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Reptilia - Testudines - Cheloniidae

Cheloniidae was named by Bonaparte (1832). It is extant. It was considered monophyletic by Matzke (2007) and Karl et al. (2012).

It was corrected as Chelonidae by Lydekker (1889) and Kuhn (1966); it was misspelled as Chelonidae by Zittel (1890), Baur (1893), Gadow (1898), Hay (1902), Stefano (1903), Case (1904), Andrews (1906), Kuhn (1946), Mlynarski (1959), Zangerl (1960), Gaffney (1975), Thurmond and Jones (1981), Weems (1988), Carroll (1988), Dodd and Morgan (1992), Frank and Ramus (1996), Hirayama (1998), Karl and Tichy (1999), Parris et al. (2000), Lynch and Parham (2003), Joyce et al. (2004), Parmley et al. (2006), Karl (2007), Matzke (2007), Grant-Mackie et al. (2011), Cadena et al. (2012), Karl et al. (2012), de Lapparent de Broin et al. (2014), van Dijk et al. (2014), Haidr and Acosta Hospitaleche (2017) and Myers et al. (2018).

It was assigned to Chelonia by Owen (1842); to Cryptodira by Hay (1902); to Cryptodira by Cope (1871), Cope (1875), Zittel (1890), Gadow (1898), Stefano (1903), Case (1904) and Kuhn (1946); to Chelonioidea by Mlynarski (1959); to Cryptodira by Andrews (1906) and Thurmond and Jones (1981); to Testudines by Dodd and Morgan (1992), Frank and Ramus (1996) and Parris et al. (2000); to Cryptodira by Lydekker (1889), Lynch and Parham (2003) and Cadena et al. (2012); to Chelonoidea by Zangerl (1960), Gaffney (1975), Matzke (2007) and Haidr and Acosta Hospitaleche (2017); and to Chelonioidea by Baur (1893), Kuhn (1966), Weems (1988), Carroll (1988), Hirayama (1998), Karl and Tichy (1999), Joyce et al. (2004), Parmley et al. (2006), Karl (2007), Grant-Mackie et al. (2011), Karl et al. (2012), de Lapparent de Broin et al. (2014), van Dijk et al. (2014) and Myers et al. (2018).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1832Cheloniidae Bonaparte
1842Chelonidae Owen p. 168
1871Cheloniidae Cope p. 235
1875Cheloniidae Cope p. 16
1879Chelone gastaldii Portis p. 115 figs. Figs. 1-3, Plate 1
1879Chelone sismondai Portis p. 117 figs. Plate 2
1889Chelonidae Lydekker pp. 25-27
1890Pliochelys derelicta Portis
1890Progonosaurus pertinax Portis
1890Chelonidae Zittel p. 521
1893Cheloniidae Baur p. 673
1898Chelonidae Gadow p. 21
1898Chelone simonellii Porta
1898Chelone sordellii Porta
1898Chelone strobeli Porta
1902Cheloniidae Hay p. 443
1903Cheloniidae Stefano p. 68
1904Chelonidae Case p. 63
1905Chelone murua de Vis
1906Chelonidae Andrews p. 287
1946Chelonidae Kuhn p. 58
1954Chelone bellunensis Bergounioux
1954Chelone acuticostata Bergounioux p. 85 figs. Plate XVII, 2, fig. 34
1959Cheloniidae Mlynarski p. 185
1960Cheloniidae Zangerl p. 285
1966Chelonidae Kuhn p. 28
1975Cheloniidae Gaffney p. 429
1981Cheloniidae Thurmond and Jones p. 136
1988Cheloniidae Carroll
1988Cheloniidae Weems p. 141 figs. Table 2
1992Cheloniidae Dodd, Jr. and Morgan p. 3
1996Cheloniidae Frank and Ramus
1998Cheloniidae Hirayama
1999Cheloniidae Karl and Tichy p. 63
2000Cheloniidae Parris et al. p. 230
2003Cheloniidae Lynch and Parham p. 22
2004Cheloniidae Joyce et al.
2006Cheloniidae Parmley et al. p. 344
2007Cheloniidae Karl p. 36
2007Cheloniidae Matzke
2011Cheloniidae Grant-Mackie et al.
2012Cheloniidae Cadena et al. p. 548
2012Cheloniidae Karl et al.
2014Cheloniidae de Lapparent de Broin et al.
2014Cheloniidae van Dijk et al.
2017Cheloniidae Haidr and Acosta Hospitaleche p. 2
2018Cheloniidae Myers et al.

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
Testudinata(Oppel 1811)
orderTestudinesBatsch 1788
PancryptodiraJoyce et al. 2004
familyCheloniidaeBonaparte 1832
familyCheloniidaeBonaparte 1832

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