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Pteridopsida - Gleicheniales - Matoniaceae

Delosorus was named by Skog (1988) [comb. nov. Type: Aspidium heterophyllum]. Its type is Delosorus heterophyllus.

It was assigned to Matoniaceae by Skog (1988).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1988Delosorus Skog

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classPteridopsidaRitgen 1828

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J. E. Skog 1988Fronds bipinnate, possibly tripinnate. Rachis 1-2 mm wide; pinnae linear-lanceolate, becoming somewhat falcate in outline distally and changing from alternate to subopposite, 7-20 cm long, departing from rachis at 40 to 60 degrees. Pinnules falcate, acuminate in sterile forms but obtuse in fertile, alternate, 0.3-0.5 mm apart, 3-7 mm wide, 2-5 m long, margins entire or crenate especially in fertile pinnules, lobes 1-2 mm wide. Lateral veins arising from midrib at 30-40 degrees, usually once dichotomous but in narrower pinnules sometimes not branched, texture apparently somewhat coriaceous. Sori large, 0.5 mm in diameter, round, arranged in 4 or 4 pairs on either side of midvein at end of distal branch of a lateral vein, indusiate, indusium peltate usually segmented into eight wedge-shaped segments. Sporangia arranged in ring around central receptacle, usually ten in a sorus. Annulus oblique, containing about eighteen cells. Spores 30-60 micrometers in diameter, tetrahedral to globose, trilete with an irregular granulate surface, raised laesurae, exospore about 2 micrometers thick, perispore thin, about 0.05 micrometers.