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Sauropoda (sauropod)

Reptilia -

Sauropoda was named by Marsh (1878).

It was reranked as the suborder Sauropoda by Williston (1878), Anonymous (1879), Seeley (1879), Dollo (1884), Zittel (1890), Winkler (1893), Sauvage (1896), Sauvage (1898), Woodward (1898), Van Den Broeck (1900), Sauvage (1900), Mansel-Pleydell (1902), Arldt (1909), Sauvage (1914), Janensch (1914), Matthew (1915), McKelvey (1920), Joleaud (1922), Lull (1924), Huene (1927), Nopcsa (1928), Huene (1929), Huene (1933), Swinton (1934), Roxo (1937), Kuhn (1946), Lapparent (1947), Huene (1958), Delair (1960), Parsch (1963), Tatarinov (1964), Kuhn (1966), Haubold (1971), Delair (1973), Bakker and Galton (1974), McIntosh (1981) and Chure et al. (2006); it was synonymized subjectively with Opisthocoelia by Cope (1883), Hay (1902) and Riggs (1903); it was reranked as the order Sauropoda by Dollo (1885), Baur (1887), Gadow (1898) and Gadow (1901); it was synonymized subjectively with Opisthocoelia by Osborn (1904); it was synonymized subjectively with Diplodocia by Tornier (1913); it was reranked as the superorder Sauropoda by Bakker (1986); it was reranked as the unranked clade Sauropoda by Sereno (1989), Salgado et al. (1997), Sereno (1997), Sereno (1998), Wilson and Sereno (1998), Sereno (1999), Tang et al. (2001), Leal and Azevedo (2003), Upchurch et al. (2004), Knoll (2005), Upchurch et al. (2007), Smith and Pol (2007), Apaldetti et al. (2011), Novas et al. (2011), Taylor et al. (2011) and McPhee et al. (2015).

It was assigned to Dinosauri by Quenstedt (1882); to Dinosauria by Baur (1887); to Dinosauri by Gadow (1897); to Dinosauria by Anonymous (1879), Marsh (1884), Dollo (1885), Winkler (1893), Gadow (1898) and Gadow (1901); to Dinosauria by Williston (1878), Marsh (1878), Seeley (1879), Marsh (1881), Marsh (1882), Dollo (1884), Marsh (1885), Lydekker (1885), Lydekker (1888), Zittel (1890), Marsh (1894), Marsh (1895), Sauvage (1896), Marsh (1896), Sauvage (1898), Woodward (1898), Van Den Broeck (1900), Sauvage (1900), Mansel-Pleydell (1902), Hatcher (1903), von Zittel (1911), Sauvage (1914), Janensch (1914), McKelvey (1920) and Joleaud (1922); to Pachypodosauria by Huene (1914), Huene (1914), Huene (1914), Huene (1914), Huene (1926), Huene (1929), Huene (1948) and Huene (1954); to Sauropodomorpha by Bakker and Galton (1974); to Phytodinosauria by Bakker (1986); to Sauropodomorpha by Romer (1966), Reig (1970), Swinton (1970), Krebs (1974), del Corro (1975), Jain et al. (1975), Baird and Horner (1979), Benton (1979), Ostrom (1980), Santafé et al. (1982), Dong et al. (1983), Russell (1984), Buscalioni and Sanz (1987) and Benton (1990); to Saurischia by Arldt (1909), Huene (1909), Lull (1915), Matthew (1915), Nopcsa (1923), Lull (1924), Huene (1927), Nopcsa (1928), Huene (1929), Huene (1933), Swinton (1936), Roxo (1937), Kuhn (1946), Lapparent (1947), Romer (1956), Huene (1958), Delair (1960), Parsch (1963), Tatarinov (1964), Colbert (1964), Kuhn (1966), Steel (1970), Haubold (1971), Delair (1973), Bonaparte (1978), McIntosh (1981), Zhao (1983) and Chure et al. (2006); to Massopoda by Novas et al. (2011); to Anchisauria by Upchurch et al. (2007) and Apaldetti et al. (2011); to Saurischia by Swinton (1934) and Taylor et al. (2011); to Saurischia by Parks (1935) and Gorscak et al. (2014); to Sauropodomorpha by Sereno (1989), Salgado et al. (1997), Sereno (1997), Sereno (1998), Wilson and Sereno (1998), Sereno (1999), Tang et al. (2001), Leal and Azevedo (2003), Upchurch et al. (2004), Knoll (2005), Smith and Pol (2007) and Xing et al. (2015); and to Sauropodiformes by McPhee et al. (2015).


