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2019Athalassocarida Lozano-Fernandez et al.

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumArthropodaLatreille 1829
PancrustaceaZrzavý and Štys 1997
AltocrustaceaRegier et al. 2010

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

Unr. Athalassocarida Lozano-Fernandez et al. 2019
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Cl. Branchiopoda Latreille 1817 [branchiopod]
Or. Anostraca Sars 1867
Fm. Branchinectidae Daday de Deés 1910
G. Branchinecta Verrill 1869
Branchinecta barstowensis Belk and Schram 2001
G. Branchinella Sayce 1903
Branchinella budjiti Timms 2001 [fairy shrimp]
Branchinella campbelli Timms 2001 [fairy shrimp]
Invalid names: Branchipodidae Simon 1886 [empty]
Subcl. Phyllopoda
Infracl. Diplostraca Gerstecker 1866
Subor. †Estheriellina Shen 2003
Superfm. †Estherielloidea Kobayashi 1954
G. †Isaura Joly 1841
Isaura laxitexta Jones 1890
Unr. Onychocaudata Olesen and Richter 2013
Unr. Cladoceromorpha Ax 1999
Subor. Spinicaudata Linder 1945 [clam shrimp]
Invalid names: Conchostraca Sars 1867 [invalid subgroup], Laevicaudata Linder 1945 [empty]
Or. Notostraca Sars 1867 [tadpole shrimp]
G. †Apodites
Apodites phuthingensis Ellenberger 1970
G. †Chenops Hegna and Ren 2010
G. †Jeholops Hegna and Ren 2010
Fm. Triopsidae Keilhack 1909 [Tadpole shrimp]
G. Lepidurus Leach 1819
G. †Lynceites Goldenberg 1870
G. Triops Shrank 1803
Invalid names: Apus Schaeffer 1758 [replaced]
Invalid names: Apodidae Burmeister 1846 [synonym]
Invalid names: Pterocaris Barrande 1872 [replaced]
Invalid names: Branchipodiadae M'Coy 1849 [empty]
Invalid names: Kazacharthra Novojilov 1957 [empty], Sarsostraca Tasch 1969 [empty]
Unr. Labiocarida Schwentner et al. 2017
Supercl. Hexapoda Latreille 1825
Unr. Cercofilata Kukalová-Peck 1987
Or. Diplura Börner 1904 [two-pronged bristletails]
Fm. Campodeidae Westwood 1873
Superfm. Japygoidea Haliday 1864
Fm. Projapygidae Cook 1896
Fm. †Testajapygidae Kukalová-Peck 1987
Cl. Insecta Linnaeus 1758 [insect]
Subcl. Acera Latreille 1802
G. †Aetophlebiopsis Zalessky 1955
G. †Agmatozoon Bode 1953
G. †Anebos Garwood et al. 2012
G. †Anthracocorides Fritsch 1905
Subcl. Apterygota Brauer 1885
Or. Archaeognatha Börner 1904 [jumping bristletails]
Invalid names: Microcoryphia Verhoeff 1904 [synonym]
G. †Atelopteron Bode 1953
G. †Campeulites Bode 1953
G. †Cricolia Bode 1953
G. †Dictyocicada Brongniart 1894
G. †Dimeretes Bode 1953
G. †Dytiscomorphus Fritsch 1907
G. †Elasmoscolex Bode 1953
Or. †Eoblattida Handlirsch 1906
Invalid names: Protoblattoidea Handlirsch 1906 [synonym]
G. †Epimetrophora Bode 1953
G. †Furcapartus Gall and Grauvogel 1966
Cl. Glossata Fabricius 1775
G. †Griphoconion Bode 1953
G. †Griphologus Handlirsch 1906
G. †Hukouscytina Lin 1986
G. †Ideloblatta Zalessky 1929
G. †Insectichnus Ellenberger 1970
G. †Kustia Handlirsch 1919
Subcl. Lepismatona Latreille 1804
G. †Longipedia Hong 1984
G. †Mesosialis Haase 1890
G. †Microceratops Seyrig 1952
G. †Monilipartus Gall and Grauvogel 1966
Subcl. Myriapoda Latreille 1802
G. †Neurostena Handlirsch 1919
G. †Oocephalina Bode 1953
G. †Palaeotermes Woodward 1892
G. †Paracridites Handlirsch 1906
Fm. †Permetatoridae Novokshonov 1999
G. †Permoponopterix Nel et al. 2014
G. †Phthanocoris Scudder 1883
G. †Phytophtirites Pampaloni 1902
G. †Planocephalus Scudder 1885
G. †Platycorion Bode 1953
G. †Pseudoacridites Handlirsch 1906
G. †Pseudochauliodites Handlirsch 1906
G. †Rambouskia Fritsch 1910
G. †Seirolarva Lin 1980
G. †Sinonemoura Ping 1928
G. †Taotieichnus Xing et al. 2013
G. †Termitidiopsis Handlirsch 1919
G. †Tomeferusa Bode 1953
G. †Trimerocephalium Bode 1953
G. †Xiphenax Cockerell 1931
Invalid names: Anisorhynchus lapideus Weyenbergh 1869 [nomen dubium], Anthophorites gaudryi Oustalet 1870 [nomen dubium], Aphis plana Brodie 1845 [nomen dubium], Apterodicera Latreille 1802 [empty], Aspidothorax dubius Handlirsch 1919 [nomen dubium], Bifarius Tasch 1961 [nomen dubium], Bifarius comptae Tasch 1961 [nomen dubium], Bittacus reticulatus Heer 1849 [nomen dubium], Blattaria Weyenbergh 1874 [nomen dubium], Blattaria dunckeri Weyenbergh 1874 [nomen dubium], Carabus winkleri Weyenbergh 1869 [nomen dubium], Caririephemera Zamboni 2001 [nomen dubium], Caririephemera marquesi Zamboni 2001 [nomen dubium], Cercopidium schaefferi Westwood 1854 [nomen dubium], Cercopis prisca Weyenbergh 1874 [nomen dubium], Chauliodites minor Blake 1876 [nomen dubium], Cheilosia dubia Weyenbergh 1869 [nomen dubium], Chrysopa solenhofensis Weyenbergh 1869 [nomen dubium], Cicada proserpina Weyenbergh 1874 [nomen dubium], Corixa mortua Weyenbergh 1869 [nomen dubium], Corrodentia [empty], Cyclocoris Heer 1864 [nomen