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Collembola (springtail)


Synonymy list
YearName and author
1871Collembola Lubbock fig. 295
1907Orchesella concolor von Olfers p. 21 fig. 44
1907Polystylus von Olfers p. 24
1907Polystylus quinquecaudatus von Olfers p. 24 fig. 60
1907Isotoma acuticauda von Olfers p. 25 fig. 64
1907Isotoma falcicaudata von Olfers p. 25 fig. 66
1907Isotoma hirta von Olfers p. 26 fig. 67
1907Lipura longipes von Olfers p. 26 fig. 70
1907Triaenura von Olfers p. 26
1907Triaenura cornuta von Olfers p. 26 fig. 68
1907Achorutes latidens von Olfers p. 27 fig. 72
1907Anoura stricta von Olfers p. 28 fig. 78
1907Xenylla constricta von Olfers p. 28 fig. 80
1907Xenylla inermis von Olfers p. 28 fig. 81
1907Papirius brevicaudatus von Olfers p. 30 fig. 90
1907Papirius verrucosus von Olfers p. 30 fig. 89
1926Collembola Hirst and Maulik
2006Collembola Christiansen and Nascimbene
2014Collembola Misof et al.
2016Collembola Sánchez-García and Engel

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumArthropodaLatreille 1829
PancrustaceaZrzavý and Štys 1997
AltocrustaceaRegier et al. 2010
LabiocaridaSchwentner et al. 2017
superclassHexapodaLatreille 1825
EllipuraBörner 1910
classCollembola(Lubbock 1871)
classCollembola(Lubbock 1871)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

