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Dasyatidae (whiptail stingray)

Chondrichthyes - Myliobatiformes - Dasyatidae

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1796Dasyatis muricata Volta
1861Dasyatis dezignoi Molin
1875Agabelus Cope p. 363
1875Agabelus porcatus Cope p. 363
1888Dasyatidae Jordan
1890Agabelus Cope p. 604
1898Agabelus Trouessart p. 1025
1898Agabelus porcatus Trouessart p. 1025
1902Dasyatidae Hay p. 318
1902Agabelus Hay p. 593
1902Agabelus porcatus Hay p. 593
1903Agabelus Rhoads p. 248
1903Agabelus porcatus Rhoads p. 248
1904Agabelus Trouessart p. 762
1904Agabelus porcatus Trouessart p. 762
1928Agabelus Kellogg
1930Agabelus Hay p. 589
1930Agabelus porcatus Hay p. 589
1943Dasybatidae David p. 81
1945Agabelus Simpson p. 103
1963Dasyatidae Jordan p. 604
1964Dasyatidae Estes p. 15
1966Dasyatidae Cassier p. 91
1968Dasyatidae Jonet p. 247
1970Dasyatidae Estes and Berberian p. 3
1975Dasyatidae Herman p. 277
1978Dasyatidae Case p. 198
1981Dasyatidae Case p. 68
1981Dasyatidae Thurmond and Jones p. 73
1987Dasyatidae Cappetta p. 163
1987Dasyatis muricata Cappetta p. 163
1987Dasyatidae Kumar and Loyal p. 67
1988Agabelus Carroll
1993Dasyatidae Cvancara and Hoganson p. 10
1997Agabelus McKenna and Bell p. 372
2001Dasyatidae Purdy et al. p. 90
2002Agabelus Sepkoski, Jr.
2005Dasyatidae Tabuce et al. p. 387
2006Dasyatidae Balbino and Antunes p. 748
2006Dasyatidae Underwood p. 234
2009Dasyatidae Cicimurri and Knight p. 637
2014Dasyatidae Carnevale et al. p. 41
2018Dasyatidae Kent p. 126

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassElasmobranchiiBonaparte 1838
NeoselachiiCompagno 1977
orderMyliobatiformesCompagno 1973
familyDasyatidaeJordan 1888
familyDasyatidaeJordan 1888

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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