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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1888Cnidaria Hatschek
1984Cnidaria Squires p. 14
1987Cnidaria Squires p. 19
1998Cnidaria Zrzavy et al.
2002Cnidaria Sepkoski, Jr.
2011Cnidaria Edgecombe et al. p. 153 figs. Fig. 1
2012Cnidaria Nielsen p. 45 figs. Fig. 4.2

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phylumCnidariaHatschek 1888
phylumCnidariaHatschek 1888

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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Age range

Maximum range based only on fossils: base of the Wonokan to the top of the Holocene or 580.00000 to 0.00000 Ma
Minimum age of oldest fossil (stem group age): 541.0 Ma

Collections (15998 total)

Oldest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Neoproterozoic1000.0 - 541.0China (Guizhou) Cnidaria indet. (97560 97561)
Neoproterozoic1000.0 - 541.0Russian Federation Vendomia menneri (10255)
Neoproterozoic1000.0 - 541.0Algeria Medusinites sp., Nimbia sp. (10694)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Oman Cloudina hartmannae (10339) Namacalathus sp. (51739)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0China (Shaanxi) Cloudina hartmannae (10340 51735 86622)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Kazakhstan Aspidella terranovica, Nimbia occlusa (140176)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Norway Cyclomedusa sp., Nimbia sp., Ediacaria sp., Hiemalora sp. (51870)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Russian Federation (Sakha) Cyclomedusa sp., Hiemalora pleiomorphus, Hiemalora stellaris, Ediacaria flindersi, Ovatoscutum concentricum, Paliella patelliformis, Aspidella costata, Aspidella hatyspytia (99226)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0USA (North Carolina) Aspidella terranovica (90739)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Mexico (Sonora) Cloudina sp. (99427) Cyclomedusa plana (113595)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Russian Federation (Arkhangelsk) Aspidella sp. (191887 191889 191890) Bomakellia sp. (91650) Cyclomedusa sp., Ediacaria sp., Bomakellia sp., Ausia sp. (91643) Cyclomedusa sp., Ediacaria sp., Eoporpita sp. (91644) Cyclomedusa sp., Ediacaria sp., Eoporpita sp., Inaria sp. (91641 91642)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Norway (Finmark) Medusinites sp. (10249)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Norway (Finnmark Fylke) Cyclomedusa sp., Nimbia sp., Ediacaria sp., Hiemalora sp. (10248)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Russian Federation (Tomsk) Namacalathus sp., Cloudina hartmannae (99183 99184)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Namibia (Southeastern Namibia) Aspidella sp. (89797)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Brazil Cloudina waldei, Cloudina lucianoi (51753)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Spain Beltanelliformis brunsa (10573) Cloudina carinata (99293)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Iran Corumbella sp., Cloudina sp. (195101) Corumbella sp., Persimedusites chahgazensis, Cloudina sp. (195106 195107)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Paraguay Corumbella werneri, Cloudina lucianoi (131398)
Ediacaran635.0 - 541.0Australia (South Australia) Conomedusites sp., Phyllozoon sp., Spriggina sp., Aspidella sp. (89838) Cyclomedusa sp., Rugoconites enigmaticus (10280) Eoporpita sp., Rugoconites sp., Nasepia sp., Spriggina sp., Aspidella sp. (191904) Eoporpita sp., Rugoconites sp., Phyllozoon sp., Aspidella sp., Spriggina floundersi (191896) Inaria karli (10286 89835 89840 89842) Nasepia sp. (191906) Phyllozoon hanseni (10514 10515 10516 10517) Phyllozoon sp. (89836) Pseudorhizostomites howchini, Rugoconites enigmaticus (182666) Rugoconites enigmaticus, Spriggina floundersi (182665) Rugoconites sp. (194102) Rugoconites sp., Aspidella terranovica (191905) Spriggia annulata, Cyclomedusa davidi, Cyclomedusa plana, Cyclomedusa gigantea, Spriggia wadeae (6852) Spriggina sp. (89834)