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Prosauropoda (prosauropod)

Reptilia -

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1854Leptospondylus Owen p. 97
1854Leptospondylus capensis Owen p. 97
1854Pachyspondylus Owen p. 97
1854Pachyspondylus orpenii Owen p. 97
1856Dinosaurus Rütimeyer p. 53
1856Dinosaurus gressly Rütimeyer p. 53
1856Gresslyosaurus Rütimeyer pp. 63-64
1856Gresslyosaurus ingens Rütimeyer p. 64
1857Gresslyosaurus ingens Rütimeyer p. 152
1861Gresslyosaurus ingens Quenstedt p. 512
1862Dimodosaurus Pidancet and Chopard p. 1260
1870Leptospondylus Fischer p. 178
1870Pachyspondylus Fischer p. 178
1882Dimodosaurus Quenstedt p. 180
1882Gresslyosaurus Quenstedt p. 180
1882Gresslyosaurus ingens Quenstedt p. 180
1889Orinosaurus capensis Lydekker p. 353
1889Orinosaurus Lydekker p. 354
1889Orinosaurus capensis Lydekker p. 354
1890Dimodosaurus Zittel p. 721
1891Agrosaurus Seeley p. 164
1891Agrosaurus macgillivrayi Seeley p. 164 figs. 1-6
1892Hortalotarsus skirtopodus Seeley p. 190
1892Massospondylus browni Seeley p. 190
1893Hortalotarsus skirtopodus Winkler p. 113
1894Zanclodon bavaricus Sandberger p. 203
1894Hortalotarsus Seeley
1894Hortalotarsus skirtopodus Seeley p. 413
1894Hortalotarsus Seeley p. 419
1895Dimodosaurus Marsh
1895Massospondylus browni Seeley p. 118
1896Dinosaurus gresslyi Gaudry p. 60ff
1896Dimodosaurus Marsh p. 239
1898Zanclodon bavaricus Blanckenhorn p. 71
1902Agrosaurus Huene
1902Gresslyosaurus Huene
1902Hortalotarsus Huene
1902Leptospondylus Huene
1902Pachyspondylus Huene
1902Gresslyosaurus ingens Strübin p. 586
1904Dimodosaurus Lull p. 471
1905Pachysaurus ajax Huene
1905Gresslyosaurus ingens Huene p. 348
1905Gresslyosaurus robustus Huene p. 348
1905Pachysaurus Huene p. 348
1905Pachysaurus ajax Huene p. 348
1905Pachysaurus magnus Huene p. 348
1906Hortalotarsus skirtopodus Broom p. 202
1906Hortalotarsus Broom p. 204
1906Euskelosaurus capensis Huene
1906Thecodontosaurus skirtopodus Huene
1906Thecodontosaurus browni Huene p. 12
1906Thecodontosaurus macgillivrayi Huene p. 147 figs. 86-90
1908Pachysaurus reinigeri Huene
1908Gresslyosaurus ingens Huene p. 12
1908Gresslyosaurus robustus Huene p. 127 figs. 54-56
1908Pachysaurus ajax Huene p. 138 fig. 56
1908Pachysaurus magnus Huene p. 146 fig. 59
1908Teratosaurus trossingensis Huene p. 171 figs. 180-187
1908Gresslyosaurus Huene p. 251
1908Pachysaurus Huene p. 252
1909Thecodontosaurus browni Broom p. 289
1909Thecodontosaurus skirtopodus Broom p. 289
1909Gresslyosaurus Huene p. 14
1909Pachysaurus Huene p. 14
1910Pachysaurus ajax Hay p. 16
1911Aetonyx palustris Broom
1911Gryponyx africanus Broom
1911Gyposaurus capensis Broom
1911Massospondylus harriesi Broom
1911Gyposaurus capensis Broom pp. 293-294
1911Gryponyx Broom pp. 294-299
1911Gryponyx africanus Broom pp. 294-299
1911Massospondylus harriesi Broom pp. 299-303
1911Aetonyx Broom pp. 304-306
