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Reptilia -

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1829Iguanodon anglicum Holl p. 84
1870Iguanodon anglicus Cope p. 96
1877Tichosteus Cope pp. 194-195
1877Tichosteus lucasanus Cope pp. 194-195
1878Tichosteus lucasanus Cope p. 246
1878Tichosteus aequifacies Cope p. 392
1878Iguanodon exogirarum Fritsch
1878Anoplosaurus major Seeley p. 631
1879Anoplosaurus major Seeley p. 631
1882Anoplosaurus major Sauvage p. 30
1883Sphenospondylus Seeley p. 55 figs. 1-5
1888Sphenospondylus Lydekker p. 46
1890Anoplosaurus major Woodward and Sherborn p. 210
1890Tichosteus Zittel p. 732
1890Sphenospondylus Zittel p. 765
1891Iguanodontia Baur pp. 450-451
1893Iguanodon albinus Fritsch pp. 55, 65-66
1895Iguanodon anglicus Woodward p. 289
1896Sphenospondylus Marsh p. 226
1899Loncosaurus Ameghino p. 61
1899Loncosaurus argentinus Ameghino p. 61
1900Loncosaurus argentinus Ameghino p. 160
1900Loncosaurus Ameghino p. 216
1900Loncosaurus argentinus Ameghino p. 216
1900Sphenospondylus Nopcsa p. 557
1900Loncosaurus argentinus Roth p. 227
1900Sphenospondylus Van Den Broeck p. 87
1902Tichosteus Hay p. 493
1902Tichosteus aequifacies Hay p. 493
1902Tichosteus lucasanus Hay p. 493
1902Acanthopholis major Nopcsa p. 102
1902Iguanodon exogirarum Nopcsa p. 151
1904Anoplosaurus major Lydekker p. 61
1905Iguanodon exogirarum Fritsch p. 3 figs. 2, Pl. 1:4-5
1905Albisaurus Fritsch p. 5
1905Albisaurus scutifer Fritsch p. 5
1905Procerosaurus exogirarum Fritsch p. 5
1905Albisaurus Fritsch p. 29
1905Procerosaurus exogirarum Fritsch p. 29 figs. 30; Pl. 8:9
1905Albisaurus Fritsch p. 30 fig. 31
1905Albisaurus scutifer Fritsch p. 30 fig. 31
1906Loncosaurus Ameghino p. 61
1906Loncosaurus argentinus Ameghino p. 62
1909Tichosteus Huene p. 13
1909Loncosaurus Huene p. 15
1909Sphenospondylus Huene p. 17
1911Loncosaurus von Zittel p. 281
1911Sphenospondylus von Zittel p. 292
1912Iguanodontia Lull p. 210
1914Procerosaurus exogyrarum Bayer p. 2–3
1915Anoplosaurus major Hennig p. 13
1916Procerosaurus exogyrarum Bayer p. 41
1927Loncosaurus Huene p. 256
1927Loncosaurus argentinus Huene p. 256
1927Albisaurus Huene p. 269
1927Albisaurus scutifer Huene p. 269
1927Anoplosaurus major Huene p. 271
1929Loncosaurus argentinus Huene p. 139
1929Loncosaurus Huene p. 146
1931Loncosaurus argentinus Huene p. 196
1932Fulgurotherium Huene pp. 69-70 figs. Pl. 3:11
1932Fulgurotherium australe Huene pp. 69-70 figs. Pl. 3:11
1934Loncosaurus Huene p. 19
1944Fulgurotherium Huene p. 449
1944Fulgurotherium australe Huene p. 449
1956Tichosteus Romer p. 618
1964Anoplosaurus major Kuhn p. 8
1964Sphenospondylus Kuhn p. 10
1964Iguanodon exogirarum Kuhn p. 11
1964Albisaurus Kuhn p. 45
1964Albisaurus scutifer Kuhn p. 46
1964Fulgurotherium Tatarinov p. 533
1964Tichosteus Tatarinov p. 540
1966Tichosteus Romer p. 370
1970Tichosteus Steel p. 45
1970Tichosteus aequifacies Steel p. 45
1970Tichosteus lucasanus Steel p. 45
1978Loncosaurus Bonaparte p. 322
1978Loncosaurus argentinus Bonaparte p. 552
1979Loncosaurus argentinus Bonaparte p. 233