dubium], Cyclocoris pinguis Heer 1864 [nomen dubium], Ephemera deposita Weyenbergh 1874 [nomen dubium], Ephemera meyeri Weyenbergh 1874 [nomen dubium], Flata haidingeri Giebel 1856 [nomen dubium], Forficularia problematica Weyenbergh 1869 [nomen dubium], Gymnopleurus eocaenicus Meunier 1921 [nomen dubium], Gyrophlebia Handlirsch 1906 [nomen dubium], Gyrophlebia longicollis Handlirsch 1906 [nomen dubium], Hebeitermes Hong 1982 [nomen dubium], Hebeitermes weichangensis Hong 1982 [nomen dubium], Hemerobius fossilis Weyenbergh 1869 [nomen dubium], Hemerobius higginsi Brodie 1845 [nomen dubium], Hydroporus petefractus Weyenbergh 1869 [nomen dubium], Hypatocephala Tasch 1961 [nomen dubium], Hypatocephala rugosa Tasch 1961 [nomen dubium], Ideloblattidae Zalessky 1929 [invalid subgroup], Idomastotermes Haupt 1956 [nomen dubium], Idomastotermes mysticus Haupt 1956 [nomen dubium], Leptura primigenia Weyenbergh 1869 [nomen dubium], Libellulium kaupii Westwood 1854 [nomen dubium], Lygaeites priscus Giebel 1856 [nomen dubium], Meganeura vischerae Zalessky 1950 [nomen dubium], Meloe bavaricus Weyenbergh 1874 [nomen dubium], Mesonotoperla Riek 1954 [nomen dubium], Mesorhagiophryne Hong and Wang 1990 [nomen dubium], Mesorhagiophryne incerta Hong and Wang 1990 [nomen dubium], Mesorhagiophryne robustus Hong and Wang 1990 [nomen dubium], Mourloniella Meunier 1899 [nomen dubium], Mourloniella solenhofensis Meunier 1899 [nomen dubium], Nematus cretaceus Fritsch 1882 [nomen dubium], Oligometabola Martynov 1923 [empty], Orthophlebia minuta Giebel 1856 [nomen dubium], Palaeodictyopteron anglicanum Handlirsch 1906 [nomen dubium], Palaeodictyopteron latipenne Handlirsch 1906 [nomen dubium], Palaeodictyopteron mazonum Handlirsch 1906 [nomen dubium], Palaeovelia Scudder 1890 [nomen dubium], Paroryssus suspectus Lin 1976 [nomen dubium], Permarrhaphidae Martynov 1931 [empty], Permodictyoptera Zalessky 1944 [empty], Phaneroptera striata Weyenbergh 1869 [nomen dubium], Plecopterodea [empty], Plecopteroidea Martynov 1938 [empty], Pterodicera Latreille 1802 [empty], Pterygogenea Brauer 1885 [empty], Saperdites cristallosus Weyenbergh 1874 [nomen dubium], Strongylocephalus Tasch 1961 [nomen dubium], Strongylocephalus charactis Tasch 1961 [nomen dubium], Sypharopteroidea Handlirsch 1911 [invalid subgroup], Termes fossilis Weyenbergh 1874 [nomen dubium], Termes grandaevus Brodie 1845 [nomen dubium], Termes peccanae Massalongo 1856 [nomen dubium], Thysanura Latreille 1796 [invalid subgroup], Tipularia teyleri Weyenbergh 1869 [nomen dubium], Triadosialis Handlirsch 1906 [nomen dubium], Ulonata Fabricius 1775 [invalid subgroup], Velia bouatia Meunier 1914 [nomen dubium]
Unr. Ellipura Börner 1910
Cl. Collembola Lubbock 1871 [springtail]
Or. Entomobryomorpha Börner 1913
G. Paidium Koch 1840
Or. Poduromorpha Borner 1906
G. Schaefferia Absolon 1900
Or. Symphypleona Borner 1901
Invalid names: Achorutes latidens von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Anoura stricta von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Isotoma acuticauda von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Isotoma falcicaudata von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Isotoma hirta von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Lipura longipes von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Orchesella concolor von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Papirius brevicaudatus von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Papirius verrucosus von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Polystylus von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Polystylus quinquecaudatus von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Triaenura von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Triaenura cornuta von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Xenylla constricta von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium], Xenylla inermis von Olfers 1907 [nomen dubium]
G. †Grammepus Hitchcock 1858
Grammepus erismatus Hitchcock 1858
G. †Leverhulmia Anderson and Trewin 2003
Leverhulmia mariae Anderson and Trewin 2003
G. †Onycholepisma Pierce 1951
Onycholepisma arizonae Pierce 1951
Invalid names: Entognatha Hirst and Maulik 1926 [invalid subgroup]
Cl. Remipedia Yager 1981
Or. †Enantiopoda Birshtein 1960
Fm. †Tesnusocarididae Brooks 1955
G. †Cryptocaris Schram 1974
G. †Tesnusocaris Brooks 1955
Invalid names: Cryptocarididae Sieg 1980 [synonym]
Invalid names: Nectipoda Schram 1986 [empty]
No diagnoses are available
No measurements are available
Locomotion: actively mobilep
Created: 2004-02-29 09:38:49
Modified: 2004-02-29 11:38:49
Source: p = phylum
Reference: Kiessling 2004

