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Hadrosauridae (hadrosaurid)

Reptilia - Hadrosauridae

Hadrosauridae was named by Cope (1869).

It was synonymized subjectively with Trachodontidae by Lydekker (1888), Marsh (1895), Marsh (1896), Hay (1902), Hatcher (1902), Matthew (1915), Nagao (1936) and Nagao (1939); it was synonymized subjectively with Trachydontidae by Mansel-Pleydell (1902); it was synonymized subjectively with Trachyodontidae by Sauvage (1909); it was reranked as the unranked clade Hadrosauridae by Campione and Evans (2011).

It was assigned to Ornithopoda by Zittel (1890); to Orthopoda by Cope (1869), Cope (1870), Cope (1871), Cope (1875), Cope (1883), Cope (1883), Cope (1891) and Cope (1898); to Ornithopoda by Van Den Broeck (1900); to Postpubici by Jaekel (1911); to Phytophagi by Jaekel (1914); to Predentata by Gilmore (1919); to Dinosauria by Rapp (1944); to Brachypoda by Thulborn (1974) and Thulborn (1977); to Ornitophoda by Bonaparte (1978); to Ornithischia by Madsen and Miller (1979); to Dryosauroidea by Norman (1984); to Ornithopoda by Dollo (1882) and Bakker (1986); to Styracosterna by Benton (1990); to Hadrosauria by Huene (1959) and Horner (1990); to Iguanodontia by Baur (1891), Russell (1984), Norman (1989) and Forster (1997); to Iguanodontia by Norman and Sues (2000); to Ornithopoda by Sauvage (1882), Marsh (1882), Dollo (1884), Marsh (1884), Marsh (1885), Winkler (1893), Russell (1930), Lull and Wright (1942), Sternberg (1953), Sternberg (1954), Miller (1955), Romer (1956), Parsch (1963), Tatarinov (1964), Estes (1964), Kuhn (1964), Kuhn (1966), Romer (1966), Miller (1967), Swinton (1970), Thulborn (1970), Haubold (1971), Rozhdestvensky (1977), Baird and Horner (1979), Dong (1979), Benton (1979), Ostrom (1980), McIntosh (1981), Thurmond and Jones (1981), Weishampel and Weishampel (1983), Milner and Norman (1984), Norman (1984), Carroll (1988), Nessov (1995) and Peng et al. (2001); to Ornithischia by Eberth et al. (2001); to Iguanodontoidea by Casamiquela (1964), Cooper (1985) and Norman (2004); to Hadrosauriformes by You et al. (2005); to Hadrosauromorpha by Norman (2014); to Hadrosauroidea by Sereno (1986), Horner (1992), Hunt and Lucas (1993), Sereno (1997), Sereno (1998), Godefroit et al. (1998), Sereno (1999), Casanovas et al. (1999), You et al. (2003), Godefroit et al. (2004), Bolotsky and Godefroit (2004), Prieto-Márques et al. (2006), Prieto-Márquez et al. (2006), Godefroit et al. (2008), Pereda-Suberbiola et al. (2009), Sues and Averianov (2009), McDonald et al. (2010), Prieto-Marquez and Salinas (2010), Prieto-Márquez and Wagner (2010), Ramírez-Velasco et al. (2012) and Zhang et al. (2017); to Iguanodontia by Prieto-Márquez et al. (2019); to Hadrosauroidea by Dalla Vecchia (2009), McDonald (2012), Prieto-Márquez (2012), Tan et al. (2015), Cruzado-Caballero and Powell (2017) and Takasaki et al. (2019); and to Ornithopoda by Le Loeuff (1998), Cruzado-Caballero et al. (2010), Campione and Evans (2011), Freedman Fowler and Horner (2015) and Kobayashi et al. (2019).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1856Trachodon Leidy p. 72
1856Trachodon mirabilis Leidy p. 72
1856Thespesius Leidy p. 311
1856Thespesius occidentalis Leidy p. 311
1857Thespesius occidentalis Leidy p. 90
