca minuta, Artinska clara, Liomopterum ornatum, Phenopterum elongatum, Artinska ovata, Lecorium elongatum, Liomopterum sellardsi, Semopterum venosum (111320)
Artinskian290.1 - 279.3USA (Oklahoma) Lemmatophora typa, Lisca minuta, Artinska clara, Liomopterum ornatum, Phenopterum elongatum (104826) Liomopterella pediaecetae (110869) Lisca minuta, Artinska ovata (104820) Lisca minuta, Phenopterum elongatum (104816) Midcopterum evidens (107405) Paraprisca fragilis, Lemmatophora typa, Artinska clara, Liomopterella pediaecetae (104828)
Artinskian - Kungurian290.1 - 272.3Russian Federation (Kemerovo) Liomopterella insignis (124599)
Irenian279.5 - 272.5Russian Federation Paraprisca uralica, Rachimentomon affine (102504)
Kungurian279.3 - 272.3Russian Federation Artinska larisae, Uralioma variabilis (114207) Depressopterum bardum (124283) Liomopteridae indet., Liomopterites svetlanae (115214) Sylvaprisca gravis, Megorkhosa vernacula, Artinska larisae, Uralioma variabilis, Ornaticosta tchekardensis (107787) Vorkutopterum monstrosum (127050)
Kungurian279.3 - 272.3Russian Federation (Komi) Stegopterum anteanatalis (97621) Sylvaprisca alba (105063)
Kungurian279.3 - 272.3Russian Federation (Suksun) Khosarophlebia sylvaensis (113379) Paraprisca causaria (116652) Sylvaphlebia tuberculata (116642) Sylvaprisca focaleata, Culiciforma formosa, Artinska infigurabilis, Sylvaphlebia fucata, Sylvophenoptera fimbriata, Sylviodes perloides, Khosarophlebia sylvaensis, Uralioma maxima, Ornaticosta novokshonovi, Parasylvaella umbra, Parasylvaella minor, Kungurolioma cancellata, Cerasopterum impurum, Tshekardites gracilis, Permoshurabia kungurica (122753) Sylvaprisca gravis, Sylvaprisca forta, Culiciforma formosa, Artinska larisae, Artinska infigurabilis, Sylvophenoptera perlongata, Kungurocauda spinosa, Tshekardophlebia capitata, Sylvaella vitiosa, Khosarophlebia sylvaensis, Uralioma variabilis, Sylvictor major, Parasylvaella umbra, Parasylvaella minor, Liomopterella kungurica, Tshekardites gracilis, Uraloprisca uralica (108206) Sylviodes perloides, Sylvaella paurovenosa, Parasylviodes tetracladus, Tshekardushka artenatis (116641)
Kungurian279.3 - 272.3Russian Federation (Kemerovo) Parapermula sibirica (104951) Parapermula variabilis (124613) Sarbalopterum ignorabile (112708)
Kungurian279.3 - 272.3Russian Federation (Komi Republic) Artinska vorkutensis (127046) Lemmatonympha gracilissima (122862) Liomopterella parakitiakensis (127052) Liomopterella tota (127053) Liomopterum minor (127054 127055 127057) Parapermula circummaculosa (127051)
Kungurian279.3 - 272.3Russian Federation (Komi republic) Kaltanympha vorkutensis (122860) Liomopterum minor (127056)
Kungurian279.3 - 272.3France (Languedoc) Liomopteridae indet. B (105045)
Kungurian279.3 - 272.3France Depressopterum minutus (103637)
Kungurian279.3 - 272.3Russian Federation (Perm) Paraprisca solikamskensis, Artinska ufimica, Sylvaprisca tyulkinensis, Ufimoprisca mica, Ufimoprisca kamensis, Sylvaella ovalis (103639)
Roadian272.3 - 268.8Russian Federation (Kazan) Kazanella rotundipennis, Kazanella compressa (116803)
Roadian272.3 - 268.8Russian Federation (Arkangelsk) Ivaptera sharovi (104993) Ivaptera sharovi, Artinska sojanensis, Sylvaprisca colorata, Permoshurabia mesenensis, Geinitzia ima, Shurabia inferior, Stegopterum primus, Uraloprisca torta (104716) Parasylviodes sojanensis, Ivaptera sharovi, Uraloprisca lisca, Parapermula sojanensis, Liomopterites pomorus, Liomopterites argutus, Kazanella mendosa, Sibirella variegata, Sibirella abrepta, Analiomopterites maculosus, Ornaticostella limbata, Arkhangeloptera sokica, Sylvaella martynovi, Sylvaphlebia gunderseni, Sylviodes martynovae (104992)
Roadian272.3 - 268.8Russian Federation (Kirov) Liomopterella kirovensis, Protomia proteus, Miralioma monstrosa, Liomopterella kitiakensis, Liomopterella acuminata, Permovalia abortiva, Artinska novella (105058) Protomia proteus (105061)