Age range

Maximum range based only on fossils: base of the Atdabanian to the top of the Holocene or 520.00000 to 0.00000 Ma
Minimum age of oldest fossil (stem group age): 516.0 Ma

Collections (5781 total)

Oldest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Early/Lower Cambrian541.0 - 513.0China (Hubei) Cycloconchoides venustus (201164)
Waucoban530.0 - 513.0Canada (Northwest Territories) Branchiopoda indet. (6850)
Atdabanian520.0 - 516.0Germany (Brandenburg) Diplostraca indet. (24190)
Darriwilian467.3 - 458.4United Kingdom (Wales) Hexapoda indet. (230215)
Letna - Harnagian460.9 - 455.8Czech Republic Quasicaris bohemica (3861)
Lochkovian419.2 - 410.8Russian Federation Phyllopoda indet. (26668 26669 26670)
Early/Lower Devonian - Middle Devonian419.2 - 382.7Belgium (territoire d'Estinnes-au-Monts) Estheria sp. (23258 23260)
Pragian410.8 - 407.6United Kingdom (Scotland) Leverhulmia mariae (153492) Rhyniella praecursor (164613 172777)
Givetian387.7 - 382.7Russian Federation (Siberia) Pseudestheria plicata (60392)
Givetian387.7 - 382.7USA (New York) Archaeognatha indet. (28246)
Late/Upper Famennian364.7 - 360.7Belgium Strudiella devonica, Anostraca indet., Conchostraca indet., Notostraca indet. (131916)
Kinderhookian360.7 - 353.8USA (Montana) Lioestheria sp. (123117)
Serpukhovian330.9 - 323.2USA (Texas) Tesnusocaris goldichi (130654)
Arnsbergian326.4 - 318.1Argentina Tupacsala niunamenos, Kirchnerala treintamil, Eugeropteridae indet. (166808)
Arnsbergian326.4 - 318.1Germany (Bitterfeld) Delitzschala bitterfeldensis (132797)
Bashkirian323.2 - 315.2USA (Illinois) Mylacris anthracophila (122575)
Bashkirian323.2 - 315.2Canada (Nova Scotia) Leaia leidyi (216610) Lioestheria striata, Leaia leidyi, Leaia baentschiana, Leaia tricarinata, Leaia acutangularis (216606 216609) Lynceites cansoensis (216608)
Bashkirian323.2 - 315.2Argentina (La Rioja) Eugeropteron lunatum, Geropteron arcuatum, Xenoptera riojaensis (108150)
Bashkirian323.2 - 315.2China (Ningxia) Paragilsonia orientalis (140832)
Bashkirian - Moscovian323.2 - 307.0Argentina (Chubut) Anthracoblattina archangelskyi, Archangelskyblatta vishniakovae (162148)