1857Trachodon mirabilis Leidy p. 90
1860Trachodon Leidy p. 140
1860Trachodon mirabilis Leidy p. 140
1860Thespesius Leidy p. 151
1860Thespesius occidentalis Leidy p. 151
1868Trachodon mirabilis Leidy p. 199
1869Hadrosauridae Cope p. 91
1869Hadrosaurus mirabilis Cope p. 98
1869Hadrosaurus occidentalis Cope p. 98
1869Hadrosaurus minor Cope p. 192
1869Hypsibema Cope p. 192
1869Hypsibema crassicauda Cope p. 192
1870Hypsibema crassicauda Cope
1870Hadrosauridae Cope p. 91
1870Hadrosaurus minor Cope pp. 122-J
1870Hypsibema Cope pp. 122-G
1870Hypsibema crassicauda Cope pp. 122-G
1870Hadrosaurus minor Leidy p. 68
1870Hadrosaurus mirabilis Leidy p. 68
1870Thespesius occidentalis Leidy p. 68
1870Hadrosaurus minor Marsh p. 3
1871Hadrosaurus cavatus Cope
1871Hadrosaurus occidentalis Cope pp. 50-52
1871Hadrosaurus minor Cope p. 51
1871Hypsibema crassicauda Cope pp. 211-212
1871Hadrosauridae Cope p. 234
1874Cinodon Cope p. 10ff
1874Cinodon arctatus Cope p. 10ff
1874Hadrosaurus mirabilis Cope p. 19
1874Hadrosaurus occidentalis Cope p. 20
1874Cinodon Cope p. 21ff
1874Cinodon arctatus Cope p. 22
1875Cionodon Cope pp. 9-10
1875Cionodon stenopsis Cope pp. 9-10
1875Cionodon arctatus Cope p. 10
1875Hadrosauridae Cope p. 14
1875Hypsibema Cope p. 36
1875Hypsibema crassicauda Cope p. 36
1875Hadrosaurus mirabilis Cope p. 56
1875Hadrosaurus occidentalis Cope p. 56
1875Cionodon arctatus Cope p. 60
1875Cionodon stenopsis Cope p. 63
1875Hadrosaurus minor Cope p. 247
1875Hypsibema crassicauda Cope p. 247
1875Hadrosaurus cavatus Cope p. 248
1875Cionodon arctatus Cope p. 433
1875Hadrosaurus occidentalis Cope p. 433
1875Hadrosaurus mirabilis Cope p. 434
1876Diclonius Cope
1876Diclonius calamarius Cope
1876Diclonius pentagonus Cope
1876Diclonius perangulatus Cope
1876Diclonius pentagonus Cope p. 6
1876Diclonius Cope p. 254
1876Diclonius perangulatus Cope pp. 254-255
1876Diclonius calamarius Cope p. 255
1876Cionodon arctatus Sauvage p. 442
1877Diclonius calmarius Cope p. 316
1877Diclonius pentagonus Cope p. 316
1877Diclonius perangulatus Cope p. 316
1877Diclonius Cope p. 572
1877Diclonius calamarius Cope p. 572
1877Diclonius pentagonus Cope p. 572
1877Diclonius perangulatus Cope p. 572
1877Trachodon Cope p. 573
1877Trachodon mirabilis Cope p. 573
1877Cionodon arctatus Cope p. 597
1882Cionodon Dollo
1882Hadrosauridae Dollo
1882Cionodon Marsh
1882Hadrosauridae Marsh
1882Cionodon Sauvage p. 35
1882Madrosauridae Sauvage p. 35
1883Cionodon Cope p. 99
1883Diclonius Cope p. 99
1883Diclonius mirabilis Cope p. 99
1883Hadrosauridae Cope p. 99
1883Hypsibema Cope p. 99
1883Cionodon arctatus Cope p. 104
1883Diclonius Cope p. 468
1883Diclonius mirabilis Cope p. 774
1883Hadrosauridae Cope p. 774
1883Orthomerus Seeley p. 248 fig. 2
1883Orthomerus dolloi Seeley p. 248 fig. 2
1884Diclonius mirabilis Cope p. 315
1884Cionodon Dollo p. 298
1884Diclonius Dollo p. 298
1884Hadrosauridae Dollo p. 298
1884Orthomerus Dollo p. 298
1884Orthomerus dolloi Hulke p. 44
1884Diclonius mirabilis Hulke p. 48
1884Cionodon Marsh p. 69
1884Hadrosauridae Marsh p. 69
1885Diclonius mirabilis Cope p. 1208
1885Diclonius Dollo p. 40
1885Cionodon Marsh p. 764
1885Hadrosauridae Marsh p. 764
1886Diclonius mirabilis Cope p. 153
1887Diclonius mirabilis Seeley p. 85
1888Trachodontidae Lydekker