1911Aetonyx palustris Broom pp. 304-306
1911Gresslyosaurus torgeri Jaekel p. 158 fig. 175
1911Gresslyosaurus von Zittel p. 279
1911Pachysaurus von Zittel p. 279
1912Gryponyx transvaalensis Broom p. 82 figs. 3-4
1912Gryponyx africanus Broom p. 83
1912Gryponyx transvaalensis Broom p. 83
1912Massospondylus harriesi Broom p. 83
1913Aetonyx Broom p. 364
1913Aetonyx palustris Broom p. 364
1913Gryponyx Broom p. 364
1913Gryponyx africanus Broom p. 364
1913Gryponyx transvaalensis Broom p. 364
1913Gyposaurus capensis Broom p. 364
1913Massospondylus harriesi Broom p. 364
1913Orosaurus capensis Broom p. 364
1913Thecodontosaurus browni Broom p. 364
1913Thecodontosaurus skirtopodus Broom p. 364
1913Gryponyx africanus Broom p. 633 figs. Pl. 79:26
1913Gresslyosaurus Tornier p. 368
1914Gyposaurus capensis Huene p. 13
1914Thecodontosaurus browni Huene p. 13
1914Thecodontosaurus macgillivrayi Huene p. 13
1914Thecodontosaurus skirtopodus Huene p. 13
1914Aetonyx Huene p. 14
1914Aetonyx palustris Huene p. 14
1914Massospondylus harriesi Huene p. 14
1914Teratosaurus trossingensis Huene p. 14
1914Gresslyosaurus Huene p. 15
1914Gresslyosaurus ingens Huene p. 15
1914Gryponyx Huene p. 15
1914Gryponyx africanus Huene p. 15
1914Euskelosaurus capensis Huene p. 16
1914Gresslyosaurus robustus Huene p. 16
1914Pachysaurus Huene p. 16
1914Pachysaurus ajax Huene p. 16
1914Pachysaurus magnus Huene p. 16
1914Aetonyx Huene p. 156
1914Aetonyx palustris Huene p. 156
1914Agrosaurus Huene p. 156
1914Agrosaurus macgillivrayi Huene p. 156
1914Gresslyosaurus Huene pp. 156-157
1914Gresslyosaurus ingens Huene p. 156
1914Massospondylus harriesi Huene p. 156
1914Teratosaurus trossingensis Huene p. 156
1915Aetonyx Broom p. 162
1915Aetonyx palustris Broom p. 162
1915Plateosaurus stormbergensis Broom p. 162 figs. 48-49
1915Teratosaurus trossingensis Huene p. 2
1915Gresslyosaurus ingens Huene p. 24
1916Gryponyx transvaalensis Van Hoepen p. 111
1916Gigantoscelus Van Hoepen p. 114
1916Gigantoscelus molengraaffi Van Hoepen p. 114 fig. 3
1918Thecodontosaurus minor Haughton pp. 468-469
1919Gryponyx Haughton p. 7
1920Prosauropoda Huene p. 211
1920Massospondylus harriesi Van Hoepen p. 91
1920Aristosaurus Van Hoepen p. 92 figs. Pl. 9-10
1920Aristosaurus erectus Van Hoepen p. 92
1920Thecodontosaurus skirtopodus Van Hoepen p. 92
1920Gresslyosaurus robustus Van Hoepen pp. 101-102
1920Gryponyx africanus Van Hoepen pp. 101-103
1920Gryponyx transvaalensis Van Hoepen p. 102
1920Massospondylus harriesi Van Hoepen p. 102
1920Pachysaurus Van Hoepen p. 102
1920Pachysaurus ajax Van Hoepen p. 102
1920Plateosaurus stormbergensis Van Hoepen p. 102
1920Dromicosaurus Van Hoepen pp. 103-104 figs. 8-21, Pl. 13-16
1920Dromicosaurus gracilis Van Hoepen pp. 103-104
1920Massospondylus browni Van Hoepen p. 103
1920Aetonyx Van Hoepen p. 117
1920Aetonyx palustris Van Hoepen p. 117
1920Dromicosaurus Van Hoepen p. 118
