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Reptilia - Stegosauridae

Stegosauridae was named by Marsh (1880).

It was assigned to Stegosauria by Zittel (1890); to Iguanodontia by Baur (1891); to Ornithopoda by Mansel-Pleydell (1902); to Predentata by von Zittel (1911); to Postpubici by Jaekel (1911); to Orthopoda by Depéret (1896), Lambe (1905), Huene (1909), Lambe (1911) and Lull (1911); to Praedentata by Tornier (1913); to Predentata by Janensch (1914); to Phytophagi by Jaekel (1914); to Dinosauria by Joleaud (1922); to Thyreophoroidea by Nopcsa (1928), Nopcsa (1929) and Huene (1934); to Thyreophoroidea by Huene (1934); to Thyreophora by Nopcsa (1923), Nopcsa (1923), Huene (1927), Huene (1933) and Huene (1948); to Ornithischia by Madsen and Miller (1979); to Stegosauroidea by Hay (1902) and Norman (1984); to Stegosauria by Molnar (1992); to Stegosauria by Ulansky (2014); and to Stegosauria by Marsh (1880), Sauvage (1882), Dollo (1884), Marsh (1884), Marsh (1885), Marsh (1895), Marsh (1896), Gilmore (1914), Hennig (1915), Matthew (1915), Lambe (1918), Lull (1924), Roxo (1937), Kuhn (1946), Lapparent (1947), Romer (1956), Parsch (1963), Tatarinov (1964), Kuhn (1964), Kuhn (1966), Romer (1966), Swinton (1970), Delair (1973), Thulborn (1975), Ostrom (1980), McIntosh (1981), Galton and Coombs (1981), Dong et al. (1983), Zhou (1983), Russell (1984), Galton (1985), Bakker (1986), Zhou (1986), Bakker (1988), Carroll (1988), Galton (1990), Dong (1990), Sereno (1997), Sereno (1998), Sereno (1999), Carpenter et al. (2001), Blows (2001), Galton and Upchurch (2004), Maidment et al. (2006), Galton (2007), Mateus et al. (2009) and Tumanova and Alifanov (2018).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1880Stegosauridae Marsh p. 259
1882Stegosauridae Sauvage p. 35
1884Stegosauridae Dollo p. 298
1884Stegosauridae Marsh p. 68
1885Stegosauridae Marsh p. 764
1888Omosauridae Lydekker p. 176
1889Omosauridae Cope p. 16
1890Stegosauridae Zittel p. 744
1891Stegosauridae Baur p. 450
1891Hypsirhophidae Cope p. 43
1895Stegosauridae Marsh
1896Stegosauridae Depéret p. 184
1896Stegosauridae Marsh p. 242
1898Hypsirhophidae Cope p. 70
1902Stegosauridae Hay p. 495
1902Stegosauridae Mansel-Pleydell p. lxxv
1905Stegosauridae Lambe p. 48
1909Omosauridae Arldt p. 263
1909Omosauridae Huene p. 17
1909Stegosauridae Huene p. 17
1911Stegosauridae Jaekel p. 161
1911Stegosauridae Lambe p. 9
1911Stegosauridae Lull p. 207
1911Stegosauridae von Zittel p. 293
1913Stegosauridae Tornier p. 373
1914Stegosauridae Gilmore p. 101
1914Stegosauridae Jaekel p. 197
1914Stegosauridae Janensch p. 83
1915Stegosauridae Hennig p. 10
1915Stegosauridae Matthew p. 32
1918Stegosauridae Lambe pp. 34-35
1922Stegosauridae Joleaud p. 59
1923Stegosauridae Nopcsa p. 106
1924Stegosauridae Lull p. 242
1927Stegosauridae Huene p. 261
1928Stegosauridae Nopcsa p. 185
1929Stegosauridae Nopcsa p. 71
1933Stegosauridae Huene p. 70
1934Stegosauridae Huene p. 15
1937Stegosauridae Roxo p. 65
1946Stegosauridae Kuhn p. 66
1947Stegosauridae Lapparent p. 18
1948Stegosauridae Huene p. 95
1956Stegosauridae Romer p. 633
1957Lexovisaurus Hoffstetter p. 543
1958Lexovisaurus Hoffstetter and Brun p. 75
1963Stegosauridae Parsch p. 4
1964Stegosauridae Kuhn p. 33
1964Lexovisaurus Kuhn p. 35
1964Stegosauridae Tatarinov p. 572
1966Stegosauridae Kuhn p. 104
1966Lexovisaurus Romer p. 370
1966Stegosauridae Romer p. 370
1970Stegosauridae Swinton p. 236
1973Stegosauridae Delair p. 5
1975Stegosauridae Thulborn p. 134
1979Stegosauridae Madsen and Miller p. 5
1980Lexovisaurus Galton p. 832
1980Stegosauridae Ostrom p. 23
1981Stegosauridae Galton and Coombs, Jr. p. 304
1981Stegosauridae McIntosh p. 35
1983Stegosauridae Dong et al. p. 95
1983Stegosauridae Zhou p. 15
1984Stegosauridae Norman pp. 159-160 fig. 2
1984Stegosauridae Russell p. 29
1985Stegosauridae Galton p. 213
1985Lexovisaurus Galton p. 236 figs. 4, 19, 21-22
1986Stegosauridae Bakker p. 461
1986Stegosauridae Zhou p. 35
1988Stegosauridae Bakker p. 21 fig. 10
1988Lexovisaurus Carroll
1988Stegosauridae Carroll
1988Lexovisaurus Martill p. 180
1990Stegosauridae Dong p. 257
1990Lexovisaurus Galton
1990Stegosauridae Galton
1990Lexovisaurus Galton pp. 185-186
1992Stegosauridae Molnar p. 266
1997Stegosauridae Sereno p. 443
1997Lexovisaurus Smith p. 509
1998Stegosauridae Sereno p. 61
1999Stegosauridae Sereno p. 2138 fig. 2
2001Lexovisaurus Blows p. 137
2001Stegosauridae Blows p. 138
2001Lexovisaurus Carpenter et al. p. 73 fig. 3.14
2001Stegosauridae Carpenter et al. p. 73
2004Lexovisaurus Galton and Upchurch p. 344
2004Stegosauridae Galton and Upchurch p. 344
2006Stegosauridae Maidment et al. p. 951 fig. 8
2007Lexovisaurus Escaso et al. p. 158
2007Stegosauridae Galton p. 24
2008Lexovisaurus Naish and Martill p. 616
2009Stegosauridae Mateus et al.
2014Stegosauridae Ulansky p. 5
2014Lexovisaurus Ulansky p. 6
2014Natronasaurus Ulansky p. 6
2014Siamodracon Ulansky p. 6
2014Siamodracon altispinus Ulansky p. 6
2014Natronasaurus Ulansky p. 7
2014Wuerhosaurus mongoliensis Ulansky p. 8
2014Siamodracon Ulansky p. 18
2014Siamodracon altispinus Ulansky p. 18
2014Natronasaurus Ulansky p. 21
2014Wuerhosaurus mongoliensis Ulansky p. 25
2015Wuerhosaurus mongoliensis Ulansky p. 10
2018Stegosauridae Tumanova and Alifanov p. 1772