1888Diclonius Lydekker p. 241
1888Orthomerus Lydekker p. 241
1888Orthomerus dolloi Lydekker p. 241
1888Trachodontidae Lydekker p. 241
1888Trachodon Lydekker p. 243
1889Diclonius mirabilis Cope pp. 904-905
1889Pteropelyx Cope pp. 904-905
1889Pteropelyx grallipes Cope pp. 904-905
1889Diclonius pentagonus Cope pp. 905-906
1889Hadrosaurus breviceps Marsh pp. 335-336 figs. 4-5
1890Trachodontidae Marsh p. 424
1890Claosauridae Marsh p. 425
1890Hadrosaurus mirabilis Zittel p. 697
1890Hypsibema Zittel p. 748
1890Hadrosauridae Zittel p. 763
1890Cionodon Zittel p. 765
1890Orthomerus Zittel p. 766
1891Hadrosauridae Baur p. 450
1891Hadrosaurus mirabilis Boule p. 15
1891Hadrosauridae Cope p. 43
1891Diclonius mirabilis Cope p. 44 fig. 22
1892Claorhynchus Cope pp. 757-758
1892Claorhynchus trihedrus Cope pp. 757-758
1893Hadrosauridae Winkler p. 111
1893Hadrosaurus mirabilis Winkler p. 112
1895Cionodon Marsh
1895Claosauridae Marsh
1895Trachodon Marsh
1896Trachodon breviceps Marsh p. 224 figs. Pl. 75
1896Cionodon Marsh p. 244
1896Claosauridae Marsh p. 244
1896Trachodon Marsh p. 244
1896Trachodontidae Marsh p. 244
1897Diclonius Gadow p. 205
1898Hadrosauridae Cope p. 70
1898Diclonius Gadow p. 23
1899Trachodon mirabilis Lambe p. 69
1900Hadrosaurus mirabilis Nopcsa p. 556
1900Hadrosaurus occidentalis Nopcsa p. 556
1900Cionodon Nopcsa p. 557
1900Cionodon arctatus Nopcsa p. 557
1900Cionodon stenopsis Nopcsa p. 557
1900Hadrosaurus breviceps Nopcsa p. 557
1900Hadrosaurus cavatus Nopcsa p. 557
1900Hadrosaurus minor Nopcsa p. 557
1900Hypsibema Nopcsa p. 557
1900Hypsibema crassicauda Nopcsa p. 557
1900Orthomerus Nopcsa p. 558
1900Orthomerus dolloi Nopcsa p. 558
1900Hadrosauridae Van Den Broeck p. 87
1900Orthomerus Van Den Broeck p. 87
1900Orthomerus dolloi Van Den Broeck p. 87
1900Trachodon Van Den Broeck p. 87
1901Diclonius Gadow p. 429
1901Hadrosaurus mirabilis Gadow p. 429
1902Trachodon Hatcher pp. 384-385
1902Hypsibema Hay p. 497
1902Hypsibema crassicauda Hay p. 497
1902Claorhynchus Hay p. 500
1902Claorhynchus trihedrus Hay p. 500
1902Thespesius Hay p. 502
1902Thespesius occidentalis Hay p. 502
1902Pteropelyx Hay p. 503
1902Pteropelyx grallipes Hay p. 503
1902Trachodon Hay p. 503
1902Trachodon breviceps Hay p. 503
1902Trachodon calamarius Hay p. 503
1902Trachodon cavatus Hay p. 503
1902Trachodontidae Hay p. 503
1902Cionodon Hay p. 504
1902Cionodon arctatus Hay p. 504
1902Cionodon stenopsis Hay p. 504
1902Trachodon minor Hay p. 504
1902Trachodon mirabilis Hay p. 504
1902Trachodon pentagonus Hay p. 504
1902Trachodon perangulatus Hay p. 504
1902Trachodon (Pteropelyx) selwyni Lambe
1902Trachodon (Pteropelyx) Lambe p. 69
1902Trachodon (Pteropelyx) selwyni Lambe pp. 69-70
1902Trachodon (Pteropelyx) marginatus Lambe p. 70
1902Trachodon (Pteropelyx) altidens Lambe pp. 76-77 figs. Pl. 4:2-4
1902Pteropelyx grallipes Lambe p. 77
1902Trachydontidae Mansel-Pleydell p. lxxv
1904Trachodon Lucas p. 318
1905Cionodon Lambe p. 24
1905Cionodon stenopsis Lambe p. 24
1905Trachodon Lambe p. 24
1905Trachodon altidens Lambe p. 24
1905Trachodon marginatus Lambe p. 24
1905Trachodon selwyni Lambe p. 24
1905Trachodontidae Lambe p. 49
1907Claorhynchus Hatcher et al. p. 114
1907Claorhynchus trihedrus Hatcher et al. p. 114
1909Trachodontidae Arldt p. 263
1909Orthomerus dolloi Dollo p. 104