Cl. Collembola Lubbock 1871 [springtail]
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Or. Entomobryomorpha Börner 1913
Superfm. Entomobryoidea Schaffer 1896
Fm. Cyphoderidae Börner 1913
G. Cyphoderus Nicolet 1842
Fm. Entomobryidae Schaffer 1896
G. Acrocyrtus Yosii 1959
G. Dicranocentrus Schött 1893
Subfm. Entomobryinae Schaffer 1896
G. Drepanura Schott 1891
G. Entomobrya Rondani 1861
Invalid names: Catastylus von Olfers 1907 [synonym], Cuculliger von Olfers 1907 [synonym], Degeeria Nicolet 1842 [replaced], Lepismodion von Olfers 1907 [synonym], Omophora von Olfers 1907 [synonym], Palpiger von Olfers 1907 [synonym], Palpigeridia von Olfers 1907 [synonym], Palpigerina von Olfers 1907 [synonym], Stylonotus von Olfers 1907 [synonym]
G. Homidia Börner 1906
G. Lepidocyrtinus Borner 1903
Subfm. Lepidocyrtinae Wahlgren 1906
G. Lepidocyrtus Bourlet 1839
G. Pseudosinella Schaeffer 1897
Subfm. Orchesellinae Börner 1906
G. Orchesella Templeton 1836
G. †Permobrya Riek 1976
Permobrya mirabilis Riek 1976
Subfm. Seirinae Yosii 1961
G. Seira Lubbock 1869
G. Willowsia Shoebotham 1917
Invalid names: Catastylidae von Olfers 1907 [synonym], Palpigeridae von Olfers 1907 [synonym]
Fm. †Oncobryidae Christiansen and Pike 2002
G. †Oncobrya Christiansen and Pike 2002
Oncobrya decepta Christiansen and Pike 2002
Fm. Paronellidae Borner 1913
G. Callyntrura Borner 1906
G. Lepidonella Yosii 1960
G. Paronella Schott 1893
G. Salina MacGillivray 1894
Salina tristani Denis 1931
Fm. †Praentomobryidae Christiansen and Nascimbene 2006
G. †Cretacentomobrya Christiansen and Nascimbene 2006
Cretacentomobrya burma Christiansen and Nascimbene 2006
G. †Praentomobrya Christiansen and Nascimbene 2006
Praentomobrya avita Christiansen and Nascimbene 2006
Superfm. Isotomoidea Schaffer 1896
Fm. Isotomidae Schaffer 1896
Subfm. Anurophorinae Börner 1901
G. †Burmisotoma Christiansen and Nascimbene 2006
G. Cryptopygus Willem 1901
Invalid names: Isotomina Borner 1903 [synonym]
G. Proisotoma Borner 1901
G. †Protoisotoma Christiansen and Pike 2002
G. Tetracanthella Schött 1891
G. †Villusisotoma Christiansen and Nascimbene 2006
G. Anurophorus Nicolet 1842
Subfm. Isotominae Schaffer 1896
G. Desoria Nicolet 1841
G. Isotoma Bourlet 1839
G. Isotomurus Borner 1906
G. †Protodesoria Christiansen and Nascimbene 2006
G. Vertagopus Börner 1906
Subfm. Pachyotominae Potapov 2001
G. †Propachyotoma Christiansen and Nascimbene 2006
G. †Rhyniella Hirst and Maulik 1926
Rhyniella praecursor Hirst and Maulik 1926
Fm. †Protentomobryidae Folsom 1937
G. †Protentomobrya Folsom 1937
Protentomobrya walkeri Folsom 1937
Superfm. Tomoceroidea Borner 1913
Fm. Tomoceridae Borner 1913
G. †Entomocerus Christiansen and Pike 2002
Entomocerus mirus Christiansen and Pike 2002
G. Tomocerus Nicolet 1841
Tomocerus minor Lubbock 1862
Tomocerus taeniatus Koch and Berendt 1854
Invalid names: Isotoma larvata von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium]
G. Paidium Koch 1840
Paidium crassicorne Koch and Berendt 1854
Paidium pyriforme Koch and Berendt 1854
Or. Poduromorpha Borner 1906
Superfm. Hypogastruroidea Börner 1906
Fm. Hypogastruridae Börner 1906
G. Hypogastrura Bourlet 1839
Subg. Hypogastrura (Schoettella) Schaffer 1896
Hypogastrura intermedia Handschin 1926
Hypogastrura protoviatica Handschin 1926
Superfm. Neanuroidea Börner 1901
Fm. Brachystomellidae Stach 1949
G. †Bellingeria Christiansen and Pike 2002