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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1842Cetiosaurus epioolithicus Owen
1842Cetiosaurus hypoolithicus Owen
1842Cetiosaurus epioolithicus Owen p. 12
1842Cetiosaurus hypoolithicus Owen p. 12
1842Cetiosaurus medius Owen pp. 100-101
1842Cetiosaurus longus Owen pp. 101-102
1852Aepisaurus Gervais p. 263 figs. 3-4
1852Aepisaurus elephantinus Gervais p. 263
1853Aepisaurus Gervais p. 472
1853Aepisaurus elephantinus Gervais p. 472
1853Cetiosaurus longus Pictet p. 494
1853Cetiosaurus medius Pictet p. 494
1859Aepysaurus Gervais p. 464
1859Aepysaurus elephantinus Gervais p. 464
1859Opisthocoelia Owen
1859Cetiosaurus longus Owen p. 27
1859Cetiosaurus medius Owen p. 35
1861Opisthocoelia Owen p. 300
1861Cetiosaurus longus Owen p. 301
1865Astrodon johnstoni Leidy
1869Astrodon johnstoni Cope p. 99
1869Gigantosaurus megalonyx Hulke p. 389f
1869Acanthopholis platypus Seeley p. xvii
1869Gigantosaurus Seeley p. 94
1869Gigantosaurus megalonyx Seeley p. 94
1871Ceteosaurus longus Phillips pp. 290-291
1871Ceteosaurus medius Phillips p. 290
1871Acanthopholis platypus Seeley p. 306
1874Morinosaurus Sauvage
1874Morinosaurus typus Sauvage pp. 14-15
1874Cetiosaurus longus Sauvage pp. 18-19
1874Cetiosaurus medius Sauvage pp. 18-19
1874Cetiosauria Seeley
1875Bothriospondylus elongatus Owen p. 23
1875Cetiosaurus longus Owen p. 27
1876Chondrosteosaurus Owen
1876Chondrosteosaurus gigas Owen p. 5 figs. Pl. 2-5
1876Iguanodon praecursor Sauvage pp. 438-439
1876Bothriospondylus elongatus Sauvage p. 439
1877Atlantosaurus Marsh
1877Atlantosaurus montanus Marsh
1877Titanosaurus montanus Marsh p. 87
1877Atlantosaurus Marsh p. 514
1878Atlantosaurus montanus King p. 346
1878Atlantosaurus Marsh p. 412
1878Sauropoda Marsh p. 412
1878Chondrosteosaurus gigas Owen p. 201
1878Cetiosaurus longus Owen p. 209
1878Titanosaurus montanus Williston p. 43
1878Chondrosteosaurus Williston p. 45
1878Sauropoda Williston p. 45
1879Sauropoda Anonymous p. 135
1879Caulodon praecursor Cope p. 35
1879Sauropoda Seeley p. 183
1880Atlantosaurus montanus Sauvage p. 523
1880Caulodon precursor Sauvage p. 523
1880Chondrosteosaurus gigas Sauvage p. 523
1880Morinosaurus typus Sauvage p. 523
1880Caulodon precursor Sauvage p. 542
1880Morinosaurus typus Sauvage p. 542
1880Gigantosaurus megalonyx Sauvage p. 546
1881Atlantosaurus Marsh
1881Sauropoda Marsh
1882Sauropoda Marsh
1882Atlantosaurus Quenstedt p. 188
1882Sauropoda Quenstedt p. 188
1882Titanosaurus montanus Quenstedt p. 188
1882Acanthopholis platypus Sauvage p. 30
1882Atlantosaurus Sauvage p. 35
1882Chondrosteosaurus Sauvage p. 35
1883Opisthocoela Cope p. 98
1884Gigantosaurus megalonyx Damon p. 69
1884Atlantosaurus Dollo p. 298
1884Chondrosteosaurus Dollo p. 298
1884Sauropoda Dollo p. 298
1884Atlantosaurus Marsh p. 68
1884Sauropoda Marsh p. 68
1884Neosodon de la Moussaye p. 53 fig. 1
