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Gorgosaurus libratus

Reptilia - Avetheropoda - Tyrannosauridae

Gorgosaurus libratus was named by Lambe (1914). Its type specimen is CMN 2120, a skull (scapulacoracoid), and it is a 3D body fossil. Its type locality is RTMP Quarry 36, Berry Creek, which is in a Campanian channel lag sandstone in the Dinosaur Park Formation of Canada. It was considered monophyletic by Currie (2000).

It was recombined as Deinodon libratus by Tatarinov (1964); it was recombined as Albertosaurus libratus by Russell (1970), Kurzanov (1976), Lawson (1976), Molnar (1978), Baird and Horner (1979), Molnar (1980), Thulborn (1984), Gauthier (1986), Paul (1988), Mader and Bradley (1989), Molnar et al. (1990), Lucas et al. (1990), Molnar (1991), Carpenter (1992), Novas (1996), Ryan (1997), Carr (1999), Foster and Chure (2000), Turner et al. (2007), Carr et al. (2011) and Carr et al. (2017).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1876Laelaps falculus Cope
1876Laelaps incrassatus Cope
1876Laelaps falculus Cope p. 249
1876Laelaps incrassatus Cope p. 341
1876Laelaps hazenianus Cope p. 343
1876Laelaps falculus Cope p. 344
1877Laelaps falculus Cope p. 316
1877Laelaps incrassatus Cope p. 316
1877Laelaps falculus Cope p. 572
1877Laelaps hazenianus Cope p. 572
1877Laelaps incrassatus Cope p. 572
1892Laelaps incrassatus Cope p. 240
1899Dryptosaurus kenabekides Hay p. 348
1899Laelaps incrassatus Lambe p. 69
1902Laelaps hazenianus Hay p. 343
1902Dryptosaurus falculus Hay p. 488
1902Dryptosaurus hazenianus Hay p. 488
1902Dryptosaurus incrassatus Hay p. 488
1902Dryptosaurus kenabekides Hay p. 488
1902Laelaps incrassatus Lambe p. 27
1903Dryptosaurus incrassatus Lambe p. 133
1904Dryptosaurus incrassatus Lambe p. 5
1905Dryptosaurus incrassatus Lambe p. 26
1914Deinodon hazenianus Brown p. 378
1914Gorgosaurus libratus Lambe p. 5
1915Gorgosaurus libratus Lambe p. 117
1915Dryptosaurus incrassatus Stromer p. 4
1916Gorgosaurus libratus Lambe p. 195
1917Gorgosaurus libratus Lambe pp. 1-4
1917Gorgosaurus libratus Sternberg p. 207
1918Gorgosaurus libratus Sternberg p. 89
1922Gorgosaurus sternbergi Matthew and Brown
1922Gorgosaurus libratus Matthew and Brown p. 377
1922Gorgosaurus sternbergi Matthew and Brown p. 378
1924Gorgosaurus libratus Abel p. 710
1924Gorgosaurus libratus Parks p. 383
1926Gorgosaurus libratus Huene p. 101
1927Gorgosaurus libratus Huene p. 260
1927Gorgosaurus sternbergii Huene p. 260
1930Gorgosaurus libratus Russell p. 148
1930Gorgosaurus sternbergi Russell p. 148
1931Dryptosaurus incrassatus Stromer p. 9
1931Gorgosaurus libratus Stromer p. 9
1933Gorgosaurus libratus Gilmore p. 36
1933Gorgosaurus sternbergi Gilmore p. 37
1934Gorgosaurus libratus Stromer p. 16
1934Dryptosaurus incrassatus Stromer p. 55
1934Albertosaurus incrassatus Stromer p. 79
1934Gorgosaurus libratus Stromer p. 79
1935Gorgosaurus libratus Russell p. 378
1936Gorgosaurus libratus Stromer p. 83
1940Gorgosaurus libratus Wilfarth p. 8
1946Gorgosaurus libratus Gilmore pp. 16-17
1946Gorgosaurus sternbergi Gilmore p. 17
1955Gorgosaurus sternbergi Maleev
1956Gorgosaurus libratus Zangerl p. 8
1956Gorgosaurus sternbergi Zangerl p. 8
1962Gorgosaurus libratus Lapparent p. 20
1963Gorgosaurus libratus Anonymous p. 357
1964Gorgosaurus libratus Russell p. 12
1964Gorgosaurus sternbergii Russell p. 12
1964Deinodon libratus Tatarinov p. 540 fig. 578
1964Gorgosaurus libratus Walker p. 111
1964Gorgosaurus sternbergi Walker p. 111
1965Gorgosaurus libratus Rozhdestvensky
1966Gorgosaurus libratus Russell p. 15
1966Gorgosaurus sternbergi Russell p. 20
1970Albertosaurus libratus Russell pp. 5-6
1970Dryptosaurus falculus Steel p. 31
1970Dryptosaurus hazenianus Steel p. 31
1970Dryptosaurus incrassatus Steel p. 31
1970Dryptosaurus kenabekides Steel p. 31
1970Gorgosaurus libratus Steel p. 41
1970Gorgosaurus sternbergi Steel p. 41
1973Gorgosaurus libratus Powell p. 118
1974Gorgosaurus libratus Molnar p. 1011
1976Albertosaurus libratus Kurzanov
1976Albertosaurus libratus Lawson p. 161
1978Albertosaurus libratus Molnar p. 76
1979Albertosaurus libratus Baird and Horner p. 9
1980Gorgosaurus libratus Drake p. 195
1980Albertosaurus libratus Molnar p. 103
1981Albertosaurus sternbergi Olshevsky p. 41
1984Albertosaurus libratus Thulborn p. 137
1986Albertosaurus libratus Gauthier p. 9
1987Gorgosaurus libratus Currie p. 52
1987Gorgosaurus sternbergi Currie p. 55
1988Albertosaurus libratus Paul p. 329
1989Albertosaurus libratus Mader and Bradley p. 48
1989Albertosaurus sternbergi Mader and Bradley p. 48
1990Albertosaurus libratus Lucas et al. p. 346
1990Albertosaurus libratus Molnar et al. p. 189
1991Albertosaurus libratus Molnar p. 166
1992Albertosaurus libratus Carpenter p. 258
1992Gorgosaurus libratus Currie p. 246
1995Gorgosaurus libratus Carr p. 21A
1996Albertosaurus libratus Novas p. 676
1997Gorgosaurus libratus Carpenter p. 768
1997Albertosaurus libratus Ryan p. 257
1999Albertosaurus libratus Carr pp. 498-499
1999Gorgosaurus libratus Norell and Makovicky p. 26
2000Gorgosaurus libratus Currie p. 448
2000Albertosaurus libratus Foster and Chure p. 8
2001Gorgosaurus libratus Eberth et al. p. 58
2001Gorgosaurus libratus Holtz, Jr. pp. 69-70 fig. 7.2
2003Gorgosaurus libratus Currie p. 654
2003Gorgosaurus libratus Currie et al. p. 231
2003Gorgosaurus libratus Rauhut p. 43
2004Gorgosaurus libratus Holtz, Jr. p. 112
2005Gorgosaurus libratus Currie p. 5
2006Alberytosaurus libratus Malkani p. 8
2006Gorgosaurus libratus Urban and Lamanna p. 234
2007Albertosaurus libratus Turner et al. p. 26
2008Gorgosaurus libratus Longrich p. 994
2011Albertosaurus libratus Carr et al.
2011Gorgosaurus libratus Hone et al. p. 502
2011Gorgosaurus libratus Jasinski p. 198
2012Gorgosaurus libratus Paulina Carabajal and Currie p. 88
2013Gorgosaurus libratus Dalman p. 242
2017Albertosaurus libratus Carr et al. p. 9s