Roadian272.3 - 268.8Russian Federation (Kemerovo) Abashevia suchovi (124598) Climaconeurites asiaticus, Liomopterella vulgaris (122569) Kaltanympha thysanuriformis, Parapermula sibirica, Parapermula variabilis, Climaconeurites asiaticus, Liomopterella vulgaris, Liomopterites comans, Liomopterites festivus (122567) Liomopterella vulgaris (122571) Parapermula sibirica, Climaconeurites asiaticus, Ornaticosta magna, Liomopterella vulgaris, Liomopterites expletus, Liomopterites comans, Liomopterites junctus, Sibirella paucinervis (122568) Stegopterum hirtum, Liomopterites gracilis, Parapermula sibirica, Parapermula variabilis, Parapermula nitens, Climaconeurites asiaticus, Ornaticosta magna, Ornaticosta amoena, Ornaticosta media, Ornaticosta nana, Liomopterella vulgaris, Liomopterella bella, Kaltanella lata, Liomopterites expletus, Liomopterites comans, Liomopterites junctus, Liomopterites festivus, Liomopterites accolis, Sibirella paucinervis (104704)
Roadian272.3 - 268.8Russian Federation Ivaptera sharovi (96860) Paraskalicia prokopensis (154343)
Wordian268.8 - 265.1Russian Federation (Kemerovo) Liomopterites proximus, Paraliomopterum paulum, Stegopterum sp. (122566)
Urzhumian268.0 - 265.0Russian Federation (Udmurtia) Kostovatoprisca acuminata, Paraliomopterum rectum, Kostovata catagrapha (104750) Liomopterites novissimus, Miralioma urzhumica (103502) Liomopterites novissimus, Parapermula tatarica, Rigidilioma radialis, Kostovata catagrapha (103538)
Capitanian265.1 - 259.9Russian Federation (Evenki Autonomous Okrug) Kaltanympha ornata (105059)
Capitanian265.1 - 259.9Russian Federation (Orenburg) Alekhosara reticulata (104717) Chauliodites gomankovi (104991) Kargalella subcostalis (104994) Kargalella subcostalis, Kargalella gibbosa, Liomopterites amanakicis, Expartolioma urzhumica, Chauliodites incanus (104057) Kargalodes incerta (116610) Khosara permiakovae (116607)
Wuchiapingian259.9 - 254.17Russian Federation (Vologda) Chauliodites ponomarenkoi, Chauliodites issadensis, Liomopterites suhonensis, Parachauliodites orthopteroides, Chauliodites geniatus, Chauliodites circumornatus, Purtovinia ustyugensis, Permyak involucris, Geinitzia subita, Shurabia permiana, Sukhonia coriacea, Sylvaella semicolorata, Liomofrater circumcisus, Falseshurabia transitoria (104754)
Wuchiapingian259.9 - 254.17Mongolia Liomopterites exoticus, Mongolopermula adunca (97602)
Vyatkian259.0 - 252.3Kazakhstan (Zaisan) Karaungiroptera maculosa (117256)
Changhsingian254.17 - 252.17Russian Federation (Evenki Autonomous Okrug) Chauliodites eskovi (118027)
Changhsingian254.17 - 252.17Russian Federation Chauliodites eskovi (118028) Shurabia lukashevichae, Shurabia bashkuevi (118029)
Changhsingian254.17 - 252.17South Africa (Natal) Mioloptera sp. (124845) Mioloptera stuckenbergi, Mioloptoides andrei (124428)
Changhsingian254.17 - 252.17Kazakhstan (Zaisan) Paraliomopterum alium, Paraliomopterum karaungirense (105062)
Changhsingian254.17 - 252.17South Africa Iphikozulu kwayayaensis (104798)
Changhsingian254.17 - 252.17South Africa (Kwazulu-Natal) Liomopterites meridionalis (14361) Liomopterites ulterior, Afrogrylloblattus disputabilis (14357) Mioloptera stuckenbergi (14350)
Changhsingian254.17 - 252.17Russian Federation (Vologda) Tomia antiqua, Expartalioma hirta, Dvinopedes salariovensis (105041) Tomia sennikovi, Chauliodites kitshmengensis, Chauliodites nedubrovensis (105046)
Changhsingian254.17 - 252.17Russian Federation (Vladimir) Chauliodites afonini, Klyazmia karasevi (104756)
Changhsingian254.17 - 252.17Australia (New South Wales) Belmophenopterum pectinatum (107958)
Changhsingian254.17 - 252.17Russian Federation (Kemerovo) Lemmatophoropsis sibirica (152754) Shurabia annosa, Tomia cancellata, Tomia ramosa, Paratomia pectinata (104713) Tomia costalis (105040)
Dienerian252.17 - 251.3Russian Federation Chaulioditidae indet. (118030)
Griesbachian252.17 - 251.3Russian Federation (Vologda) Yontala camura (105056)