1885Sauropoda Dollo p. 35
1885Neosodon Dollo p. 628
1885Neosodon praecursor Dollo p. 628
1885Sauropoda Lydekker p. 37
1885Sauropoda Marsh p. 763
1885Atlantosaurus Marsh p. 764
1885Chondrosteosaurus Marsh p. 764
1885Caulodon precursor de la Moussaye p. 167
1887Opisthocoelia Baur p. 101
1887Sauropoda Baur p. 101
1887Cetiosauria Seeley
1888Sauropoda Lydekker p. 131
1888Atlantosaurus Lydekker p. 144
1888Pleurocoelus nanus Marsh pp. 90-92 figs. 1-6
1888Pleurocoelus altus Marsh pp. 92-93
1888Caulodon precursor Sauvage p. 624
1889Pleurocoelus valdensis Lydekker p. 325
1890Pleurocoelus valdensis Lydekker p. 182 figs. 1, Pl. 9
1890Acanthopholis platypus Woodward and Sherborn p. 209
1890Cetiosaurus longus Woodward and Sherborn p. 214
1890Gigantosaurus megalonyx Woodward and Sherborn p. 230
1890Pleurocoelus valdensis Woodward and Sherborn p. 271
1890Sauropoda Zittel p. 450
1890Atlantosaurus Zittel p. 705
1890Atlantosaurus montanus Zittel p. 706
1890Pleurocoelus altus Zittel p. 714
1890Pleurocoelus nanus Zittel p. 714
1890Pleurocoelus valdensis Zittel p. 714
1890Aepysaurus Zittel p. 717
1891Cetiosauria Baur pp. 450-451
1892Cetiosauria Seeley p. 188
1893Atlantosaurus Marsh p. 437
1893Sauropoda Winkler p. 98
1893Atlantosaurus montanus Winkler p. 101
1893Gigantosaurus Winkler p. 101
1893Atlantosaurus Winkler p. 103
1894Oepysaurus Depéret p. xxix
1894Sauropoda Marsh
1894Morinosaurus typus Sauvage p. 927
1894Pelorosaurus precursor Sauvage p. 927
1895Atlantosaurus Marsh
1895Chondrosteosaurus Marsh
1895Sauropoda Marsh
1895Morinosaurus typus Sauvage p. 465
1895Pelorosaurus precursor Sauvage p. 467
1895Morinosaurus Sauvage p. 469
1896Pleurocoelus nanus Marsh figs. Pl. 40-41
1896Astrodon johnstoni Marsh p. 164
1896Atlantosaurus montanus Marsh p. 165
1896Aepisaurus Marsh p. 185
1896Atlantosaurus Marsh p. 241
1896Sauropoda Marsh p. 241
1896Pelorosaurus precursor Sauvage p. 47
1896Pleurocoelus valdensis Sauvage p. 47
1896Sauropoda Sauvage p. 48
1897Pleurocoelus nanus Bigot p. xciv
1897Atlantosaurus Gadow p. 204
1897Sauropoda Gadow p. 204
1897Pleurocoelus nanus Marsh p. 415
1898Clasmodosaurus Ameghino
1898Clasmodosaurus spatula Ameghino
1898Atlantosaurus Gadow p. 22
1898Sauropoda Gadow p. 22
1898Atlantosaurus Marsh p. 158
1898Pleurocoelus valdensis Sauvage p. 8
1898Sauropoda Sauvage p. 8
1898Pleurocoelus valdensis Sauvage p. 444
1898Sauropoda Woodward p. 141
1899Barosaurus affinis Marsh p. 228
1900Clasmodosaurus Ameghino p. 216
1900Clasmodosaurus spatula Ameghino p. 216
1900Morinosaurus Sauvage p. 417
1900Morinosaurus typus Sauvage p. 417
1900Sauropoda Sauvage p. 417
1900Sauropoda Van Den Broeck p. 82
1900Pleurocoelus valdensis Van Den Broeck p. 83
1900Pleorocoelus nanus Walcott p. 23
1901Atlantosaurus Gadow p. 418
1901Sauropoda Gadow p. 419
1902Opisthocoelia Hay p. 482
1902Pleurocoelus altus Hay p. 483
1902Pleurocoelus nanus Hay p. 483
1902Astrodon johnstoni Hay p. 484