Bellingeria cornua Christiansen and Pike 2002
Fm. Neanuridae Börner 1901
G. Micranurida Börner 1901
Subfm. Neanurinae Börner 1901
G. Lobella Börner 1906
G. †Pseudoxenylla Christiansen and Pike 2002
Subfm. Pseudachorutinae Börner 1906
G. Pseudachorutes Tullberg 1871
Fm. Odontellidae Massoud 1967
G. †Protodontella Christiansen and Nascimbene 2006
Protodontella minicornis Christiansen and Nascimbene 2006
Superfm. Onychiuroidea Lubbock 1868
Fm. Onychiuridae Lubbock 1868
G. Lophognathella Börner 1908
G. Onychiurus Gervais 1841
Superfm. Poduroidea Latreille 1802
Fm. Poduridae Latreille 1802
G. Podura Linnaeus 1758
Podura fuscata Koch and Berendt 1854
Podura pulchra Koch and Berendt 1854
G. Schaefferia Absolon 1900
Or. Symphypleona Borner 1901
Subor. Appendiciphora Bretfeld 1986
Infraor. Katianniformia Bretfeld 1986
Superfm. Katiannoidea Börner 1913
Fm. Arrhopalitidae Stach 1956
Fm. Katiannidae Börner 1913
Invalid names: Collophoridae Bretfeld 1999 [empty], Spinothecidae Delamare-Deboutteville 1961 [empty]
Superfm. Sturmioidea Bretfeld 1994
Invalid names: Sturmiidae Bretfeld 1994 [empty]
Infraor. Sminthuriformia Bretfeld 1986
Superfm. Dicyrtomoidea Borner 1906
Fm. Dicyrtomidae Borner 1906
Superfm. Sminthuroidea Lubbock 1862
Fm. Bourletiellidae Börner 1913
Fm. Sminthuridae Lubbock 1862 [globular springtail]
Subor. Sminthuridida Bretfeld 1986
Superfm. Sminthuridoidea Börner 1906
Fm. Sminthurididae Börner 1906
G. †Electrosminthuridia Robin et al. 2019
G. †Pseudosminthurides Sánchez-García and Engel 2016
Invalid names: Mackenziellidae Yosii 1961 [empty]
Invalid names: Sminthurus crassicaudatus von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Sminthurus cristatus von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Sminthurus gracillimus von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Sminthurus longidens von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Sminthurus longipes von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium]
Invalid names: Achorutes latidens von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Anoura stricta von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Isotoma acuticauda von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Isotoma falcicaudata von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Isotoma hirta von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Lipura longipes von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Orchesella concolor von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Papirius brevicaudatus von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Papirius verrucosus von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Polystylus von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Polystylus quinquecaudatus von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Triaenura von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Triaenura cornuta von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Xenylla constricta von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Xenylla inermis von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium]
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Composition: chitino
Environment: terrestrialo
Locomotion: actively mobilep
Created: 2017-04-17 09:56:34
Modified: 2017-04-17 09:56:34
Source: o = order, p = phylum
References: Kiessling 2004, Bush and Bambach 2015

