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Allosaurus fragilis

Reptilia - Avetheropoda - Allosauridae

Allosaurus fragilis was named by Marsh (1877). Its type specimen is YPM 1930, a partial skeleton, and it is a 3D body fossil. Its type locality is Felch Quarry 1, Garden Park (YPM), which is in a Kimmeridgian/Tithonian channel sandstone/claystone in the Morrison Formation of Colorado. It was considered monophyletic by Madsen (1976).

It was synonymized subjectively with Antrodemus valens by Gilmore (1920), Piveteau (1923), Steel (1970) and Swinton (1970); it was recombined as Antrodemus fragilis by Tatarinov (1964).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1870Poicilopleuron valens Leidy p. 3
1873Antrodemus valens Leidy pp. 267-269 figs. 16-18
1877Laelaps trihedrodon Cope p. 5
1877Allosaurus fragilis Marsh
1878Laelaps trihedrodon Cope p. 233
1878Epanterias amplexus Cope p. 406
1878Allosaurus fragilis King p. 346
1878Allosaurus lucaris King p. 346
1878Creosaurus atrox King p. 346
1878Allosaurus lucaris Marsh
1878Creosaurus atrox Marsh
1878Allosaurus lucaris Marsh p. 242
1878Creosaurus atrox Marsh p. 243 fig. 1
1878Dryptosaurus trihedridon Williston p. 45
1879Labrosaurus lucaris Marsh
1880Allosaurus fragilis Sauvage p. 523
1880Allosaurus lucarius Sauvage p. 523
1880Creosaurus atrox Sauvage p. 523
1883Allosaurus fragilis Dollo p. 95
1884Labrosaurus ferox Marsh p. 333 fig. 9
1884Allosaurus fragilis Vetter p. 357
1885Allosaurus fragilis Woodward p. 12
1887Allosaurus agilis Zittel
1890Megalosaurus valens Zittel p. 724
1890Allosaurus agilis Zittel p. 725
1890Creosaurus atrox Zittel p. 725
1896Allosaurus ferox Marsh
1900Allosaurus fragilis Knight p. 384
1900Labrosaurus ferox Walcott p. 23
1902Epanterias amplexus Hay p. 483
1902Dryptosaurus trihedrodon Hay p. 488
1902Allosaurus fragilis Hay p. 489
1902Antrodemus lucaris Hay p. 489
1902Antrodemus valens Hay p. 489
1902Creosaurus atrox Hay p. 489
1902Allosaurus fragilis Mansel-Pleydell p. lxxviii
1903Creosaurus atrox Osborn pp. 697-701
1904Creosaurus atrox Lambe p. 8
1904Allosaurus fragilis Lambe p. 22
1910Creosaurus atrox Versluys p. 181
1911Allosaurus fragilis Lull p. 173
1911Creosaurus atrox Lull p. 186
1911Allosaurus agilis von Zittel p. 280
1914Allosaurus agilis Huene p. 587 figs. Pl. 7
1915Allosaurus agilis Stromer p. 6
1919Allosaurus fragilis Huene figs. Pl. VII
1919Epanterias amplexus Osborn and Mook p. 383
1920Antrodemus valens Gilmore
1920Labrosaurus ferox Gilmore p. 124
1923Antrodemus valens Huene p. 457 fig. 3
1923Antrodemus valens Piveteau p. 6
1924Allosaurus fragilis Lull p. 256
1931Antrodemus atrox Johnson p. 358
1931Antrodemus valens Stromer p. 4
1934Allosaurus fragilis Stromer p. 11
1934Labrosaurus ferox Stromer p. 23
1934Allosaurus fragilis Stromer pp. 77-78
1941Saurophagus maximus Ray p. 38
1943Saurophagus maximus Stovall p. 70
1947Allosaurus fragilis Lapparent p. 20
1958Antrodemus valens Young p. 233
1962Antrodemus valens Jain et al. p. 756
1962Allosaurus fragilis Lapparent p. 20
1964Antrodemus fragilis Tatarinov p. 536 fig. 572
1964Antrodemus valens Tatarinov p. 537
1967Allosaurus fragilis Pinna p. 145
1970Antrodemus valens Steel p. 29
1970Dryptosaurus trihedrodon Steel p. 31
1970Epanterias amplexus Steel p. 44
1970Antrodemus valens Swinton p. 148
1972Allosaurus fragilis Madsen Jr. and Stokes p. 49
1972Allosaurus fragilis Welles p. 3
1972Antrodemus valens Welles p. 3
1974Allosaurus fragilis Molnar p. 1011
1975Antrodemus valens Paton p. 17
1976Allosaurus fragilis Lawson p. 161
1976Allosaurus fragilis Madsen p. 10
1977Allosaurus fragilis Taquet and Welles p. 192
1978Allosaurus fragilis Madsen Jr. and Stokes p. 69
1979Allosaurus fragilis Madsen and Miller p. 59
1980Allosaurus fragilis Lisak p. 20
1980Allosaurus fragilis Molnar p. 92