1909Cionodon Huene p. 16
1909Claorhynchus Huene p. 16
1909Diclonius Huene p. 16
1909Orthomerus Huene p. 16
1909Trachodon Huene p. 16
1909Trachodontidae Huene p. 16
1909Hypsibema Huene p. 17
1909Trachodon mirabilis Osborn p. 160
1909Cionodon Sauvage p. 377
1909Cionodon arctatus Sauvage p. 377
1909Orthomerus Sauvage p. 377
1909Trachodon Sauvage p. 377
1909Trachyodontidae Sauvage p. 377
1910Trachodon mirabilis Brown p. 270
1910Hadrosaurus mirabilis Hay p. 15
1910Thespesius Versluys p. 229
1910Thespesius occidentalis Versluys p. 229
1911Hadrosauridae Jaekel p. 159
1911Trachodon Lambe p. 9
1911Trachodon selwyni Lambe p. 9
1911Trachodontidae Lambe p. 9
1911Trachodon altidens Lambe p. 10
1911Trachodon marginatus Lambe p. 10
1911Trachodon von Zittel p. 291
1911Trachodontidae von Zittel p. 291
1911Cionodon von Zittel p. 292
1911Orthomerus von Zittel p. 292
1911Trachodon breviceps von Zittel p. 292 fig. 441
1911Trachodon mirabilis von Zittel p. 292 fig. 439
1911Claorhynchus von Zittel p. 293
1911Hypsibema von Zittel p. 293
1912Trachodon mirabilis Brown p. 106
1913Trachodon mirabilis Brown p. 387
1913Trachodon marginatus Brown p. 402
1913Trachodon mirabilis Brown pp. 404-405 figs. 7-8
1913Trachodon marginatus Lambe p. 25
1913Trachodon Tornier p. 372
1913Trachodon mirabilis Tornier p. 372
1914Trachodon marginatus Bach p. 347
1914Trachodon mirabilis Brown p. 358
1914Trachodon Brown p. 377
1914Trachodon altidens Brown p. 379
1914Trachodon marginatus Brown p. 379
1914Trachodon selwyni Brown p. 379
1914Stephanosaurus marginatus Brown pp. 560-562
1914Trachodon Brown p. 564
1914Trachodontidae Huene p. 41
1914Trachodon mirabile Huene p. 588 figs. Pl. 11:4
1914Hadrosauridae Jaekel p. 197
1914Stephanosaurus marginatus Lambe pp. 17-19
1914Trachodon marginatus Lambe pp. 133-134
1914Gryposaurus selwyni Lambe pp. 148-149
1914Stephanosaurus marginatus Lambe p. 293
1915Thespesius Gilmore pp. 658-660
1915Trachodon Gilmore pp. 658-659
1915Thespesius occidentalis Gilmore p. 659
1915Stephanosaurus marginatus Lambe p. 117
1915Trachodon Matthew p. 28
1915Trachodontidae Matthew p. 32
1915Protrachodontidae Nopcsa
1915Orthomerus Nopcsa p. 8
1915Orthomerus dolloi Nopcsa p. 8
1915Trachodon Nopcsa p. 8
1916Trachodon marginatus Brown p. 710
1916Trachodontidae Gilmore p. 281
1916Stephanosaurus marginatus Lambe p. 193
1917Stephanosaurus marginatus Gilmore p. 41
1917Diclonius Lambe pp. 66-67
1917Diclonius mirabilis Lambe p. 67
1918Trachodon mirabilis Lambe pp. 135-139
1918Diclonius Lambe p. 138
1918Stephanosaurus marginatus Sternberg p. 90
1919Hadrosauridae Gilmore p. 64
1920Diclonius Lambe pp. 67-68
1920Trachodontidae Parks p. 9
1922Trachodon Joleaud p. 62
1923Orthomerus Nopcsa p. 105
1923Trachodontidae Nopcsa p. 126
1923Trachodontidae Osborn
1923Trachodon altidens Versluys p. 2
1923Trachodon marginatus Versluys p. 2
1923Trachodon mirabilis Versluys p. 2
1923Trachodon selwyni Versluys p. 2
1924Thespesius Gilmore p. 14
1924Diclonius mirabilis Gilmore p. 25
1924Kritosaurus marginatus Gilmore p. 33
1924Thespesius Gilmore p. 34
1924Trachodon Lull p. 240
1924Trachodontidae Lull p. 240
1926Thespesius Moodie p. 73
1927Trachodontidae Huene p. 259
1927Trachodon Huene p. 260
1927Trachodon altidens Huene p. 260
1927Trachodon breviceps Huene p. 260