1902Atlantosaurus Hay p. 484
1902Atlantosaurus montanus Hay p. 484
1902Barosaurus affinis Hay p. 485
1902Atlantosaurus Mansel-Pleydell p. lxxvi
1902Sauropoda Mansel-Pleydell p. lxxv
1902Morinosaurus typus Sauvage p. 408
1902Pelorosaurus precursor Sauvage p. 411
1903Astrodon johnstoni Hatcher pp. 11-12
1903Chondrosteosaurus Hatcher pp. 50-51
1903Sauropoda Hatcher p. 54
1903Cetiosauria Osborn p. 456
1903Opisthocoelia Riggs
1904Acanthopholis platypus Lydekker p. 60
1904Gigantosaurus megalonyx Lydekker p. 67
1904Opisthocoelia Osborn p. 114
1905Cetiosaurus longus Williston p. 344
1908Atlantosaurus Huene p. 297
1909Cetiosaurus longus Arldt p. 262
1909Sauropoda Arldt p. 262
1909Atlantosaurus Arldt p. 263
1909Atlantosaurus Huene p. 14
1909Sauropoda Huene p. 14
1909Aepisaurus Huene p. 15
1909Morinosaurus Huene p. 15
1911Pleurocoelus nanus Lull p. 174
1911Pleurocoelus altus Lull p. 175
1911Pleurocoelus nanus Lull p. 188 figs. Pl. 9, 14-18
1911Pleurocoelus altus Lull p. 200 figs. Pl. 18-19
1911Astrodon johnstoni Lull p. 202 figs. Pl. 19:5
1911Sauropoda von Zittel p. 283
1911Atlantosaurus von Zittel p. 287
1911Chondrosteosaurus von Zittel p. 287
1911Gigantosaurus von Zittel p. 287
1911Neosodon von Zittel p. 287
1911Aepyosaurus von Zittel p. 288
1911Morinosaurus von Zittel p. 288
1914Sauropoda Huene p. 37
1914Allophagi Jaekel p. 197
1914Sauropoda Janensch p. 82
1914Morinosaurus Sauvage p. 254
1914Morinosaurus typus Sauvage p. 254
1914Sauropoda Sauvage p. 254
1915Sauropoda Lull p. 117
1915Pleurocoelus altus Lull p. 331
1915Pleurocoelus nanus Lull p. 331
1915Sauropoda Matthew p. 32
1919Barosaurus affinis Lull p. 8
1920Sauropoda McKelvey p. 6
1920Pleurocoelus nanus Pompeckj p. 126
1921Astrodon johnstoni Gilmore pp. 587-588
1922Sauropoda Joleaud p. 59
1922Atlantosaurus Joleaud p. 61
1923Sauropoda Nopcsa p. 126
1924Sauropoda Lull p. 232
1924Asiatosaurus Osborn pp. 2-4 figs. 1-3
1926Sauropoda Huene p. 474
1927Aepisaurus Huene p. 126
1927Campylodon Huene p. 256
1927Campylodon ameghinoi Huene p. 256
1927Clasmodosaurus Huene p. 256
1927Clasmodosaurus spatula Huene p. 256
1927Sauropoda Huene p. 256
1927Caulodon praecursor Huene p. 456
1927Pleurocoelus nanus Huene p. 457
1927Pleurocoelus valdensis Huene p. 457
1927Aepisaurus Huene p. 469
1928Sauropoda Nopcsa p. 184
1929Campylodon ameghinoi Huene pp. 82-83
1929Titanosaurus lydekkeri Huene p. 91
1929Aepisaurus elephantinus Huene p. 92
1929Aepisaurus Huene p. 107
1929Clasmodosaurus spatula Huene p. 140
1929Campylodon Huene p. 155
1929Clasmodosaurus Huene p. 155
1929Sauropoda Huene p. 155
1931Atlantosaurus montanus Johnson p. 358
1932Titanosaurus lydekkeri Stromer p. 6
1932Aepisaurus elephantinus Stromer p. 9
1932Aepisaurus Stromer p. 18
1933Sauropoda Huene p. 70
1934Pleurocoelus valdensis Stromer p. 63
1934Aepisaurus elephantinus Stromer p. 64
1934Sauropoda Swinton p. 32
1935Sauropoda Parks p. 184
1936Sauropoda Swinton p. 209
