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Pteraspidomorpha -

Synonymy list
YearName and author
2019Pteraspidomorpha Van Der Laan p. 15

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
superclassPteraspidomorphi(Goodrich 1909)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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Composition: hydroxyapatitesubp
Locomotion: actively mobilep
Created: 2007-09-27 04:49:26
Modified: 2017-03-09 14:07:44
Source: subp = subphylum, p = phylum
Reference: Kiessling 2004

Age range: base of the Arenig to the top of the Early/Lower Turonian or 478.60000 to 89.30000 Ma

Collections (111 total)

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Arenig478.6 - 466.0Norway Anatolepis heintzi (90321)
Sarka466.0 - 466.0Czech Republic Pteraspis sp. (3857)
Dobrotiva466.0 - 460.9Czech Republic Pteraspis sp. (3859)
Llanvirn466.0 - 460.9Norway Anatolepis heintzi (67174)
Caradoc460.9 - 449.5USA (Colorado) Astraspis desiderata, Astraspis splendens, Eriptychius americanus (10380)
Franklinian460.9 - 449.5Canada (Ontario) Astraspis desiderata (90403 90404 90405 90406 90407 90408 90410 90411 90412) Eriptychius sp., Astraspis desiderata (90381 90409)
Franklinian460.9 - 449.5USA (Colorado) Astraspis desiderata (155772) Astraspis desiderata, Eriptychius americanus (155756)
Rocklandian460.9 - 449.5USA (Wisconsin) Anatolepis heintzi (90362)
Shermanian460.9 - 449.5USA (Wisconsin) Anatolepis heintzi (90366)
Richmondian449.5 - 443.7USA (Wyoming) Astraspis desiderata, Eriptychius americanus (65239)
Llandovery443.4 - 433.4Russian Federation Tesakoviaspis concentrica (90402)
Llandovery443.4 - 433.4Canada (Northwest Territories) Heterostraci indet. 2 (90320) Lanarkia horrida (90314)
Llandovery - Ludlow443.4 - 423.0USA (New York) Vernonaspis sp. (12764)
Silurian443.4 - 419.2Canada (Yukon) Ariaspis ornata, Vernonaspis major, Ptomaspis canadensis, Dikenaspis yukonensis, Homalaspidella borealis, Traquairaspis angusta (185831)
Silurian443.4 - 419.2USA (Pennsylvania) Vernonaspis sp. (12763)
Wenlock433.4 - 427.4Canada (Northwest Territories) Ariaspis sp., Vernonaspis sp., Traquairaspis sp. (497) Tolypelepis sp. A (188784)
Wenlock - Ludlow433.4 - 423.0United Kingdom (Scotland) Lanarkia sp. (26906)
Wenlock - Ludlow433.4 - 423.0Canada (Northwest Territories) Cyathaspididae indet. (188832 188834)
Wenlock - Ludlow433.4 - 423.0Canada (Nunavut) Cyathaspis sp. (26882)
Homerian430.5 - 427.4China (Sichuan) Nostolepis tewonensis (182550)
Homerian - Gorstian430.5 - 425.6United Kingdom (Scotland) Traquairaspis sp. (26907)
Ludlow427.4 - 423.0Russian Federation Cyathaspididae indet. (90326)
Ludlow427.4 - 423.0Canada (Northwest Territories) Nostolepis sp. (534)
Ludlow427.4 - 423.0USA (Pennsylvania) Americaspis sp., Vernonaspis sp. (14206)
Ludlow427.4 - 423.0United Kingdom (Scotland) Lanarkia sp. (26896)
Ludfordian425.6 - 423.0China (Junnan) Nostolepis sp. (182558)
Ludfordian425.6 - 423.0USA (New York) Vernonaspis sp. (26085)
Ludfordian425.6 - 423.0Sweden (Gotland) Nostolepis striata, Gomphodus sandelensis, Gomphodus hoppei (13820)