1927Trachodon calamarius Huene p. 260
1927Trachodon marginatus Huene p. 260
1927Trachodon mirabilis Huene p. 260
1927Trachodon pentagonus Huene p. 260
1927Trachodon perangulus Huene p. 260
1927Trachodon selwyni Huene p. 260
1927Thespesius Huene p. 261
1927Trachodon cavatus Huene p. 264
1927Trachodon minor Huene p. 264
1927Orthomerus Huene p. 267
1927Orthomerus dolloi Huene p. 270
1928Orthomerus Nopcsa p. 184
1928Thespesius Nopcsa p. 184
1928Trachodon Nopcsa p. 184
1928Trachodontidae Nopcsa p. 184
1929Trachodontidae Nopcsa p. 70
1930Stephanosaurus marginatus Moodie p. 437
1930Saurolophus krystofovici Riabinin
1930Diclonius mirabilis Riabinin p. 14
1930Hadrosaurus cavatus Russell p. 137
1930Hadrosaurus minor Russell p. 137
1930Hadrosauridae Russell p. 138
1930Thespesius Russell p. 140
1930Trachodon Russell p. 142
1930Kritosaurus marginatus Russell p. 148
1930Corythosaurus selwyni Russell p. 149
1931Thespesius occidentalis Johnson p. 368
1931Cionodon kysylkumense Riabinin p. 116 figs. Pl. 2
1933Thespesius Gilmore p. 62
1934Trachodontidae Huene p. 15
1935Trachodontidae Parks p. 184
1935Saurolophus krischtofovici Young
1936Thespesius Nagao p. 213
1936Trachodon mirabilis Sternberg p. 652
1936Thespesius Sternberg p. 654
1936Trachodon Sternberg pp. 654-655
1937Trachodontidae Roxo p. 65
1942Hadrosauridae Lull and Wright p. 133
1942Thespesius Lull and Wright p. 133
1942Trachodon Lull and Wright p. 133
1942Trachodon mirabilis Lull and Wright p. 149
1942Thespesius occidentalis Lull and Wright pp. 150-151
1942Kritosaurus breviceps Lull and Wright pp. 170-172
1942Procheneosaurus altidens Lull and Wright pp. 222-223
1944Hadrosauridae Rapp p. 287
1944Hadrosaurus cavatus Rapp p. 287
1944Hadrosaurus minor Rapp p. 287
1944Trachodon mirabilis Young p. 195
1944Saurolophus kryschtofovici Young p. 202
1945Parrosaurus Gilmore p. 540
1945Parrosaurus missouriensis Gilmore p. 540
1945Neosaurus Gilmore and Stewart p. 25 figs. 1-3
1945Neosaurus missouriensis Gilmore and Stewart p. 25 figs. 1-3
1946Trachodontidae Kuhn p. 66
1946Orthomerus dolloi Riabinin p. 66
1947Trachodontidae Lapparent p. 18
1947Orthomerus Lapparent p. 33
1947Orthomerus dolloi Lapparent p. 33
1948Hadrosaurus minor Colbert
1948Orthomerus Huene p. 94
1948Protrachodontidae Huene p. 94
1948Trachodontidae Huene p. 94
1948Orthomerus Lapparent p. 1186
1950Hypsibema crassicaude Richards p. 7
1953Hadrosauridae Sternberg p. 11
1953Thespesius Sternberg p. 11
1953Trachodon Sternberg p. 11
1954Hadrosauridae Sternberg p. 383
1954Thespesius Sternberg p. 383
1954Trachodon Sternberg p. 383
1954Cionodon kisilkumense Yuryev p. 191
1955Hadrosauridae Miller, Jr. p. 911
1955Hadrosaurus cavatus Miller, Jr. p. 911
1955Hadrosaurus minor Miller, Jr. p. 911
1956Prohadrosauridae Huene p. 539
1956Parrosaurus Romer p. 622
1956Hadrosauridae Romer p. 629
1956Claorhynchus Romer p. 630
1956Hypsibema Romer p. 630
1956Orthomerus Romer p. 630
1956Thespesius Romer p. 630
1956Trachodon Romer p. 631
1958Orthomerus Young p. 106
1958Thespesius Young p. 106
1959Hadrosauridae Huene p. 122
1959Prohadrosauridae Huene p. 122
1959Saurolophus krystofovici Kobayashi p. 390
1960Trachodon Bataller p. 161
1960Orthomerus dolloi Jeletzky p. 35
1960Trachodon mirabilis Moore and Miller p. 57
1960Kritosaurus breviceps Vialli p. 176
1962Hadrosaurus minor Miller p. 194