1936Astrodon valdensis Swinton p. 210
1936Titanosaurus lydekkeri Swinton p. 212
1937Sauropoda Roxo p. 44
1941Campylodon Huene p. 90
1941Campylodon ameghinoi Huene p. 90
1941Clasmodon Huene p. 90
1946Aepisaurus Gilmore p. 30
1946Campylodon Gilmore p. 30
1946Sauropoda Kuhn p. 65
1947Sauropoda Lapparent pp. 16-17
1948Sauropoda Huene p. 91
1948Aepisaurus elephantinus Lapparent p. 1186
1953Chiayusaurus Bohlin p. 45 fig. 24
1953Chiayusaurus lacustris Bohlin p. 45 fig. 24
1954Sauropoda Huene p. 46
1956Sauropoda Romer p. 619
1956Chiayusaurus Romer p. 621
1956Aepisaurus Romer p. 622
1956Asiatosaurus Romer p. 624
1957Astrodon valdensis Lapparent and Zbyszewski
1958Sauropoda Huene p. 205
1958Asiatosaurus Huene p. 206
1958Chiayusaurus Huene p. 206
1958Chiayuesaurus lacustris Young p. 24
1958Asiatosaurus Young p. 25
1958Chiayuesaurus Young p. 25
1959Asiatosaurus Huene p. 122
1959Chiayusaurus Huene p. 122
1959Opisthocoela McGrew et al. p. 130
1960Sauropoda Delair p. 76
1960Brachiosaurus nougaredi Lapparent pp. 40-42 figs. Pl. 2-3, 8, 10
1961Campylodoniscus Kuhn
1961Campylodoniscus ameghinoi Kuhn
1962Astrodon johnstoni Kingham p. 40 figs. 2b, 4
1962Astrodon valdensis Kingham p. 40
1963Sauropoda Parsch p. 4
1964Cetiosauria Colbert p. 22 fig. 6
1964Sauropoda Colbert p. 22 fig. 6
1964Iguanodon praecursor Kuhn p. 11
1964Campylodoniscus Kuhn p. 324
1964Sauropoda Tatarinov p. 543
1964Astrodon johnstoni Tatarinov p. 549
1964Astrodon nanus Tatarinov p. 551 fig. 593
1964Aepisaurus Tatarinov p. 552
1964Asiatosaurus Tatarinov p. 552
1964Campylodon Tatarinov p. 552
1964Chiayiisaurus Tatarinov p. 552
1966Sauropoda Kuhn p. 97
1966Aepisaurus Romer p. 370
1966Asiatosaurus Romer p. 370
1966Chiayusaurus Romer p. 370
1966Sauropoda Romer p. 370
1967Aepysaurus elephantinus Lapparent p. 10
1970Sauropoda Reig p. 276
1970Sauropoda Steel p. 59
1970Cetiosaurus longus Steel p. 64
1970Cetiosaurus medius Steel p. 64
1970Astrodon altus Steel p. 67
1970Astrodon johnstoni Steel p. 67
1970Astrodon nanus Steel p. 67
1970Astrodon valdensis Steel p. 67
1970Bothriospondylus elongatus Steel p. 67
1970Brachiosaurus nougaredi Steel p. 68
1970Chiayusaurus Steel p. 71
1970Chiayusaurus lacustris Steel p. 71
1970Aepisaurus Steel p. 74
1970Aepisaurus elephantinus Steel p. 74
1970Campylodoniscus Steel p. 76
1970Campylodoniscus ameghinoi Steel p. 76
1970Titanosaurus lydekkeri Steel p. 77
1970Atlantosaurus Steel p. 79
1970Atlantosaurus montanus Steel p. 79
1970Barosaurus affinis Steel p. 80
1970Asiatosaurus Steel p. 81
1970Sauropoda Swinton p. 117
1970Atlantosaurus Swinton p. 178
1971Sauropoda Haubold p. 85
1973Sauropoda Delair p. 3
1973Asiatosaurus Dong p. 45
1974Sauropoda Bakker and Galton p. 171
1974Sauropoda Krebs p. 22
1974Astrodon johnstoni Langston p. 86
1974Pleurocoelus altus Langston p. 86
1974Pleurocoelus nanus Langston p. 86
1975Asiatosaurus Hou et al. p. 27
1975Sauropoda Jain et al.