1920Thecodontosaurus browni Van Hoepen p. 118
1920Euskelesaurus capensis Van Hoepen pp. 136-137
1920Thecodontosaurus skirtopodus Van Hoepen p. 138
1924Aetonyx palustris Haughton
1924Aristosaurus Haughton
1924Aristosaurus erectus Haughton
1924Dromicosaurus Haughton
1924Dromicosaurus gracilis Haughton
1924Euskelosaurus capensis Haughton
1924Gigantoscelus Haughton
1924Gigantoscelus molengraaffi Haughton
1924Gryponyx Haughton
1924Gryponyx africanus Haughton
1924Gryponyx taylori Haughton
1924Gryponyx transvaalensis Haughton
1924Gyposaurus capensis Haughton
1924Massospondylus harriesi Haughton
1924Massospondylus schwarzi Haughton
1924Plateosaurus stormbergensis Haughton
1924Thecodontosaurus dubius Haughton
1924Thecodontosaurus minor Haughton
1924Thecodontosaurus dubius Haughton p. 377
1924Massospondylus schwarzi Haughton p. 403
1924Gryponyx taylori Haughton pp. 420-423 fig. 39
1924Euskelosaurus africanus Haughton p. 424
1924Gresslyosaurus Lull p. 229
1924Pachysaurus Lull p. 229
1926Prosauropoda Huene p. 474
1928Aetonyx Nopcsa p. 182
1928Agrosaurus Nopcsa p. 182
1928Aristasaurus Nopcsa p. 182
1928Dromicosaurus Nopcsa p. 182
1928Hortalotarsus Nopcsa p. 182
1928Gigantoscelus Nopcsa p. 183
1928Pachysaurus Nopcsa p. 183
1929Prosauropoda Huene p. 270
1932Gigantoscelis molengraaffi Huene
1932Plateosauravus stormbergensis Huene
1932Pachysaurus wetzelianus Huene p. 105 figs. Pl. 12:1-10
1932Pachysaurus giganteus Huene p. 111 figs. Pl. 12, fig. 11
1932Plateosaurus robustus Huene p. 204
1940Aetonyx Huene p. 262
1940Aetonyx palustris Huene p. 262
1940Dromicosaurus Huene p. 262
1940Dromicosaurus gracilis Huene p. 262
1940Aristosaurus Huene p. 263
1940Aristosaurus erectus Huene p. 263
1940Euskelosaurus africanus Huene p. 263
1940Euskelosaurus capensis Huene p. 263
1940Gigantoscelis Huene p. 263
1940Gigantoscelis molengraaffi Huene p. 263
1940Gryponyx Huene p. 263
1940Gryponyx africanus Huene p. 263
1940Gryponyx taylori Huene p. 263
1940Gryponyx transvaalensis Huene p. 263
1940Gryposaurus capensis Huene p. 263
1940Massospondylus harriesi Huene p. 263
1940Massospondylus schwarzi Huene p. 263
1940Plateosauravus stormbergensis Huene p. 263
1940Thecodontosaurus browni Huene p. 263
1940Thecodontosaurus dubius Huene p. 263
1940Thecodontosaurus minor Huene p. 263
1941Gryponyx africanus Young p. 50
1941Gyposaurus capenensis Young p. 50
1941Pachysaurus reinigeri Young p. 50
1941Gyposaurus capensis Young p. 206
1941Massospondylus browni Young p. 232
1942Pachysaurus ajax Young p. 82
1942Gryponyx africanus Young p. 97
1942Gyposaurus capensis Young p. 97
1942Massospondylus harrissi Young p. 97
1942Pachysaurus wetzelianus Young p. 97
1942Dromicosaurus Young p. 99
1944Agrosaurus Huene p. 449
1944Agrosaurus macgillivrayi Huene p. 449
1944Gresslyosaurus ingens Peyer p. 260–262
1946Prosauropoda Kuhn p. 65
1946Gryponyx africanus Young p. 5
1946Gyposaurus capensis Young p. 5
1947Prosauropoda Lapparent pp. 16-17
1947Gryponyx africanus Young p. 39
1948Prosauropoda Huene p. 90
1952Pachysaurus ajax Bock p. 405
1952Pachysaurus wetzelianus Bock p. 405
1952Euskelosaurus africanus Bock p. 409
1953Prosauropoda Lull p. 98
1954Aetonyx Haughton and Brink p. 4
1954Aristosaurus Haughton and Brink p. 4
1954Dromicosaurus Haughton and Brink p. 4
1954Gigantoscelus Haughton and Brink p. 4
1954Gryponyx Haughton and Brink p. 4
1954Prosauropoda Haughton and Brink p. 4
1954Aetonyx palustris Haughton and Brink p. 32
1954Aristosaurus erectus Haughton and Brink p. 33
1954Dromicosaurus gracilis Haughton and Brink pp. 33-34
1954Gryponyx africanus Haughton and Brink p. 33
1954Gryponyx taylori Haughton and Brink p. 33
1954Gryponyx transvaalensis Haughton and Brink p. 33
1954Gyposaurus capensis Haughton and Brink p. 34
1954Massospondylus harriesi Haughton and Brink p. 34
1954Massospondylus schwarzi Haughton and Brink p. 34
1954Thecodontosaurus browni Haughton and Brink p. 34
1954Thecodontosaurus dubius Haughton and Brink p. 34
1954Thecodontosaurus minor Haughton and Brink p. 34
1954Thecodontosaurus skirtopodus Haughton and Brink p. 34
1954Euskelesaurus capensis Haughton and Brink p. 36
1954Plateosauravus stormbergensis Haughton and Brink p. 36
1954Euskelesaurus africanus Haughton and Brink p. 37
1954Gigantoscelus molengraaffi Haughton and Brink p. 37
1954Prosauropoda Huene p. 46
1956Agrosaurus Romer p. 612
1956Aetonyx Romer p. 614
1956Gryponyx Romer p. 614
1956Gresslyosaurus Romer p. 615
1956Prosauropoda Romer p. 616
1956Dromicosaurus Romer p. 617
1958Prosauropoda Huene p. 205
1959Pachysaurops Huene
1959Pachysaurops ajax Huene
1959Pachysauriscus ajax Kuhn
1959Pachysauriscus Kuhn p. 425
1963Prosauropoda Parsch p. 4
1964Pachysauriscus Kuhn p. 325
1964Agrosaurus Tatarinov p. 533
1964Aetonyx Tatarinov p. 535
1964Gryponyx Tatarinov p. 535
1964Gresslyosaurus Tatarinov p. 537
1964Prosauropoda Tatarinov p. 540
1964Dromicosaurus Tatarinov p. 541
1964Gyposaurus capensis Tatarinov p. 541
1965Gresslyosaurus ingens Simmons p. 59
1965Gyposaurus capensis Simmons p. 60
1965Prosauropoda Simmons p. 60
1966Prosauropoda Kuhn p. 97
1966Agrosaurus Romer p. 369
1966Aetonyx Romer p. 370
1966Dromicosaurus Romer p. 370
1966Gresslyosaurus Romer p. 370
1966Gryponyx Romer p. 370
1966Prosauropoda Romer p. 370
1967Gyposaurus erectus Charig p. 712
1968Massospondylus harriesi Smith p. 28
1970Gresslyosaurus robustus Demathieu p. 153
1970Teratosaurus trossingensis Demathieu p. 153
1970Pachysaurus ajax Demathieu p. 155
1970Euskelesaurus africanus Ellenberger p. 345
1970Pseudotetrasauropus acutunguis Ellenberger p. 345
1970Pseudotetrasauropus elegans Ellenberger p. 345
1970Pseudotetrasauropus francisci Ellenberger p. 345
1970Euskelesaurus capensis Ellenberger p. 346
1970Plateosauravus stormbergensis Ellenberger p. 346
1970Aetonyx Ellenberger p. 347
1970Aetonyx palustris Ellenberger p. 347
1970Gryponyx Ellenberger p. 347
1970Gryponyx africanus Ellenberger p. 347
1970Gryponyx taylori Ellenberger p. 347
1970Massospondylus harriesi Ellenberger p. 347
1970Massospondylus schwarzi Ellenberger p. 347
1970Thecodontosaurus browni Ellenberger p. 347
1970Thecodontosaurus minor Ellenberger p. 347
1970Dromicosaurus Ellenberger p. 348
1970Dromicosaurus agilis Ellenberger p. 348
1970Gyposaurus capensis Ellenberger p. 349
1970Gyposaurus erectus Ellenberger p. 349
1970Thecodontosaurus dubius Ellenberger p. 349
1970Thecodontosaurus skirtopodus Ellenberger p. 349
1970Euskelosaurus molengraaffi Steel
1970Agrosaurus Steel p. 13
1970Agrosaurus macgillivrayi Steel p. 13
1970Teratosaurus trossingensis Steel p. 26
1970Prosauropoda Steel p. 46
1970Aetonyx Steel p. 47
1970Aetonyx palustris Steel p. 47
1970Dromicosaurus Steel p. 48
1970Dromicosaurus gracilis Steel p. 48
1970Gryponyx Steel p. 48
1970Gryponyx africanus Steel p. 48
1970Gryponyx taylori Steel p. 48
1970Gryponyx transvaalensis Steel p. 48
1970Gyposaurus capensis Steel p. 49
1970Gyposaurus erectus Steel p. 49
1970Hortalotarsus Steel p. 49
1970Hortalotarsus skirtopodus Steel p. 49
1970Massospondylus harriesi Steel p. 50
1970Massospondylus schwarzi Steel p. 50
1970Orosaurus capensis Steel p. 50
1970Thecodontosaurus browni Steel p. 50
1970Thecodontosaurus minor Steel pp. 50-52
1970Thecodontosaurus dubius Steel p. 52
1970Gresslyosaurus Steel p. 53
1970Gresslyosaurus ajax Steel p. 53
1970Gresslyosaurus giganteus Steel p. 53
1970Gresslyosaurus ingens Steel p. 53
1970Gresslyosaurus magnus Steel p. 53
1970Gresslyosaurus wetzelianus Steel p. 53
1970Plateosaurus robustus Steel p. 56
1970Euskelosaurus africanus Steel p. 57
1970Euskelosaurus molengraaffi Steel p. 57
1970Plateosauravus stormbergensis Steel p. 57
1970Prosauropoda Swinton p. 117
1971Prosauropoda Haubold p. 83
1972Massospondylus harriesi Bond p. 152
1972Pseudotetrasauropus curtus Ellenberger
1973Gyposaurus capensis Galton p. 248
1974Prosauropoda Bakker and Galton p. 171
1974Gryponyx africanus Ellenberger p. 9
1974Massospondylus schwarzi Ellenberger p. 9
1974Thecodontosaurus browni Ellenberger p. 9
1974Thecodontosaurus minor Ellenberger p. 9
1974Aetonyx palustris Ellenberger p. 79
1974Massospondylus harriesi Ellenberger p. 83
1974Prosauropoda Krebs p. 22
1975Gryponyx africanus Thompson p. 19
1976Anchisaurus capensis Galton p. 88
1976Aristosaurus Galton p. 89
1976Anchisaurus capensis Galton and Cluver p. 136
1976Aristosaurus Galton and Cluver pp. 143-144
1976Aristosaurus erectus Galton and Cluver pp. 143-144
1976Massospondylus harriesi Galton and Cluver pp. 145-147
1977Fulengia Carroll and Galton
1978Aristosaurus Anderson and Cruickshank p. 31
1978Prosauropoda Anderson and Cruickshank p. 31
1978Prosauropoda Bonaparte p. 315
1979Prosauropoda Benton p. 143
1979Aristosaurus Heerden
1979Gresslyosaurus wetzelianus Jain et al. p. 206
1979Plateosaurus robustus Jain et al. p. 206