Griesbachian252.17 - 251.3China (Yunnan) Tomia fuyuanensis (63512)
Induan252.17 - 251.2Russian Federation Geinitziidae indet. (161389)
Induan252.17 - 251.2Mongolia Chauliodites mongolicus (105054)
Spathian251.3 - 247.2Germany Triadosialis zinkeni (169461)
Olenekian251.2 - 247.2Germany Chauliodites picteti (114772)
Olenekian251.2 - 247.2Russian Federation (Evenki Autonomous Okrug) Tomia dura (105049 105050)
Olenekian251.2 - 247.2Russian Federation (Yaroslavl) Tomia sennikovi (105043)
Aegean247.2 - 242.0Germany (Bavaria) Chauliodites picteti (114709)
Aegean247.2 - 242.0Russian Federation (Evenki Autonomous Okrug) Tomia dura (105051)
Aegean247.2 - 242.0France Chauliodites anisicus (107681 107682 107683)
Aegean - Bithynian247.2 - 242.0Poland Grylloblattida indet. (138972)
Bithynian247.2 - 242.0Germany (Bavaria) Planipennia indet 1 (115969)
Bithynian247.2 - 242.0Germany Chauliodites picteti (118032 118033 118034)
Illyrian247.2 - 242.0Germany Chauliodites esperstedtensis (186556)
Middle Triassic247.2 - 237.0China (Guizhou) Nivopteria nanshenghuensis (146281)
Longobardian242.0 - 235.0China (Shaanxi) Chauliodites sp. (183209)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Argentina Permoshurabia argentina (177538)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Japan Minesedes elegans, Ominea reticulata (155677)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0South Africa (Kwazulu-Natal) Fletchitzia picturata (23002)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0South Africa (Eastern Cape) Fletchitzia picturata (23142 23259) Fletchitzia sp. (23131) Fletchizia picturata (23170)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0South Africa (Free State) Fletchitzia aleda, Fletchitzia picturata (23095)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Lesotho Fletchitzia picturata (23075)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Kyrgyzstan (Osh) Shurabia ferganensis (113468) Shurabia minuta (106090) Shurabia minuta, Shurabia ferganensis (110763) Shurabia minuta, Shurabia ferganensis, Shurabia anomala (106088) Shurabia serrata (105007)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0South Africa Geinitziidae indet., Fletchitzia kapokkraalensis, Fletchitzia picturata (23084)
Norian228.0 - 208.5Australia (Queensland) Shurabia australis (106484)
Hettangian - Sinemurian201.3 - 190.8Kyrgyzstan (Tonskiy) Shurabia sogutensis (105087)
Early/Lower Jurassic201.3 - 174.1Tajikistan Shurabia hissarica (105006)
Sinemurian199.3 - 190.8China (Jiangxi) Meixiella postiretis (156323)
Sinemurian199.3 - 190.8Kyrgyzstan (Tonskiy) Shurabia sogutensis (122951)
Pliensbachian190.8 - 182.7Kyrgyzstan (Batken) Geinitzia asiatica (113411) Say kirgizicus (105088) Shurabia magna (105124 110817) Shurabia parvula, Shurabia angustata (105003)
Pliensbachian190.8 - 182.7Tajikistan Shurabia ovata, Shurabia angustata (114702)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0Germany Prosepididontus calopteryx, Gryllacris schlieffeni, Geinitzia minor, Geinitzia debilis (123987)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0United Kingdom (Gloucestershire) Geinitzia carpentieri (153651)
Early/Lower Toarcian183.0 - 182.0Germany (Niedersachsen) Geinitzia dorni (107323) Geinitzia latrunculorum (107322) Geinitzia varia, Geinitzia perlaesa, Geinitzia superaucta, Roemerula maculosa, Hannoptera promota (105002) Gryllacris fasciata (107321)
Toarcian182.7 - 174.1Russian Federation (Irkutsk) Shurabia angustata (122950) Shurabia angustata, Shurabia parvula (113471)
Toarcian - Aalenian182.7 - 170.3Kyrgyzstan (Osh) Shurabia tanga, Sauk batkenicus (156499)
Toarcian - Aalenian182.7 - 170.3Russian Federation (Kemerovo) Shurabia parvula (117989)
Callovian - Oxfordian166.1 - 157.3China (Nei Mongol) Sinosepididontus chifengensis, Geinitzia aristovi, Shurabia grandis (113365) Sinosepididontus chifengensis, Megasepididontus grandis (113371)
Tithonian152.1 - 145.0Mongolia Shurabia shartegica (125981)