Kaugetuma423.0 - 419.2Estonia Nostolepis striata, Nostolepis gracilis (195606)
Ohesaare423.0 - 419.2Estonia Tolypelepis undulata, Nostolepis striata, Nostolepis gracilis, Strosipherus indentatus, Gomphodus sandelensis (13831)
Ohesaare423.0 - 419.2Estonia (Saare) Tolypelepis undulata, Nostolepis striata, Nostolepis gracilis, Strosipherus indentatus (193837)
Pridoli423.0 - 419.2Canada (Nunavut) Ariaspis arctata (185830) Corvaspis arctica, Traquairaspidida indet., Cyathaspidida indet. (90324) Cyathaspididae indet. (14024)
Pridoli423.0 - 419.2Canada (New Brunswick) Cyathaspis acadica (161318)
Pridoli423.0 - 419.2Russian Federation Tolypelepis undulata, Cyathaspididae indet., Strosipherus sp. (90328)
Pridoli423.0 - 419.2USA (New York) Vernonaspis sp. (493)
Pridoli423.0 - 419.2Estonia Nostolepis striata, Gomphodus sandelensis (13829) Tolypelepis undulata, Nostolepis striata, Nostolepis gracilis, Strosipherus indentatus, Gomphodus sandelensis (13830)
Pridoli423.0 - 419.2United Kingdom (England) Cyathaspis sp. (26914)
Pridoli423.0 - 419.2China (Junnan) Nostolepis sp., Nostolepis striata, Nostolepis sinica (182559)
Paadla422.9 - 419.2Estonia Nostolepis striata, Gomphodus sandelensis (13826 13827)
Kuressaare421.3 - 419.2Estonia (Saare) Nostolepis striata (195605)
Kuressaare421.3 - 419.2Estonia Nostolepis striata, Gomphodus sandelensis (13828)
Lochkovian419.2 - 410.8United Kingdom (England) Althaspis sp. (90351) Europrotapsis crenulata, Althaspis leachi (90352) Pteraspis rostrata (10679) Pteraspis sp., Weigeltaspis sp. (26918)
Lochkovian419.2 - 410.8China (Yunnan) Nostolepis sp. (162781)
Lochkovian419.2 - 410.8Russian Federation Anglaspis sp., Anglaspis sp. 1, Ctenaspis sp., Ctenaspis sp. 1, Poraspis sp., Lepidaspis sp., Poraspis polaris, Heterostraci indet., Corvaspididae indet., Traquairaspidiformes indet., Phialaspis sp., Pteraspidiformes indet., Irregulareaspis sp., Homalaspidella sp., Protopteraspis sp., Unarkaspis sp., Pteraspididae indet., Putoranaspis sp., Poraspididae indet., Amphiaspidiformes indet. (90330) Corvaspididae indet., Tesseraspis sp., Tesseraspis mosaica (90329) Nostolepis sp. (26672 26673)
Lochkovian419.2 - 410.8Canada (Nova Scotia) Traquairaspis sp., Protopteraspis sp. (14201)
Lochkovian419.2 - 410.8Ukraine Corvaspis sp., Traquairaspis sp., Podolaspis sp., Larnovaspis sp. (26978) Cyathaspis sturi, Pteraspis podolicus, Pteraspis kneri, Pteraspididae indet. A, Pteraspididae indet. B, Pteraspididae indet. E, Palaeaspis simionescui, Pteraspis rostrata (90350) Pteraspis major, Larnovaspis major, Larnovaspis kneri, Pteraspis rostrata (90349)
Lochkovian419.2 - 410.8France Anglaspis sp., Poraspis sp., Nostolepis sp., Protopteraspis sp. (26983)
Lochkovian419.2 - 410.8USA (Wyoming) Protaspis brevispina, Protaspis mcgrewi, Cardipeltis richardoni, Cardipeltis bryanti, Protaspis transversa, Lampraspis tuberculata (153534)
Lochkovian419.2 - 410.8Canada (Nunavut) Anglaspis sp., Ctenaspis russelli, Aporemaspis pholidata (90322) Cyathaspididae indet. (14027) Pteraspididae indet., Cyathaspididae indet. (14026)