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986
AverostraPaul 2002

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

K. Carpenter 1992(Cranial) Pro-maxillary fenestra close to the maxillary fenestra; maxillary fenestra oval in shape and separated from the antorbital fenestra by a wide bar of maxillary; lacrymal horn very well developed; surangular very large. (Postcranial) distal end of scapula gradually broadens; acromion process of the scapula very deep; tibia more robust than in A. sarcophagus.
femur circumference4249.5188.0298.0264.050.2
fibula circumference489.063.0105.097.519.1
tibia circumference5237.3191.0268.0251.032.4

Composition: hydroxyapatiteo
Entire body: yeso
Adult length: 10 to < 100o
Adult width: 1.0 to < 10o
Adult height: 1.0 to < 10o
Architecture: compact or denseo
Ontogeny: accretion, modification of partso
Grouping: solitaryo
Environment: terrestrialo
Locomotion: actively mobileo
Life habit: ground dwellingo
Diet: carnivoresubo
Reproduction: oviparouso
Dispersal: direct/internalo
Dispersal 2: mobileo
Created: 2009-01-03 20:39:15
Modified: 2009-01-03 22:39:15
Source: subo = suborder, o = order
References: Benton 1983, Marsh 1875

Age range: base of the Late/Upper Campanian to the top of the Campanian or 83.50000 to 72.10000 Ma

Collections (12 total)

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Campanian83.6 - 72.1Canada (Alberta) Albertosaurus libratus (52481 52484)
Late/Upper Campanian83.5 - 70.6Canada (Alberta) Albertosaurus libratus (22659) Deinodon sp. (type locality: 11897) Gorgosaurus libratus (11890) Gorgosaurus sp. (11893 11895 11896 58913 58944 59024)
Middle Campanian - Late/Upper Campanian83.5 - 70.6USA (Montana) Laelaps falculus (58156)