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Triceratops horridus

Reptilia - Ceratopsidae

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1889Ceratops horridus Marsh pp. 173-174
1889Triceratops horridus Marsh p. 173
1889Triceratops flabellatus Marsh p. 174
1889Ceratops horridus Marsh pp. 334-335
1890Triceratops serratus Marsh p. 81
1890Triceratops flabellatus Zittel p. 738
1890Triceratops horridus Zittel p. 752
1890Triceratops serratus Zittel p. 752
1891Triceratops flabellatus Boule p. 16
1891Triceratops elatus Marsh p. 265
1891Sterrholophus flabellatus Marsh p. 340
1896Sterrholophus flabellatus Marsh figs. Pl. 76:1
1896Triceratops serratus Marsh figs. Pl. 77:4
1896Triceratops horridus Marsh p. 208
1898Triceratops flabellatus Gegenbaur p. 394
1898Triceratops calicornis Marsh
1898Triceratops obtusus Marsh
1898Triceratops calicornis Marsh p. 92
1898Triceratops obtusus Marsh p. 92
1898Sterrholophus flabellatus Woodward p. 215
1900Triceratops californis Walcott p. 23
1900Triceratops obtusa Walcott p. 23
1902Triceratops calicornis Hay p. 498
1902Triceratops elatus Hay p. 498
1902Triceratops horridus Hay p. 498
1902Sterrholophus flabellatus Hay p. 499
1902Triceratops obtusus Hay p. 499
1902Triceratops serratus Hay p. 499
1902Triceratops serratus Lambe p. 69
1902Triceratops flabellatus Mansel-Pleydell p. lxxxv
1902Triceratops horridus Mansel-Pleydell p. lxxxv
1902Triceratops serratus Mansel-Pleydell p. lxxxv
1903Triceratops serratus Lull p. 685
1905Triceratops brevicornus Hatcher and Lull pp. 413-416 figs. Pl. 12
1905Diceratops hatcheri Hatcher and Lull p. 417
1905Diceratops hatcheri Lull pp. 417-419 figs. Pl. 13
1907Triceratops brevicornus Brown p. 842
1907Triceratops serratus Brown p. 842
1907Diceratops hatcheri Hatcher et al. p. 149
1907Triceratops brevicornus Hatcher et al. p. 168
1907Triceratops calicornis Hatcher et al. p. 168
1907Triceratops elatus Hatcher et al. p. 168
1907Triceratops flabellatus Hatcher et al. p. 168
1907Triceratops horridus Hatcher et al. p. 168
1907Triceratops obtusus Hatcher et al. p. 168
1907Triceratops serratus Hatcher et al. p. 168
1909Triceratops horridus Knowlton p. 202
1910Diceratops hatcheri Lull p. 772
1910Triceratops brevicornus Lull p. 775
1910Triceratops elatus Lull p. 775
1911Triceratops flabellatus von Zittel p. 295 fig. 445
1911Triceratops serratus von Zittel p. 296 fig. 446
1913Triceratops flabellatus Tornier p. 375
1914Triceratops brevicornus Brown p. 358
1914Triceratops serratus Brown p. 358
1914Triceratops horridus Brown p. 543
1914Triceratops horridus Huene p. 583
1914Triceratops flabellatus Huene p. 584
1914Triceratops serratus Huene p. 584
1915Triceratops elatus Lambe p. 24
1915Triceratops flabellatus Lambe pp. 30, 36
1920Diceratops hatcheri Pompeckj p. 114
1920Triceratops calicornis Pompeckj p. 114
1920Triceratops elatus Pompeckj p. 114
1920Triceratops flabellatus Pompeckj p. 114
1920Triceratops serratus Pompeckj p. 114
1925Diceratops hatcheri Parks p. 5
1925Triceratops brevicornis Parks p. 5
1925Triceratops elatus Parks p. 5
1925Triceratops flabellatus Parks p. 5
1925Triceratops serratus Parks p. 5
1925Triceratops calicornis Parks p. 7
1927Diceratops hatcheri Huene p. 261
1927Triceratops brevicornis Huene p. 261
1927Triceratops calicornis Huene p. 261
1927Triceratops elatus Huene p. 261
1927Triceratops flabellatus Huene p. 261
1927Triceratops horridus Huene p. 261
1927Triceratops obtusus Huene p. 261
1927Triceratops serratus Huene p. 261
1930Triceratops brevicornus Arldt p. 702
1930Triceratops elatus Arldt p. 702
1930Triceratops hatcheri Arldt p. 702
1930Diceratops hatcheri Russell p. 140