Lochkovian419.2 - 410.8Norway Anglaspis sp., Corvaspis sp., Ctenaspis sp., Dinaspidella sp., Poraspis sp., Traquairaspis sp., Protopteraspis sp. (26929)
Lochkovian - Pragian419.2 - 407.6USA (Ohio) Zascinaspis sp. (26874)
Lochkovian - Pragian419.2 - 407.6Ukraine Pteraspis sp. (23447)
Early/Lower Devonian419.2 - 393.3USA (Wyoming) Protaspis brevispina, Protaspis mcgrewi, Cardipeltis richardsoni, Cardipeltis bryanti, Protaspis transversa, Lampraspis tuberculata (26179)
Ditton416.0 - 412.3United Kingdom (Herefordshire) Pteraspis jackana, Weigeltaspis sp., Pteraspis crouchi, Pteraspis rostrata, Pteraspis waynensis (201736)
Pragian410.8 - 407.6Russian Federation Poraspis sp., Traquairaspidiformes indet., Protopteraspididae indet., Protopteraspididae indet. 1, Pteraspidiformes indet., Pteraspididae indet., Miltaspis sp., Gigantaspis sp., Poraspididae indet. (90331)
Pragian410.8 - 407.6Ukraine Pteraspis major, Pteraspididae indet. D, Pteraspididae indet. F, Pteraspididae indet. G, Podolaspis lerichei, Brachipteraspis latissima (90348)
Early/Lower Emsian409.1 - 402.5Germany (Alken) Drepanaspis sp., Rhinopteraspis dunensis (27049)
Early/Lower Emsian409.1 - 402.5Germany (Gemuenden) Drepanaspis gemuendensis, Pteraspis dunensis (26903)
Early/Lower Emsian409.1 - 402.5Russian Federation Nostolepis sp. A (35710) Nostolepis sp. A, Nostolepis sp. (35711) Nostolepis sp. A, Nostolepis sp. B (35712 35713)
Emsian407.6 - 393.3USA (Wyoming) Protaspis ovata, Protaspis sculpta, Cardipeltis wallacii (26176)
Emsian407.6 - 393.3New Zealand Nostolepis striata, Nostolepis gracilis (40524)
Late/Upper Emsian402.5 - 391.9Russian Federation Nostolepis sp. A (35720) Nostolepis sp. A, Nostolepis sp. B, Nostolepis sp. (35718) Nostolepis sp. C (35715)
Eifelian393.3 - 387.7Brazil (Para) Pteraspis sp. (37137)
Eifelian393.3 - 387.7Russian Federation Pycnosteus sp., Tartuosteus sp., Heterostraci indet., Protopteraspididae indet 2, Psammosteus sp., Psammosteidae indet., Psammolepis sp. (90332)
Eifelian393.3 - 387.7USA (California) Pteraspididae indet., Blieckaspis priscillae (206448) Pteraspididae indet., Cyathaspididae indet., Panamintaspis snowi (206449)
Early/Lower Givetian388.1 - 383.7Russian Federation Tartuosteus sp., Heterostraci indet., Psammosteus sp., Psammosteidae indet., Psammolepis sp. (90333)
Late/Upper Givetian388.1 - 383.7Russian Federation Heterostraci indet., Psammosteus sp., Psammolepis sp. (90334)
Early/Lower Frasnian383.7 - 382.4Russian Federation Oredezhosteus kuleshovi (90346) Psammosteus sp. (90335) Tartuosteus zheleznogorskensis, Psammosteus praecursor (90343)
Early/Lower Frasnian383.7 - 382.4Latvia Oredezhosteus livonicus (90347)
Late/Upper Frasnian379.5 - 376.1Russian Federation Psammosteus sp. (90336)
Pennsylvanian323.2 - 298.9United Kingdom Psammosteus granulatus (132818) Psammosteus vermicularis (132819)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Germany (Sud-Deutsche Senke) Pachylepis quinquies (24808)
Early/Lower Turonian93.5 - 89.3Czech Republic Gomphodus scrobiculatus (90516 90518)