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Foliomena xinjiangensis

Strophomenata - Strophomenida - Foliomenidae

Foliomena xinjiangensis was named by Zhan et al. (2014). Its type specimen is NIGP 158456, a valve (dorsal internal mould), and it is a 3D body fossil. Its type locality is AFT- X145. Querqueke, Kuruktag, which is in a Katian marine mudstone in the Yinpingshan Formation of China.

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
2014Foliomena xinjiangensis Zhan et al. pp. 133 - 134 figs. 8F–K, 9

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumBrachiopodaCuvier 1805
subphylumRhynchonelliformeaWilliams et al. 1996
classStrophomenataWilliams et al 1996
orderStrophomenidaOpik 1934
superfamilyStrophomenoideaKing 1846
familyFoliomenidaeWilliams 1965
genusFoliomenaHavlicek 1952

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R. B. Zhan et al. 2014Foliomena with relatively elongate shell and a pairof posteriorly connected side septa in dorsal interior.

Tiny shell usually smaller than 5 mm, slightlyelongated semicircular, with length/width ratio average at 0.66and 0.78 for dorsal and ventral valves respectively, gentlyconcavo-convex in lateral profile; cardinal extremities rectan-gular or rounded, maximum shell width along hinge line orslightly in front of it. Ventral valve unevenly convex, deepestin posteromedial portion; ventral interarea planar, apsacline,about 6 percent of ventral length; delthyrium wide, without any covering plates observed. Apical spine in one small ventralvalve (Fig. 8H), about 15 percent of ventral length. Dorsal valve gently concave to nearly flat; dorsal interarea linear. Ornament of concentric growth lines, evenly distributed on entire shell shell surface, interrupted by some irregularly spaced coarse concentric undulations.Teeth small, wedge-like, without dental plates. Muscle field and other interior features not observed.