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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1848Regnosaurus Mantell pp. 198-199
1848Regnosaurus northamptoni Mantell p. 199
1851Regnosaurus northamptoni Mantell p. 333
1853Regnosaurus Pictet p. 474
1853Regnosaurus northamptoni Pictet p. 474
1854Regnosaurus northamptoni Mantell p. 705
1877Omosaurus hastiger Owen p. 95 figs. 23-24
1888Regnosaurus Lydekker p. 53
1888Omosaurus hastiger Lydekker p. 179
1888Regnosaurus Lydekker p. 184
1888Regnosaurus northamptoni Lydekker p. 184
1890Stegosaurus hastiger Lydekker p. 252
1890Omosaurus hastiger Woodward and Sherborn p. 253
1890Regnosaurus northamptoni Woodward and Sherborn p. 280
1890Regnosaurus Zittel p. 743
1900Regnosaurus northamptoni Van Den Broeck p. 85
1902Omosaurus hastiger Sauvage p. 408
1909Regnosaurus Huene p. 17
1911Regnosaurus von Zittel p. 295
1915Dacentrurus hastiger Hennig p. 11
1915Regnosaurus Hennig p. 14
1915Regnosaurus northamptoni Hennig p. 14
1915Thyreophora Nopcsa p. 13
1923Thyreophora Nopcsa p. 126
1927Thyreophora Huene p. 256
1929Thyreophora Huene p. 155
1948Thyreophora Huene p. 95
1954Thyreophora Huene p. 51
1957Lusitanosaurus liasicus Lapparent and Zbyszewski
1957Lusitanosaurus Lapparent and Zbyszewski p. 21
1957Lusitanosaurus liasicus Lapparent and Zbyszewski pp. 47-48
1958Thyreophora Huene p. 206
1964Thyreophora Casamiquela
1964Lusitanosaurus Ginsburg p. 2367
1964Lusitanosaurus liasicus Ginsburg p. 2367
1964Lusitanosaurus Kuhn p. 11
1964Lusitanosaurus liasicus Kuhn p. 11
1964Hylaeosaurus northamptoni Kuhn p. 41
1964Lusitanosaurus Tatarinov p. 572
1965Tatisaurus Simmons p. 65
1965Tatisaurus oehleri Simmons p. 65
1966Lusitanosaurus Romer p. 370
1966Tatisaurus Romer p. 370
1970Tatisaurus Thulborn p. 428 fig. 9
1971Tatisaurus Thulborn p. 77
1972Tatisaurus Galton p. 465
1972Tatisaurus Thulborn p. 57
1973Dacentrurus hastiger Delair p. 6
1974Lusitanosaurus Thulborn p. 172
1975Lusitanosaurus Thulborn p. 134
1975Lusitanosaurus liasicus Thulborn p. 134
1977Tatisaurus Rozhdestvensky p. 113
1977Tatisaurus oehleri Rozhdestvensky p. 113
1978Tatisaurus Anderson and Cruickshank p. 31
1981Tatisaurus Colbert p. 50
1983Tatisaurus Weishampel and Weishampel p. 44
1983Tatisaurus oehleri Weishampel and Weishampel p. 44
1983Tatisaurus Zhao p. 302
1984Thyreophora Norman p. 160 fig. 2
1985Thyreophorina Cooper p. 287
1985Lusitanosaurus Galton p. 251
1985Lusitanosaurus liasicus Galton p. 251
1986Thyreophora Bakker p. 461
1986Tatisaurus Battail p. 50
1986Thyreophora Sereno
1986Lusitanosaurus Zhou p. 35
1988Lusitanosaurus Carroll
1990Thyreophora Benton p. 19
1990Tatisaurus Dong p. 257
1990Tatisaurus oehleri Dong p. 257
1991Taveirosaurus Antunes and Sigogneau-Russell p. 116
1991Taveirosaurus costai Antunes and Sigogneau-Russell p. 116
1992Taveirosaurus Antunes and Sigogneau p. 56
1992Taveirosaurus costai Antunes and Sigogneau p. 56
1992Regnosaurus northamptoni Cheevely and Chapman p. 334
1992Tatisaurus Dong p. 166
1992Tatisaurus oehleri Dong p. 166