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1874
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

K. A. v. Zittel 1890Sämmtliche Wirbel amphicöl oder platycöl; Bückenmarkcanal in der Sacral-
gegend enorm erweitert. Astragalus mit der Tibia verwachsen. Zweite Reihe des Carpus und Tarsus nicht verknöchert. Metatarsalia kurz. Hinterfuss dreizehig. Zehen mit breiten Hufen. Schwanz mit zwei bis vier Paar gewaltiger Hautstacheln besetzt.
R. S. Lull 1924Small, elongated skull having no antorbital fenestra; nares large, anteriorly placed; toothless prernaxillary; teeth small, spatulate, with coarsely serrated margins; vertebrae amphicoelous or amphiplatyan, solid throughout, as are limb bones; postpubis not slender, nearly as long as ischium; neural canal greatly enlarged in sacrum, less so in brachial region of back; hind limbs much the larger, with straight, somewhat flattened femur; fore limbs robust and angulated; semi-plantigrade feet, pentadactyl, with first digits somewhat reduced, phalanges hoof-like; armor strongly developed into huge dermal plates and spines.
B. F. Nopcsa 1928base of cranium narrow; upper temporal vacuities present; condyle oblique; anterior limbs short; dermal bones keeled or plate-like
F. v. Huene 1948No preorbit; supra-orbital bone; all sides of teeth enamelled, broad low crown with serrated borders; short neck; enlarged neural canal in sacrum; short anterior leg; high olecranon ulnae; 5 digitigrad fingers in manus; ischium and pubis of equal length; tibia shorter than femur; pes plantigrad; crested dermal scutes and spines. Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous.