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Camptosaurus dispar

Reptilia -

Camptonotus dispar was named by Marsh (1879). Its type specimen is YPM 1877, a partial skeleton, and it is a 3D body fossil. Its type locality is Quarry 13, Como Bluff (YPM), which is in a Kimmeridgian/Tithonian crevasse splay sandstone/claystone in the Morrison Formation of Wyoming.

It was misspelled as Comptonotus dispar by Boulenger (1881) and Gegenbaur (1898); it was recombined as Camptosaurus dispar by Sauvage (1880), Marsh (1885), Zittel (1890), Winkler (1893), Marsh (1894), Marsh (1896), Knight (1900), Mansel-Pleydell (1902), Hay (1902), Nopcsa (1902), Lull (1924), Gilmore (1925), Young (1944), Tatarinov (1964), Kuhn (1964), Taquet (1975), Jurcsak and Popa (1979), Galton (1980), Galton and Powell (1980), McIntosh (1981), Bartholomai and Molnar (1981), Galton (1982), Weishampel and Weishampel (1983), Weishampel and Bjork (1989), Norman and Weishampel (1990), Weishampel et al. (1991), Weishampel and Heinrich (1992), Chure et al. (1994), Godefroit et al. (1998), Casanovas et al. (1999), Lockley and Wright (2001), Norman (2004), Mateus (2006), Chure et al. (2006), Pereda Suberbiola et al. (2006), Ruiz-Omeñaca et al. (2007), Brill and Carpenter (2007), Galton (2007), Carpenter and Wilson (2008), Butler et al. (2008), Ruiz-Omeñaca et al. (2008), Gierlinski et al. (2009), Ruiz-Omeñaca et al. (2010), McDonald et al. (2010), McDonald et al. (2010), McDonald et al. (2010), McDonald (2011), Diedrich (2011), Wang et al. (2011), Zheng et al. (2013), McDonald et al. (2014), Dieudonné et al. (2016), Madzia et al. (2018) and Párraga and Prieto-Márquez (2019).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1878Symphyrophus musculosus Cope
1878Brachyrophus altarkansanus Cope pp. 390-391
1879Camptonotus dispar Marsh
1880Camptosaurus dispar Sauvage p. 523
1881Comptonotus dispar Boulenger p. 8
1885Camptosaurus dispar Marsh p. 169
1890Camptosaurus dispar Zittel p. 755
1893Camptosaurus dispar Winkler p. 113
1894Camptosaurus dispar Marsh
1894Camptosaurus medius Marsh
1894Camptosaurus nanus Marsh
1894Camptosaurus medius Marsh p. 85
1894Camptosaurus nanus Marsh p. 85
1896Camptosaurus dispar Marsh p. 196
1896Camptosaurus medius Marsh p. 196
1896Camptosaurus nanus Marsh p. 196
1898Camptonotus dispar Gegenbaur p. 577
1900Camptosaurus dispar Knight p. 384
1900Camptosaurus nanus Walcott p. 23
1902Symphyrophus musculosus Hay p. 484
1902Camptosaurus dispar Hay p. 501
1902Camptosaurus medius Hay p. 501
1902Camptosaurus nanus Hay p. 501
1902Brachyrophus altarkansanus Hay p. 506
1902Camptosaurus dispar Mansel-Pleydell p. lxxxiii
1902Camptosaurus dispar Nopcsa p. 152
1902Camptosaurus medius Nopcsa p. 152
1902Camptosaurus nanus Nopcsa p. 152
1909Camptosaurus medius Gilmore p. 278
1909Camptosaurus nanus Gilmore p. 280
1909Camptosaurus browni Gilmore pp. 295-297
1919Symphyrophus musculosus Osborn and Mook p. 383
1924Camptosaurus browni Lull p. 269
1924Camptosaurus dispar Lull p. 269
1924Camptosaurus nanus Lull p. 269
1925Camptosaurus medius Gilmore p. 385
1925Camptosaurus browni Gilmore p. 388
1925Camptosaurus dispar Gilmore p. 388