1962Hadrosaurus cavatus Miller p. 196
1963Hadrosauridae Parsch p. 4
1964Hadrosauridae Casamiquela
1964Orthomerus Casamiquela
1964Thespesius Casamiquela
1964Hadrosauridae Estes p. 144
1964Hadrosauridae Kuhn p. 13
1964Cionodon Kuhn p. 16
1964Cionodon arctatus Kuhn p. 16
1964Cionodon stenopsis Kuhn p. 16
1964Claorhynchus Kuhn p. 16
1964Claorhynchus trihedrus Kuhn p. 16
1964Diclonius Kuhn p. 16
1964Diclonius pentagonus Kuhn p. 16
1964Diclonius perangulatus Kuhn p. 16
1964Diclonius calamarius Kuhn p. 17
1964Pteropelyx Kuhn p. 17
1964Pteropelyx grallipes Kuhn p. 17
1964Hadrosaurus minor Kuhn p. 20
1964Hypsibema Kuhn p. 20
1964Hypsibema crassicauda Kuhn p. 20
1964Kritosaurus breviceps Kuhn p. 21
1964Kritosaurus marginatus Kuhn pp. 21-22
1964Orthomerus Kuhn p. 24
1964Orthomerus dolloi Kuhn p. 24
1964Procheneosaurus altidens Kuhn p. 26
1964Saurolophus krischtofovici Kuhn p. 26
1964Thespesius Kuhn p. 27
1964Thespesius occidentalis Kuhn p. 27
1964Trachodon Kuhn p. 27
1964Trachodon atavus Kuhn p. 28
1964Trachodon kysilkumense Kuhn p. 28
1964Trachodon mirabilis Kuhn p. 28
1964Trachodon selwyni Kuhn p. 28
1964Pteropelyx grallipes Russell p. 10
1964Trachodon mirabilis Russell p. 10
1964Kritosaurus marginatus Russell p. 12
1964Parrosaurus Tatarinov p. 552
1964Hadrosauridae Tatarinov p. 559
1964Claorhynchus Tatarinov p. 569
1964Hypsibema Tatarinov p. 569
1964Orthomerus Tatarinov p. 569
1964Orthomerus dolloi Tatarinov p. 569
1964Thespesius Tatarinov p. 569
1964Trachodon Tatarinov p. 569
1966Orthomerus Campbell p. 165
1966Hadrosauridae Kuhn p. 103
1966Claorhynchus Romer p. 370
1966Hadrosauridae Romer p. 370
1966Hypsibema Romer p. 370
1966Orthomerus Romer p. 370
1966Parrosaurus Romer p. 370
1966Thespesius Romer p. 370
1966Trachodon Romer p. 370
1967Hadrosauridae Miller p. 233
1970Parrosaurus Steel pp. 76-77
1970Parrosaurus missouriensis Steel pp. 76-77
1970Hadrosauridae Swinton p. 215
1970Hadrosauridae Thulborn p. 428 fig. 9
1971Orthomerus dolloi Dinca et al. p. 90
1971Tyrannosauropus Haubold p. 77 fig. 47.12
1971Tyrannosauropus petersoni Haubold p. 77 fig. 47.12
1971Hadrosauridae Haubold p. 89
1972Tyrannosauropus petersoni Ellenberger p. 56
1974Claorhynchus Thulborn p. 173
1974Hadrosauridae Thulborn p. 173
1974Hypsibema Thulborn p. 173
1974Orthomerus Thulborn p. 173
1974Thespesius Thulborn p. 173
1974Trachodon Thulborn p. 173
1975Trachodon Taquet p. 508
1977Edmontosaurus minor Baird and Horner p. 50
1977Hadrosauridae Rozhdestvensky p. 113
1977Hadrosauridae Thulborn p. 726 fig. 1
1978Hadrosauridae Bonaparte p. 331
1979Hypsibema missouriense Baird and Horner p. 7
1979Hypsibema Baird and Horner p. 10
1979Hypsibema crassicauda Baird and Horner p. 10
1979Hadrosauridae Baird and Horner p. 16
1979Hadrosauridae Benton p. 143
1979Hadrosauridae Dong
1979Microhadrosaurus Dong p. 344 figs. Pl. 1:4-5
1979Microhadrosaurus nanshiungensis Dong p. 344 figs. Pl. 1:4-5
1979Microhadrosaurus Dong p. 346
1979Microhadrosaurus nanshiungensis Dong p. 346
1979Hadrosauridae Madsen and Miller p. 5
1979Thespesius Madsen and Miller p. 5
1979Trachodon Madsen and Miller p. 5
1980Orthomerus Buffetaut et al. p. 201
1980Hadrosauridae Ostrom p. 22
1980Kritosaurus breviceps Wolberg p. 50
1980Procheneosaurus altidens Wolberg p. 50
1981Hadrosauridae McIntosh p. 31