1975Atlantosaurus montanus Mcintosh and Berman p. 197
1975Sauropoda del Corro p. 231
1977Chiayusaurus Dong
1978Sauropoda Bonaparte p. 316
1978Clasmodosaurus Bonaparte p. 497
1978Clasmodosaurus spatula Bonaparte p. 552
1978Campylodon Bonaparte p. 562
1978Campylodon ameghinoi Bonaparte p. 562
1979Sauropoda Baird and Horner p. 10
1979Sauropoda Benton p. 143
1979Clasmodosaurus spatula Bonaparte p. 233
1979Cetiosaurus longus Jain et al. p. 206
1980Campylodon Bonaparte and Powell p. 26
1980Campylodon ameghinoi Bonaparte and Powell p. 26
1980Chiayusaurus lacustris Chao p. 94
1980Campylodoniscus Molnar p. 137
1980Chondrosteosaurus Molnar p. 137
1980Clasmodosaurus Molnar p. 139
1980Sauropoda Ostrom p. 22
1981Aepisaurus Buffetaut et al. p. 279
1981Rotundichnus Hendricks p. 3
1981Ultrasaurus Kim p. 297
1981Sauropoda McIntosh p. 11
1981Astrodon johnstoni McIntosh p. 17
1982Sauropoda Santafé et al. p. 85
1983Sauropoda Dong et al. p. 17
1983Zizhongosaurus Dong et al. p. 18
1983Zizhongosaurus chuanchengensis Dong et al. p. 18
1983Asiatosaurus Dong et al. p. 27
1983Chiayusaurus Dong et al. p. 27
1983Ultrasaurus Kim pp. 119-120
1983Ultrasaurus tabriensis Kim pp. 119-120
1983Astrodon johnstoni Rich et al. p. 285
1983Pleurocoelus nanus Rich et al. p. 285
1983Pleurocoelus valdensis Rich et al. p. 285
1983Sauropoda Zhao p. 296
1983Asiatosaurus Zhao p. 304
1984Sauropoda Russell p. 28
1985Kunmingosaurus Zhao
1985Kunmingosaurus wudingi Zhao p. 287
1985Lancanjiangosaurus Zhao p. 288
1986Sauropoda Bakker p. 472
1986Hamanosauripus Kim
1986Hamanosauripus ungulatus Kim p. 17
1986Koreanosauripus Kim p. 17
1986Koreanosauripus cheongi Kim p. 17
1986Zizhongosaurus chuanchensis Taquet p. 42
1986Chiayusaurus lacustris Zhao p. 68
1986Kunmingosaurus utingi Zhen et al. p. 12
1987Sauropoda Buscalioni and Sanz p. 66
1987Astrodon jhonstoni Sanz et al. p. 48
1987Astrodon valdensis Sanz et al. p. 49
1988Aepisaurus Carroll
1988Asiatosaurus Carroll
1988Campylodoniscus Carroll
1988Chiayusaurus Carroll
1988Zizhongosaurus Carroll
1988Protognathus Zhang
1988Protognathus oxyodon Zhang
1989Aepisaurus elephantinus Buffetaut p. 438
1989Sauropoda Sereno p. 38A
1990Sauropoda Benton p. 19
1990Zizhongosaurus McIntosh p. 54
1990Campylodoniscus McIntosh p. 56
1990Cetiosaurus medius McIntosh p. 346
1990Brachiosaurus nougaredi McIntosh p. 347
1990Pleurocoelus altus McIntosh p. 348
1990Pleurocoelus valdensis McIntosh p. 348
1990Cetiosauriscus longus McIntosh p. 350
1990Chondrosteosaurus McIntosh p. 350
1990Campylodoniscus ameghinoi McIntosh p. 352
1990Zizhongosaurus McIntosh p. 377
1990Zizhongosaurus chuanchengensis McIntosh p. 377
1990Pleurocoelus nanus McIntosh pp. 383-384
1990Chondrosteosaurus gigas McIntosh p. 387
1990Aepysaurus McIntosh p. 399
1990Aepysaurus elephantinus McIntosh p. 399
1990Campylodoniscus McIntosh p. 399
1991Aepisaurus elephantinus Buffetaut et al. p. 31
1991Protognathosaurus Olshevsky p. 21
1991Protognathosaurus oxyodon Olshevsky p. 21
1992Pleurocoelus nanus Buffetaut et al. p. 12
1992Pleurocoelus valdensis Buffetaut et al. p. 12
1992Nurosaurus Dong
1992Chiayusaurus Dong p. 97
1992Chiayusaurus lacustris Dong p. 97
1992Kunmingosaurus Dong p. 163
1992Kunmingosaurus wudingensis Dong p. 163