1925Camptosaurus nanus Gilmore p. 392
1940Camptosaurus medius Avinoff p. 31
1944Camptosaurus browni Young p. 193
1944Camptosaurus medius Young p. 194
1944Camptosaurus dispar Young p. 195
1948Camptosaurus browni Young p. 284
1949Camptosaurus medius Stokes p. 9
1951Camptosaurus medius Kay p. 91
1964Camptosaurus browni Kuhn p. 9
1964Camptosaurus dispar Kuhn p. 9
1964Camptosaurus medius Kuhn p. 9
1964Camptosaurus nanus Kuhn p. 9
1964Camptosaurus dispar Tatarinov p. 557
1970Symphyrophus musculosus Steel p. 82
1975Camptosaurus dispar Taquet p. 503
1975Camptosaurus nanus Taquet p. 503
1978Camptosaurus medius Madsen Jr. and Stokes p. 69
1979Camptosaurus dispar Jurcsak and Popa p. 53
1980Camptosaurus dispar Galton
1980Camptosaurus dispar Galton and Powell pp. 437-438
1981Camptosaurus dispar Bartholomai and Molnar p. 343
1981Camptosaurus dispar McIntosh p. 30
1981Camptosaurus medius McIntosh p. 30
1982Camptosaurus dispar Galton p. 144
1983Camptosaurus dispar Weishampel and Weishampel p. 44
1989Camptosaurus browni Frances and Sanz p. 141
1989Camptosaurus dispar Weishampel and Bjork p. 64
1990Camptosaurus dispar Norman and Weishampel p. 530
1991Camptosaurus dispar Weishampel et al. p. 203
1992Camptosaurus dispar Weishampel and Heinrich p. 171
1994Camptosaurus dispar Chure et al. p. 302
1994Camptosaurus browni Chure et al. p. 307
1997Camptosaurus browni Smith p. 127
1998Camptosaurus dispar Godefroit et al. p. 49
1999Camptosaurus dispar Casanovas et al. p. 348
2001Camptosaurus dispar Lockley and Wright p. 431
2004Camptosaurus dispar Norman p. 415
2006Camptosaurus dispar Chure et al. p. 237
2006Camptosaurus dispar Mateus p. 231
2006Camptosaurus dispar Pereda Suberbiola et al. p. 227
2007Camptosaurus dispar Brill and Carpenter p. 51
2007Camptosaurus dispar Galton p. 39
2007Camptosaurus dispar Ruiz-Omeñaca et al. p. 9
2008Camptosaurus dispar Butler et al. p. 8
2008Camptosaurus dispar Carpenter and Wilson p. 257
2008Camptosaurus dispar Ruiz-Omeñaca et al. p. 61
2009Camptosaurus dispar Gierlinski et al. p. 231
2010Camptosaurus dispar McDonald et al. p. 2
2010Camptosaurus dispar McDonald et al. p. 33 fig. 39
2010Camptosaurus dispar McDonald et al. p. 808 fig. 10
2010Camptosaurus dispar Ruiz-Omeñaca et al. p. 84
2011Camptosaurus dispar Diedrich p. 145
2011Camptosaurus dispar McDonald p. 56 figs. 4-5, 7A
2011Camptosaurus dispar Wang et al. p. 147
2013Camptosaurus dispar Zheng et al.
2014Camptosaurus dispar McDonald et al. p. 63
2016Camptosaurus dispar Dieudonné et al. p. 30
2018Camptosaurus dispar Madzia et al. p. 971
2019Camptosaurus dispar Párraga and Prieto-Márquez p. 251

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

A. T. McDonald 2011Basal ankylopollexian diagnosed by the following unique combination of characters: scap- ula with triangular acromion process, straight dorsal margin of scapula (Fig. 3A), straight dorsal margin of ilium, dorsal margin of ilium thickens mediolaterally towards M. iliocaudalis platform, postacetabular process of ilium tapers to a point with break in slope along dorsal margin (Fig. 4), prepubic process unexpanded and concave along its dorsal margin (Fig. 5), distal end of ischium forms rounded expansion.