1981Hadrosauridae Thurmond and Jones p. 145
1982Arstanosaurus Shilin and Suslov p. 132 fig. 1
1983Hadrosauridae Weishampel and Weishampel p. 44
1983Orthomerus Weishampel and Weishampel p. 44
1983Orthomerus dolloi Weishampel and Weishampel p. 44
1984Orthomerus Brinkmann p. 301
1984Orthomerus dolloi Brinkmann p. 304
1984Edmontosaurus minor Gallagher p. 23
1984Hadrosauridae Milner and Norman p. 146
1984Telmatosaurus dolloi Mulder p. 108
1984Hadrosauridae Norman pp. 160-161 fig. 2
1984Hadrosauridae Russell p. 29
1984Hypsibema Russell p. 29
1984Tyrannosauropus Thulborn and Wade p. 419
1984Tyrannosauropus petersoni Thulborn and Wade p. 449
1985Orthomerus Buffetaut et al. p. 65
1985Orthomerus dolloi Buffetaut et al. p. 65
1985Orthomerus Casanovas-Cladellas et al. p. 156
1985Hadrosauridae Cooper p. 287
1986Edmontosaurus minor Baird p. 82
1986Hadrosauridae Bakker p. 461
1986Orthomerus Casanovas-Cladellas et al. p. 101
1986Orthomerus dolloi Casanovas-Cladellas et al. p. 102
1986Microhadrosaurus nanshiungensis Guan p. 35
1986Hadrosauridae Sereno
1986Microhadrosaurus nanshiungensis Zhao p. 71
1987Orthomerus Casanovas et al. p. 107
1987Orthomerus dolloi Casanovas et al. p. 107
1988Hadrosauridae Carroll
1988Orthomerus Carroll
1988Trachodon mirabilis Coombs, Jr. p. 817
1989Hadrosauridae Norman p. 61 fig. 1
1990Hadrosauridae Benton p. 19
1990Cionodon Chapman and Brett-Surman p. 177
1990Microhadrosaurus Chapman and Brett-Surman p. 177
1990Hadrosauridae Horner pp. 184-185
1992Orthomerus Buffetaut p. 133
1992Microhadrosaurus Dong p. 165
1992Orthomerus Grigorescu p. 156
1992Hadrosauridae Horner p. 119
1993Hadrosauridae Hunt and Lucas p. 80
1993Hypsibema crassicauda Salgado and Calvo p. 217
1993Hypsibema missouriensis Salgado and Calvo p. 217
1995Orthomerus Casanovas-Cladellas et al. p. 278
1995Orthomerus Le Loeuff and Buffetaut p. 183
1995Orthomerus dolloi Le Loeuff and Buffetaut p. 183
1995Troodon isfarensis Nessov p. 43
1995Hadrosauridae Nessov p. 46
1995Bactrosaurus kysylkumensis Nessov pp. 47-48
1997Hadrosauridae Forster p. 47A
1997Arstanosaurus Ryan p. 443
1997Cionodon Ryan p. 443
1997Cionodon kysylkumense Ryan p. 443
1997Hadrosauridae Sereno p. 443
1998Hadrosauridae Godefroit et al. p. 50 fig. 38
1998Hadrosauridae Le Loeuff p. 56
1998Orthomerus Le Loeuff p. 56
1998Orthomerus dolloi Le Loeuff p. 56
1998Hadrosauridae Sereno p. 62
1999Hadrosauridae Casanovas et al. p. 351 fig. 3
1999Hadrosauridae Sereno p. 2138 fig. 2
2000Hadrosauridae Norman and Sues p. 465
2000Saurornithoides isfarensis Olshevsky p. 28
2001Hadrosauridae Eberth et al. p. 57
2001Hadrosauridae Peng et al. p. 33
2003Hadrosauridae You et al. p. 152 fig. 3
2004Hadrosauridae Bolotsky and Godefroit p. 352
2004Hadrosauridae Godefroit et al. p. 141
2004Hadrosauridae Norman p. 432
2005Hadrosauridae You et al. p. 789 fig. 4
2006Hadrosauridae Prieto-Márques et al. p. 938
2006Hadrosauridae Prieto-Márquez et al. p. 80
2008Hadrosauridae Godefroit et al. p. 67 fig. 18
2009Tyrannosauropus petersoni Boutakiout et al. p. 42
2009Hadrosauridae Dalla Vecchia p. 2
2009Hadrosauridae Pereda-Suberbiola et al. p. 568 fig. 6
2009Hadrosauridae Sues and Averianov p. 2552 fig. 2
2010Hadrosauridae Cruzado-Caballero et al. p. 1510
2010Willinakaqe Juárez Valieri et al. p. 219