Age range

Maximum range based only on fossils: base of the Pragian to the top of the Langhian or 410.80000 to 13.82000 Ma
Minimum age of oldest fossil (stem group age): 407.6 Ma

Collections (46 total)

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Pragian410.8 - 407.6United Kingdom (Scotland) Rhyniella praecursor (164613 172777)
Kungurian279.3 - 272.3South Africa (Gauteng) Permobrya mirabilis (122863)
Late/Upper Albian105.3 - 99.6Spain (Álava) Entomobryomorpha indet., Burmisotoma spinulifera, Protoisotoma autrigoniensis, Proisotoma communis, Pseudosminthurides stoechus, Archeallacma dolichopoda, Sminthurus sp. 1, Cryptopygus sp., Proisotoma sp., Anurophorus sp., Onychiurus sp., Micranurida sp., Fasciosminthurus sp., Arrhopalites sp., Sminthurus sp. 2 (108769)
Early/Lower Cenomanian99.6 - 93.5Myanmar Sminthuridae indet., Tomoceridae indet., Isotomidae indet., Grinnellia ventis, Sminthuricinus decepta, Mucrovirga incompleta, Sminthurconus grimaldi, Villusisotoma brevis, Villusisotoma longa, Proisotoma pettersonae, Burmisotoma lamellifera, Protoisotoma burma, Propachyotoma conica, Protodesoria granda, Protodontella minicornis, Poduroidea indet. 1, Poduroidea indet. 2, Poduroidea indet. 3, Poduroidea indet. 4, Poduroidea indet. 5, Poduroidea indet. 6, Poduroidea indet. 7, Poduroidea indet. 8, Poduroidea indet., Praentomobrya avita, Cretacentomobrya burma, Entomobryoidea indet. (111688)
Late/Upper Campanian83.5 - 70.6Canada (Manitoba) Entomocerus mirus (122353) Protentomobrya walkeri (122356)
Middle Campanian83.5 - 70.6Canada (Alberta) Bellingeria cornua (122383) Brevimucronus anomalus (104932) Keratopygos megalos (122390) Oncobrya decepta, Protoisotoma sp. (122384) Protoisotoma form 2, Protoisotoma form 3, Protoisotoma sp., Protoisotoma micromucra, Pseudoxenylla fovealis (122387) Protoisotoma form 3 (34896) Protoisotoma sp., Protoisotoma micromucra (122388)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8France (Oise) Collembola indet. (68174)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9Poland Podura taenita, Podura fuscata, Podura pulchra, Podura pilosa, Paidium crassicorne, Paidium pyriforme, Sminthurus longicornis, Sminthurus brevicornis, Sminthurus ovatulus (109625) Sminthurus succineus (123438)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9Russian Federation (Kaliningrad) Hypogastrura protoviatica, Isotoma protocinerea, Tomocerus taeniatus, Entomobrya pilosa, Allacma plumosa (127170) Lepismodion machilops, Hypogastrura intermedia, Isotoma protocinerea, Isotoma crassicornis, Tomocerus taeniatus, Entomobrya pilosa, Lepidocyrtus ambricus, Orchesella eocaena, Sminthurus succineus, Allacma plumosetosa, Allacma plumosa, Allacma setosa (124073) Sminthurus sp., Palpiger cucullatus, Palpigerina sminthuroides, Palpigerina elongata, Palpigeridia longicollis, Palpigeridia crassula, Degeeria robusta, Degeeria jubata, Degeeria signata, Degeeria gracilis, Degeeria obesa, Stylonotus lanuginosus, Omophora tricuspidata, Orchesella concolor, Seira pachysceles, Catastylus calcaratus, Catastylus crassus, Catastylus crassicaudatus, Catastylus nasicornis, Cuculliger longistylus, Polystylus quinquecaudatus, Isotoma acuticauda, Isotoma falcicaudata, Isotoma larvata, Isotoma hirta, Triaenura cornuta, Lipura longipes, Achorutes latidens, Anoura stricta, Xenylla constricta, Xenylla inermis, Sminthurus longipes, Sminthurus gracillimus, Sminthurus crassicaudatus, Sminthurus cristatus, Sminthurus longidens, Papirius verrucosus, Papirius brevicaudatus, Tomocerus taeniatus, Entomobrya pilosa, Lepidocyrtus ambricus, Orchesella eocaena, Allacma plumosetosa, Allacma plumosa, Allacma setosa, Podura aquatica, Achorutes rufescens, Orchesella villosa, Lipura ambulans, Achorutes viaticus, Achorutes armatus, Achorutes manubrialis, Achorutes inermis, Anoura muscorum, Anurida granaria, Tritomurus scutellatus, Isotoma palustris, Isotoma minuta, Templetonia nitida, Cremastocephalus trilobatus, Tomocerus plumbeus, Lepidocyrtus curvicollis, Lepidocyrtus aeneus, Lepidocyrtus gibbulus, Sminthurus fuscus (123927) Tomocerus taeniatus (124579)
Early/Lower Miocene23.03 - 15.97Mexico (Chiapas) Entomobrya sp. (140213 140214 140215) Entomobrya sp., Entomobrya decora, Entomobrya litigiosa, Drepanura sp., Lepidocyrtinus frater (124467) Entomobrya sp., Entomobrya decora, Entomobrya trifasciata (106432) Entomobrya sp., Entomobrya litigiosa (140217) Entomobrya sp., Isotomurus retardatus (124471) Entomobrya sp., Lepidocyrtinus frater, Salina tristani (140209) Entomobrya sp., Lepidocyrtus sp., Lepidocyrtus geayi, Paronella sp. (124474) Entomobrya sp., Paronella sp. (140216) Entomobrya trifasciata (140218) Isotomina sp. (140219) Lepidocyrtinus frater (140211) Lepidocyrtus sp. (140210) Salina tristani (140212)
Early/Lower Miocene23.03 - 15.97Mexico Seira sp. (21977)
Early/Lower Miocene23.03 - 15.97Ethiopia Collembola indet., Isotomidae indet. (151982)
Burdigalian20.44 - 15.97New Zealand (Otago) Entomobryidae indet., Collembola indet. (191650)
Burdigalian - Langhian20.44 - 13.82Dominican Republic Electrosminthuridia helibionta (122982) Sphyrotheca sp. (134944) Sphyrotheca sp., Lepidocyrtus sp., Salina sp., Paronella sp., Cryptopygus sp., Isotoma sp. 1, Isotoma sp. 2, Pseudosinella sp., Seira sp., Cyphoderus sp. 1, Cyphoderus sp. 2 (140492)
Hemingfordian20.43 - 15.97USA (California) Entomobrya atrocincta (106431) Entomobrya kirkbyae (152196) Entomobrya sp. (138761)
Langhian15.97 - 13.82China (Fujian) Entomobrya sp., Sphyrotheca sp., Lepidocyrtus sp., Salina sp., Pseudosinella sp., Podura sp., Hypogastrura sp., Tomocerus sp., Desoria sp., Homidia sp., Pseudachorutes sp., Ceratophysella sp., Sminthurinus sp., Acrocyrtus sp., Dicranocentrus sp., Willowsia sp., Lepidonella sp., Callyntrura sp., Ptenothrix sp. (220273)