1980Agrosaurus Molnar pp. 49-50
1980Agrosaurus macgillivrayi Molnar p. 49
1980Prosauropoda Ostrom p. 22
1981Prosauropoda Cooper p. 694
1981Prosauropoda McIntosh p. 11
1982Agrosaurus Molnar p. 615
1982Agrosaurus macgillivrayi Molnar p. 615
1982Tawasaurus Young p. 29
1982Tawasaurus minor Young p. 29
1983Prosauropoda Dong et al. p. 16
1983Fulengia Estes
1984Brachychirotherium acutunguis Olsen and Galton p. 109
1984Brachychirotherium elegans Olsen and Galton p. 109
1984Brachychirotherium francisci Olsen and Galton p. 109
1984Prosauropoda Russell p. 28
1985Anchisaurus capensis Attridge et al. p. 128
1985Prosauropoda Galton
1985Prosauropoda Galton and Van Heerden
1986Prosauropoda Battail p. 48
1988Fulengia Carroll
1988Prosauropoda Carroll
1988Tawasaurus Carroll
1989Prosauropoda Sereno p. 38A
1991Agrosaurus Molnar p. 644
1991Agrosaurus macgillivrayi Molnar p. 644
1995Prosauropoda Long and Murry p. 191
1996Agrosaurus macgillivrayi Molnar p. 645
1997Tawasaurus Peng p. 237–238
1997Tawasaurus minor Peng p. 237–238
1997Prosauropoda Salgado et al. p. 25 fig. 19
1997Prosauropoda Sereno p. 444
1997Agrosaurus Sereno p. 455
1998Plateosaurus ingens Galton
1998Prosauropoda Sereno p. 63
1998Prosauropoda Wilson and Sereno p. 55
1999Prosauropoda Sereno p. 2138 fig. 2
2000Plateosaurus gresslyi Olshevsky p. 125
2003Pseudotetrasauropus acutiunguis Avanzini et al. p. 187
2003Pseudotetrasauropus elegans Avanzini et al. p. 187
2003Pseudotetrasauropus francisci Avanzini et al. p. 187
2003Prosauropoda Leal and Azevedo p. 71A
2004Prosauropoda Galton and Upchurch p. 234
2005Prosauropoda Galton et al. p. 4
2005Prosauropoda Knoll p. 84
2007Tawasaurus Gand et al. p. 74
2007Gresslyosaurus ingens Naish and Martill p. 496
2007Gryponyx Smith and Pol p. 670
2007Gryponyx africanus Smith and Pol p. 670
2007Plateosaurus ingens Smith and Pol p. 670 fig. 7
2007Prosauropoda Upchurch et al. p. 62 fig. 3
2010Fulengia Reisz et al. p. 1664
2010Tawasaurus Reisz et al. p. 1664
2010Tawasaurus minor Reisz et al. p. 1664
2011Plateosaurus ingens Apaldetti et al. p. 16 fig. 13
2011Plateosaurus ingens Novas et al. p. 341 fig. 4
2013Plateosaurus ingens Otero and Pol

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986
Sauropodomorpha(Huene 1932)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

F. v. Huene 1948Beginning with semiquadrupedal forms; organized like contemporary Carnosauria, but not predaceous teeth, skull smaller, neck longer; gap between supraoccipital and parietal; 10 elongated cervicals, 15 dorsals, 3 sacrals; scapula broader than in Carnosauria; rudiments of secondary shoulder girdle; ilium with small anterior spine; broad pubic plate; ischium with peduncle; femur longer than tibia. Only Triassic.
J. F. Bonaparte 1978Restringidos al Triásico superior, de hábitos cuadrupedales algunos, y con tendencia al bipedalismo otros. Principalmente herbívoros.