1930Triceratops brevicornus Russell p. 140
1930Triceratops calicornis Russell p. 140
1930Triceratops elatus Russell p. 140
1930Triceratops flabellatus Russell p. 140
1930Triceratops horridus Russell p. 140
1930Triceratops obtusus Russell p. 140
1930Triceratops serratus Russell p. 140
1931Triceratops elatus Huene p. 197
1931Triceratops horridus Johnson p. 374
1933Triceratops brevicornus Lull p. 119
1933Triceratops serratus Lull p. 120
1933Triceratops flabellatus Lull p. 121
1933Triceratops elatus Lull p. 122
1933Triceratops calicornis Lull p. 123
1933Triceratops obtusus Lull p. 125
1933Triceratops hatcheri Lull pp. 126-128
1934Sterrholophus flabellatus Swinton p. 46
1935Triceratops eurycephalus Schlaikjer p. 55
1935Triceratops serratus Schlaikjer p. 58
1935Triceratops elatus Schlaikjer p. 60
1935Triceratops brevicornus Schlaikjer p. 62
1935Triceratops calicornis Schlaikjer p. 62
1935Triceratops flabellatus Schlaikjer p. 62
1935Triceratops hatcheri Schlaikjer p. 62
1935Triceratops horridus Schlaikjer p. 63
1935Triceratops obtusus Schlaikjer p. 63
1940Triceratops serratus Brown and Schlaikjer p. 3 figs. 2A-C
1940Triceratops fabellatus Sternberg p. 479
1946Triceratops brevicornus Gray p. 797
1946Triceratops calicornis Gray p. 797
1946Triceratops elatus Gray p. 797
1946Triceratops hatcheri Gray p. 797
1946Triceratops horridus Gray p. 797
1946Triceratops serratus Gray p. 797
1946Triceratops flabellatus Gray p. 798
1946Triceratops obtusus Gray p. 798
1949Triceratops horridus Lull and Gray p. 493
1949Triceratops calicornis Lull and Gray p. 496
1949Triceratops elatus Lull and Gray p. 496
1949Triceratops albertensis Sternberg pp. 38-39 figs. Pl. 6
1949Triceratops brevicornus Sternberg p. 42 fig. 1
1949Triceratops calicornis Sternberg p. 42 fig. 1
1949Triceratops elatus Sternberg p. 42 fig. 1
1949Triceratops eurycephalus Sternberg p. 42 fig. 1
1949Triceratops hatcheri Sternberg p. 42 fig. 1
1949Triceratops horridus Sternberg p. 42 fig. 1
1949Triceratops obtusus Sternberg p. 42 fig. 1
1950Triceratops flabellatus Huene p. 350 fig. 3
1963Triceratops elatus Anonymous p. 356
1964Diceratops hatcheri Kuhn p. 56
1964Triceratops albertensis Kuhn p. 59
1964Triceratops calicornis Kuhn p. 59
1964Triceratops eurycephalus Kuhn p. 59
1964Triceratops horridus Kuhn p. 59
1964Triceratops brevicornus Kuhn p. 60
1964Triceratops elatus Kuhn p. 60
1964Triceratops flabellatus Kuhn p. 60
1964Triceratops obtusus Kuhn p. 60
1964Triceratops serratus Kuhn p. 60
1964Triceratops serratus Russell p. 17
1964Triceratops albertensis Russell p. 19
1964Triceratops brevicornis Tatarinov p. 579 fig. 635
1964Triceratops serratus Tatarinov p. 579 fig. 635
1964Triceratops flabellatus Tatarinov p. 581 fig. 637
1964Triceratops horridus Tatarinov p. 583
1965Triceratops brevicornus Ostrom p. 39
1965Triceratops calicornis Ostrom p. 39
1965Triceratops elatus Ostrom p. 39
1965Triceratops flabellatus Ostrom p. 39
1965Triceratops hatcheri Ostrom p. 39
1965Triceratops horridus Ostrom p. 39
1965Triceratops obtusus Ostrom p. 39
1965Triceratops serratus Ostrom p. 39
1966Triceratops albertensis Russell p. 25
1969Triceratops brevicornis Schuyf p. 68
1970Triceratops serratus Swinton p. 103
1979Triceratops horridus Laub p. 4
1979Triceratops serratus Laub p. 6
1979Triceratops elatus Laub p. 15
1981Triceratops brevicornus McIntosh p. 41
1985Triceratops flabellatus Breithaupt p. 167
1985Triceratops brevicornus Breithaupt p. 170
1985Triceratops calicornis Breithaupt p. 170
1985Triceratops elatus Breithaupt p. 170
1985Triceratops eurycephalus Breithaupt p. 170
1985Triceratops hatcheri Breithaupt p. 170