2010Willinakaqe salitralensis Juárez Valieri et al. p. 219 figs. 2-9
2010Hadrosauridae McDonald et al. p. 808 fig. 10
2010Hadrosauridae Prieto-Marquez and Salinas p. 835 fig. 20
2010Hadrosauridae Prieto-Márquez and Wagner p. 1243 fig. 3
2011Hadrosauridae Campione and Evans p. 7
2012Tyrannosauropus petersoni Jiménez Hernández et al. p. 35
2012Hadrosauridae McDonald p. 2
2012Hadrosauridae Prieto-Márquez p. 529
2012Hadrosauridae Ramírez-Velasco et al. p. 392
2013Willinakaqe salitralensis Poropat p. 114
2013Willinakaqe Prieto-Marquez
2013Willinakaqe salitralensis Prieto-Marquez
2014Willinakaqe salitralensis Coria p. 334
2014Hadrosauridae Norman p. 37 fig. 2.30
2015Hadrosauridae Freedman Fowler and Horner
2015Hadrosauridae Tan et al. p. 246
2015Orthomerus dolloi Ulansky p. 5
2016Willinakaqe Lehman et al. p. 346
2016Willinakaqe salitralensis Lehman et al. p. 346
2016Willinakaqe salitralensis Prieto-Márquez and Gutarra p. 141
2016Willinakaqe salitralensis Salisbury et al. p. 126
2017Willinakaqe Bertozzo et al. p. 13
2017Willinakaqe salitralensis Bertozzo et al. p. 13
2017Hadrosauridae Cruzado-Caballero and Powell p. 12 fig. 13
2017Hadrosauridae Zhang et al.
2019Hadrosauridae Kobayashi et al.
2019Hadrosauridae Prieto-Márquez et al.
2019Hadrosauridae Takasaki et al. p. 2

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1874
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

E. D. Cope 1869I. Teeth in several rows forming a vertical pavement ; metatarsals 1 three.
L. Dollo 1882Several rows of teeth simulate the molars of living ungulates.
K. A. v. Zittel 1890ZurischerikieferundPraedentcdelöffelartigausgebreitet,zahnlos. Rückenwirbel opisthocöl. Postpubis verlängert und dünn; Ischium sehr schlank, Femur mit kammjörmigem, viertem Trochanter. Oberkiefer- und Unterkieferzahne in mehreren Reihen übereinander stehend und eine fast senkrechte Kaufläche bildend.
R. S. Lull 1924 (Trachodontidae)Premaxillaries toothless; teeth with several rows simultaneously functional; anterior vertebrae opisthoccelous ; femur generally longer than the tibia; hand four-fingered; foot four-toed, with hoof-like unguals. The tooth battery reaches its maximum development in the members of this family, there being as many as frorn 45 to 60 vertical and from 10 to 14 horizontal rows of teeth, making at least 2000 in both jaws, a very perfect adaptation to a harsh plant diet.
The trachodonts also possessed a powerful, laterally compressed tail suitable for swimming, and the hands and probably the feet w ere webbed, the skin in the hand extending paddle-like beyond the ends of the digits, as we know from the mummified specimens which have been preserved to us. There was no defensive armor, as the skin is covered everywhere with small, raised, roughly pentagonal scales, somewhat similar to those of the Gila monster, Heloderma, and never overlapping, as are those of most lizards and snakes and the fishes.
B. F. Nopcsa 1928 (Trachodontidae)teeth very numerous, not sculptured, rapidly replacing each other; opisthocoelous cervicals
F. v. Huene 1948 (Trachodontidae)Numerous teeth in several rows functioning as a unit; premaxilla in the form of a flat long duck-like beak; elongated forearm.
F. v. Huene 1948 (Protrachodontidae)Relatively few teeth; short premaxilla (Orthomerus, Tanus).