1992Protognathus Dong p. 163
1992Protognathus oxyodon Dong p. 163
1992Zizhongosaurus Dong p. 163
1992Zizhongosaurus chuanchengensis Dong p. 163
1992Asiatosaurus Dong p. 164
1992Cetiosaurus medius Mcintosh et al. p. 164
1992Protognathosaurus Olshevsky p. 179
1992Protognathosaurus oxyodon Olshevsky p. 179
1993Cetiosaurus longus Delair p. 334
1994Aepisaurus elephantinus Buffetaut p. 127
1994Neosodon Buffetaut and Martin p. 23 fig. 1
1994Neosodon praecursor Buffetaut and Martin p. 23 fig. 1
1994Pleurocoelus nanus Carpenter and McIntosh p. 264
1994Pleurocoelus valdensis Galton p. 265
1995Rotundichnus Lockley et al. p. 138
1995Pleurocoelus nanus Salgado et al. p. 34
1995Kunmingosaurus Upchurch p. 252
1995Zizhongosaurus Upchurch p. 252
1995Kunmingosaurus Upchurch p. 371
1995Zizhongosaurus Upchurch p. 371
1996Campylodoniscus Bonaparte p. 109
1996Campylodoniscus ameghinoi Bonaparte p. 109
1996Campylodoniscus Jacobs et al. p. 602
1996Neosodon Le Loeuff et al. p. 79
1996Neosodon praecursor Le Loeuff et al. p. 79
1996Qinlingosaurus Xie et al.
1996Qinlingosaurus luonanensis Xue et al.
1997Neosodon Buffetaut p. 214
1997Kunmingosaurus wudingensis Dong p. 120
1997Protognathosaurus Dong p. 793
1997Protognathosaurus oxyodon Dong p. 793
1997Neosodon praecursor Le Loeuff p. 454
1997Chiayusaurus asianensis Lee et al.
1997Pleurocoelus nanus Salgado and Calvo p. 44
1997Sauropoda Salgado et al. p. 6
1997Sauropoda Sereno p. 444
1998Kunmingosaurus Dong p. 80
1998Protognathosaurus Dong p. 80
1998Zizhongosaurus Dong p. 80
1998Astrodon johnstoni Lipka p. 229
1998Pleurocoelus nanus Salgado et al. p. 181
1998Sauropoda Sereno p. 63
1998Sauropoda Wilson and Sereno p. 55
1999Kunmingosaurus wudingensis Martin-Rolland p. 308
1999Zizhongosaurus chuanchengensis Martin-Rolland p. 308
1999Protognathosaurus Martin-Rolland p. 310
1999Protognathosaurus oxyodon Martin-Rolland p. 310
1999Zizhongosaurus Martin-Rolland p. 310
1999Sauropoda Sereno p. 2138 fig. 2
1999Pleurocoelus nanus Tidwell et al. p. 31
2000Astrodon johnstoni Maxwell and Cifelli p. 21
2000Chiayusaurus Park et al. p. 90
2001Chiayusaurus lacustris Dong p. 100
2001Sauropoda Tang et al. p. 14
2002Pleurocoelus altus Salgado and García p. 215
2002Asiatosaurus Wilson p. 248
2002Campylodon Wilson p. 248
2002Campylodon ameghinoi Wilson p. 248
2002Pleurocoelus nanus Wilson p. 249
2003Sauropoda Leal and Azevedo p. 71A
2003Asiatosaurus Ruiz-Omeñaca and Canudo p. 297
2003Chiayusaurus Ruiz-Omeñaca and Canudo p. 297
2004Astrodon johnstoni Kranz p. 95
2004Sauropoda Upchurch et al. p. 261
2004Pleurocoelus altus Upchurch et al. p. 266
2004Pleurocoelus nanus Upchurch et al. p. 266
2005Astrodon johnstoni Carpenter and Tidwell p. 85
2005Sauropoda Knoll p. 85
2006Sauropoda Chure et al. p. 236
2006Neosodon Le Loeuff et al. p. 708
2006Neosodon praecursor Le Loeuff et al. p. 708
2006Pleurocoelus altus Weishampel p. 145
2006Pleurocoelus nanus Weishampel p. 145
2007Clasmodosaurus Apesteguía p. 538
2007Clasmodosaurus spatula Apesteguía p. 538
2007Iuticosaurus lydekkeri Molnar and Wiffen p. 509
2007Chondrosteosaurus Naish and Martill p. 499
2007Chondrosteosaurus gigas Naish and Martill p. 499
2007Pleurocoelus nanus Naish and Martill p. 499
2007Sauropoda Smith and Pol p. 668 fig. 7