1985Triceratops horridus Breithaupt p. 170
1985Triceratops obtusus Breithaupt p. 170
1985Triceratops serratus Breithaupt p. 170
1985Triceratops elatus Sloan p. 265
1985Triceratops horridus Sloan p. 265
1985Triceratops obtusus Sloan p. 265
1986Triceratops horridus Ostrom and Wellnhofer p. 156
1986Triceratops albertensis Tokaryk p. 194
1986Triceratops brevicornus Tokaryk p. 194
1986Triceratops horridus Tokaryk p. 194
1986Triceratops hatcheri Tokaryk p. 195
1990Triceratops horridus Dodson and Currie p. 612
1990Triceratops horridus Ostrom and Wellnhofer p. 247
1996Diceratops hatcheri Forster p. 260
1996Triceratops horridus Forster p. 268
1997Triceratops horridus Breithaupt p. 394
1997Triceratops horridus Currie and Padian p. 369
1997Triceratops albertensis Eberth p. 202
1998Triceratops horridus Lehman p. 903
2001Triceratops albertensis Eberth et al. p. 66
2001Triceratops horridus Makovicky p. 254 fig. 18.3
2004Triceratops horridus Chinnery p. 584
2004Diceratops hatcheri Dodson et al. p. 496
2004Triceratops horridus Dodson et al. p. 496
2005Triceratops horridus Diem and Archibald p. 251
2007Diceratops hatcheri Farke p. 249
2007Triceratops horridus Farke p. 249
2007Nedoceratops hatcheri Ukrainsky p. 292
2008Triceratops horridus Butler et al. p. 8
2008Triceratops horridus Currie et al. p. 84
2008Triceratops horridus Hunt and Lehman p. 1129
2008Diceratus hatcheri Hunt and Lehman p. 1135
2008Diceratus hatcheri Mateus p. 423
2010Triceratops horridus Goodwin and Horner p. 552
2010Triceratops horridus Scannella and Horner p. 1166
2011Triceratops horridus Farke p. 1
2011Nedoceratops hatcheri Farke p. 4
2012Triceratops horridus Longrich and Field p. 9
2014Triceratops horridus Longrich p. 303

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
OlfactoresJefferies 1991
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

E. M. Schlaikjer 1935 (Triceratops eurycephalus)1. Crest greatly expanded inproportion to the length of the skull. 2. Facial region abbreviated and broadly triangular in outline when seen from above. 3. Orbit elevated so that almost two-thirds of its area is above the posterior of the nasal. 4. Anterio-inferior corner of the squamosal extended forward, giving a straight anterior border to the squamosal. 5. Dentary short and proportionately deep with high coronoid which distally is little antero-posteriorly expanded. 6. Brow-horns proportionately very long and relatively slender. 7. Nasal horn greatly diminished. 8. Olfactory nerves separate and diverge laterally immediately in front of the cerebrum.
J. H. Ostrom and P. Wellnhofer 1986Same as for the genus.
J. B. Scannella and J. R. Horner 2010Diagnosis same as for genus.
A. A. Farke 2011 (Nedoceratops hatcheri)Diagnosis. Chasmosaurine ceratopsid with the following autapomorphies: nasal horncore nearly completely undifferen- tiated from the nasal bone; greater portion of procurved postorbital horncores forms a 90 degree angle with tooth row; and parietal fenestrae extremely small (occupying less than five percent of the total surface area of the parietal). Nedoceratops hatcheri is distinguished from Triceratops spp. in the the position of the ventral extremity of the squamosal well above the alveolar process of the maxilla, and in the presence of parietal fenestrae, which are lacking in all Triceratops species. Nedoceratops hatcheri is distinguished from Torosaurus latus in squamosal shape (particularly the reduced jugal notch and lack of a thickened medial margin in N. hatcheri), and that N. hatcheri has extremely reduced parietal fenestrae and a low number of episquamosals in N. hatcheri compared to T. latus.