1996Taveirosaurus Galton pp. 88-89
1996Taveirosaurus costai Galton pp. 88-89
1996Scelidosaurus oehleri Lucas
1997Regnosaurus Norman p. 785
1997Regnosaurus northamptoni Norman p. 785
1997Thyreophora Sereno p. 443
1998Regnosaurus Blows p. 33
1998Regnosaurus northamptoni Blows p. 33
1998Thyreophora Sereno p. 61
1999Thyreophora Sereno p. 2138 fig. 2
2001Regnosaurus Blows p. 137
2001Regnosaurus northamptoni Blows p. 137
2001Bienosaurus Dong p. 238 figs. 17.1-17.2
2001Bienosaurus lufengensis Dong p. 238 figs. 17.1-17.2
2001Lusitanosaurus Dong p. 241
2001Lusitanosaurus liasicus Pereda Suberbiola and Galton p. 150
2001Regnosaurus Pereda Suberbiola and Galton p. 151
2001Regnosaurus northamptoni Pereda Suberbiola and Galton p. 151
2003Regnosaurus northamptoni Pereda Suberbiola et al. p. 147
2003Thyreophora Rauhut p. 16
2003Thyreophora de Valais et al. p. 631
2004Tatisaurus Irmis p. 16
2004Tatisaurus oehleri Irmis p. 16
2004Bienosaurus Norman et al. p. 337
2004Bienosaurus lufengensis Norman et al. p. 337
2004Tatisaurus Norman et al. p. 337
2004Tatisaurus oehleri Norman et al. p. 337
2004Thyreophora Norman et al. p. 342 fig. 15.6
2004Thyreophora Weishampel p. 323
2007Thyreophora Butler et al. p. 2044
2007Thyreophora Sánchez-Hernández et al. p. 204
2008Thyreophora Butler et al. pp. 13-16 figs. 2-4
2008Regnosaurus northamptoni Naish and Martill p. 615
2009Thyreophora Butler and Sullivan p. 22
2009Bienosaurus lufengensis Xing et al. p. 17
2009Tatisaurus oehleri Xing et al. p. 17
2012Thyreophora Han et al. p. 1391 fig. 14
2013Regnosaurus Pereda-Suberbiola et al. p. 73
2013Thyreophora Yang et al. p. 268
2014Thyreophora Arbour et al.
2014Regnosaurus northamptoni Blows and Honeysett p. 838
2014Bienosaurus lufengensis Han et al. p. 1
2014Sinopelta Ulansky
2014Sinopelta minima Ulansky
2014Andhrasaurus Ulansky p. 4
2014Andhrasaurus indicus Ulansky p. 4
2014Bienosaurus Ulansky p. 4
2014Bienosaurus lufengensis Ulansky p. 4
2014Lusitanosaurus Ulansky p. 4
2014Lusitanosaurus liasicus Ulansky p. 4
2014Scelidosaurus arizonensis Ulansky p. 4
2014Sinopelta Ulansky p. 4
2014Sinopelta minima Ulansky p. 4
2014Tatisaurus Ulansky p. 4
2014Tatisaurus oehleri Ulansky p. 4
2014Thyreophora Ulansky p. 4
2014Regnosaurus Ulansky p. 6
2014Regnosaurus northamptoni Ulansky p. 6
2014Lusitanosaurus liasicus Ulansky p. 8
2014Scelidosaurus arizonensis Ulansky p. 8
2014Andhrasaurus Ulansky p. 9
2014Andhrasaurus indicus Ulansky p. 9
2014Bienosaurus lufengensis Ulansky p. 9
2014Sinopeltosaurus Ulansky p. 9
2014Sinopeltosaurus minimus Ulansky p. 9
2014Tatisaurus oehleri Ulansky p. 9
2014Regnosaurus northamptoni Ulansky p. 22
2015Thyreophora Leahey et al.
2017Thyreophora Arbour and Evans p. 7
2018Thyreophora Madzia et al. p. 973 fig. 4
2018Thyreophora Zheng et al.

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

F. v. Huene 1948Secondary quadrupedous. Broad upper process in mandible in distinction to the narrow high one in the other Ornithischia. Upper Triassic to Upper Cretaceous.