1980Allosaurus fragilis Molnar and Pledge p. 285 fig. 3
1981Allosaurus fragilis Molnar et al. p. 142
1982Antrodemus valens Yadagiri p. 5
1984Allosaurus fragilis Jensen p. 375
1984Allosaurus fragilis Thulborn p. 137
1985Allosaurus fragilis Molnar et al. pp. 1511-1512
1986Allosaurus fragilis Gauthier p. 9
1986Allosaurus fragilis Hunt p. A21
1987Allosaurus fragilis Mateer p. 142
1988Allosaurus fragilis Paul p. 309
1988Allosaurus atrox Paul p. 311
1988Allosaurus amplexus Paul p. 312
1990Epanterias amplexus Bakker p. 2
1990Allosaurus fragilis Molnar et al. p. 189
1991Allosaurus fragilis Bonaparte p. 18
1991Allosaurus fragilis Molnar p. 165
1991Allosaurus fragilis Weishampel et al. p. 209
1992Epanterias amplexus Bakker et al. p. 2
1992Allosaurus fragilis Bakker et al. p. 9
1992Allosaurus fragilis Rich et al. p. 171
1994Allosaurus fragilis Molnar and Wiffen p. 693
1994Allosaurus fragilis Rauhut and Kriwet p. 182
1995Allosaurus fragilis Buffetaut et al. p. 70
1996Epanterias amplexus Bakker p. 44
1996Allosaurus fragilis Novas p. 676
1996Allosaurus fragilis Osmólska p. 29
1997Allosaurus fragilis Carpenter p. 91
1997Allosaurus fragilis Currie and Padian p. 369
1997Allosaurus fragilis Padian and Hutchinson p. 8
1997Allosaurus fragilis Schweitzer p. 459
1997Allosaurus fragilis Smith p. 126
1998Allosaurus fragilis Smith p. 126
1999Allosaurus fragilis Knoll et al. p. 105
2000Allosaurus fragilis Foster and Chure p. 8 fig. 3
2000Allosaurus fragilis Sanz p. 275
2001Allosaurus fragilis Farlow p. 415
2001Allosaurus fragilis Larsson p. 20
2001Allosaurus fragilis Mojon p. 3
2002Allosaurus fragilis Hanna p. 76
2003Allosaurus fragilis Rauhut p. 22
2004Allosaurus fragilis Holtz, Jr. et al. p. 75
2004Allosaurus fragilis Senter et al. p. 14 fig. 7
2005Allosaurus fragilis Kobayashi and Barsbold p. 120
2006Allosaurus fragilis Chure et al. p. 236
2006Allosaurus fragilis Hunt and Lucas p. 117
2006Allosaurus fragilis Malkani p. 8
2006Allosaurus fragilis Martínez and Novas p. 244
2006Allosaurus fragilis Mateus p. 231
2006Allosaurus fragilis Mateus et al. pp. 127-128
2006Allosaurus fragilis Smith and Merrill p. 595
2007Allosaurus fragilis Maganuco et al. p. 268
2007Allosaurus fragilis Malafaia et al. p. 255
2007Allosaurus fragilis Sampson and Witmer p. 33
2007Allosaurus fragilis Smith p. 104
2007Allosaurus fragilis Turner et al. p. 6
2008Allosaurus fragilis Irmis and Knoll p. 121
2008Allosaurus fragilis Malafaia et al. p. 274
2008Allosaurus fragilis Watabe et al. p. 35
2009Allosaurus fragilis Bever and Norell p. 21
2009Allosaurus fragilis Malafaia et al. p. 244–245
2009Allosaurus fragilis Wu et al. p. 23
2009Allosaurus fragilis Xing et al. p. 1392
2010Allosaurus fragilis Bell p. 1263
2010Allosaurus fragilis Benson et al. p. 75
2010Allosaurus fragilis Choiniere et al. p. 573 fig. 2B
2010Allosaurus fragilis Galiano and Albersdörfer p. 5
2010Allosaurus fragilis Malafaia et al. p. 200
2010Allosaurus fragilis Paulina Carabajal and Canale p. 249
2011Allosaurus fragilis Hone et al. p. 502
2011Allosaurus fragilis Xu et al. p. 220
2012Allosaurus fragilis Carrano et al. p. 223
2012Allosaurus fragilis Paulina Carabajal and Currie p. 86
2013Allosaurus fragilis Bell and Coria p. 1
2013Allosaurus fragilis Hanson and Makovicky p. 779
2014Allosaurus fragilis Delsate and Ezcurra p. 177
2015Allosaurus fragilis White et al. p. 11
2016Allosaurus fragilis Coria and Currie p. 2
2016Allosaurus fragilis Foster et al. p. 34
2016Allosaurus fragilis Foster and Peterson p. 431
2016Allosaurus fragilis Salisbury et al. p. 31
2018Allosaurus fragilis Dal Sasso et al. p. 19
2019Allosaurus fragilis Brougham et al. p. 14

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986
AverostraPaul 2002

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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