2007Sauropoda Upchurch et al. p. 62 fig. 3
2009Pleurocoelus nanus González Riga et al. p. 141
2009Pleurocoelus nanus Parsons and Parsons p. 721
2009Chiayusaurus Wilson and Upchurch
2010Pleurocoelus nanus Alifanov and Bolotsky p. 88
2010Protognathosaurus Li et al. p. 199
2010Brachiosaurus nougaredi Taquet p. 92
2011Sauropoda Apaldetti et al. p. 16 fig. 13
2011Sauropoda Novas et al. p. 341 fig. 4
2011Astrodon johnsoni Saegusa and Tomida p. 254
2011Sauropoda Taylor et al. p. 78
2014Sauropoda Gorscak et al.
2015Sauropoda McPhee et al. p. 19 fig. 12
2015Sauropoda Xing et al.
2016Campylodoniscus ameghinoi Martínez et al. p. 61 fig. 31

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986
Sauropodomorpha(Huene 1932)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

K. A. v. Zittel 1890Zwischenkiefer bezahnt. Zähne spateiförmig, am Vorder- und Hinterrand zugeschärft, aber nicht gekerbt. Nasenlöcher
verlängert. Vor den Augenhöhlen eine grosse präorbitale Oeffnung. Hals- und vordere Rückenwirbel opisthocöl, die übrigen amphicöl oder platycöl. Centra der Rücken-, zuweilen auch der Sacralwirbel mit seitlichen Hohlräumen. Extremitätenknochen massiv. Femur ohne vorspringenden inneren Trochanter. Vorderbeine wenig kürzer als Hinterbeine. Alle vier Füsse plantigrad, fünfzehig. Schambein massig lang, breit, distal knorpelig verbunden. Postpubis fehlt.
H. Gadow 1898Pubes simple, with symphysis. Premaxilla with teeth. Fore- and hind-limbs pentadactyle, plantigrade.
H. Gadow 1901Pubes simple, with symphysis. Premaxillae with teeth. Plantigrade.
R. S. Lull 1924Amphibious, plant-feeding dinosaurs, with relatively very small head, bearing one, rarely two, preorbital fenestrae; jaws partially or wholly beset with spatulate or styliform teeth; most of presacral vertebrae opisthocoelous, posterior dorsals and caudals being as a rule amphicoelous or amphiplatyan, rarely procoelous; vertebrae generally cavernous or with lateral cavities, pleurocoeles, in central; neural canal greatly enlarged in sacrum, somewhat as in Stegosaurus (see below); limb bones massive, probably without medullary cavity; fore limbs generally shorter, but sometimes fully equaling or even exceeding hind in length; feet semi-plantigrade, five-toed, but with reduced phalanges on external side; unguals strongly compressed, but massive.
B. F. Nopcsa 1928omnivorous; quadrupedal; cervical and dorsal vertebrae opisthocoelous and with plate-like buttresses; os penis present.
F. v. Huene 1948Secondarily quadrupedal animals; solid structure of leg bones; cavernous vertebrae; small skull; elongated neck, shortened body; manus digitigrade, pes semiplantigrade; lower leg shortened; strong and long tail, often with whip-like end. Short temporal region in skull; orbit in high position; enlarged nasal openings in backward position, preorbit large; teeh spatulate or bolt-like; complicated laminar structure of vertebrae; cervicals much elongated; shoulder girdle shifted backward; two large sternal plates; ilium with large anterior and without posterior process. Large animals. Lower Jurassic to Upper Cretaceous.
J. F. Bonaparte 1978Jurásico y Cretácico; hábitos cuadrupedales, formas gigantescas, herbívoros.