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L. chaloneri (type species)

Synonymy list
YearName and author
2018Lilingostrobus Gerrienne et al. pp. e0198287.4-5

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G. †Lilingostrobus Gerrienne et al. 2018
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Lilingostrobus chaloneri Gerrienne et al. 2018
P. Gerrienne et al. 2018Herbaceous-like plant with isotomously branched axis ending in a compact strobilus. Vegetative leaves persistent, long, acute, with a deep-sunken midvein and spiny margin. Leaves of the widest axes borne in a low helix; leaves on the vegetative portions of the fertile axes borne in pseudowhorls. Exarch, solid primary xylem cylinder, with several peripheral ridges of protoxylem; primary xylem surrounded by a complete layer of secondary xylem including rays. Strobilus composed of a central axis bearing densely placed sporophylls. Presence of micro- and of putative megaspores, but mono- or bisporangiate nature of strobili unknown. Sporophylls disposed in a low helix or in pseudowhorls. Sporophylls consisting of a sub-horizontal proximal portion (pedicel) and a long distal (sub)vertical lamina. Pedicel devoid of alation and of keel. Pedicel bearing one sporangium on its adaxial surface. Sporophyll lamina with trichome-like appendages on its margin. No ligule has been observed.
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Age range: Famennian or 372.20000 to 358.90000 Ma

Collections: one only

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Famennian372.2 - 358.9China (Hunan) L. chaloneri (209585)