1979Iguanodon ottingeri Galton and Jensen p. 3 figs. 2-3
1980Fulgurotherium australe Molnar p. 54
1980Fulgurotherium Molnar p. 134
1980Fulgurotherium australe Molnar p. 134
1980Loncosaurus Molnar p. 139
1981Iguanodon ottingeri Bartholomai and Molnar p. 343
1981Fulgurotherium australe Olshevsky p. 34
1983Iguanodon ottingeri Weishampel and Weishampel p. 44
1984Fulgurotherium Molnar pp. 153-154
1984Fulgurotherium australe Molnar p. 154
1984Loncosaurus Molnar p. 154
1984Loncosaurus argentinus Molnar p. 154
1984Iguanodontia Russell p. 29
1985Iguanodontia Cooper p. 286
1986Fulgurotherium Molnar and Galton pp. 237-238
1986Fulgurotherium australe Molnar and Galton pp. 237-238
1986Iguanodontia Sereno
1988Albisaurus albinus Brinkmann pp. 125-126
1988Fulgurotherium Carroll
1989Bihariosaurus Marinescu p. 129
1989Bihariosaurus bauxiticus Marinescu pp. 129-131 figs. 5-14
1989Iguanodontia Norman p. 61 fig. 1
1989Fulgurotherium Rich and Vickers-Rich p. 35
1990Iguanodontia Benton p. 19
1990Iguanodon anglicus Norman and Weishampel p. 530
1990Fulgurotherium Sues and Norman p. 500
1990Fulgurotherium australe Sues and Norman p. 500
1991Fulgurotherium Molnar p. 650
1991Fulgurotherium australe Molnar p. 650
1992Iguanodon anglicus Martin and Buffetaut p. 68
1992Iguanodontia Weishampel and Heinrich p. 163
1994Fulgurotherium australe Rich and Vickers-Rich p. 1
1996Fulgurotherium australe Molnar pp. 650-651
1996Fulgurotherium australe Rich p. 715
1997Iguanodon ottingeri Kirkland p. 98
1997Iguanodon anglicus Norman p. 784
1997Loncosaurus Novas p. 684
1997Loncosaurus argentinus Novas p. 684
1997Iguanodontia Sereno p. 443
1997Fulgurotherium Sues p. 357
1997Fulgurotherium australe Sues p. 357
1998Iguanodontia Godefroit et al. p. 7
1998Iguanodon anglicus Ruiz-Omeñaca et al. p. 275
1998Iguanodontia Sereno p. 61
1999Loncosaurus Coria p. 53
1999Iguanodontia Sereno p. 2138 fig. 2
2000Iguanodontia Norman and Sues p. 463
2000Ponerosteus exogyrarum Olshevsky p. 127
2004Iguanodon anglicus Norman p. 415
2004Iguanodontia Norman p. 432
2004Fulgurotherium Norman et al. p. 394
2004Fulgurotherium australe Norman et al. p. 394
2006Iguanodontia Sachs and Hornung p. 423
2007Iguanodontia Galton p. 38
2007Iguanodontia Sánchez-Hernández et al. p. 203
2008Iguanodontia Butler et al. p. 21 figs. 2-4
2011Iguanodontia Shibata et al. p. 970
2012Iguanodontia Han et al. p. 1391 fig. 14
2013Iguanodon anglicus Pereda Suberbiola and Ruiz-Omeñaca p. 12
2014Fulgurotherium Alifanov and Saveliev p. 419
2014Iguanodontia Escaso et al. p. 1103
2014Iguanodontia Norman p. 37 fig. 2.30
2015Iguanodontia Gasulla et al.
2015Iguanodontia Shibata et al.
2017Iguanodontia Wang et al.
2018Iguanodontia Madzia et al. p. 973 fig. 4
2018Iguanodontia Xu et al.

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

D. B. Weishampel and R. E. Heinrich 19921) eversion of the oral margin of the premaxilla [1],
2) enlarged external nares relative to the orbit [2],
3) circular or ovate antorbital fossa [6; also found in Parksosaurus],
4) relatively small external antorbital opening [7; also found in Parksosaurus],
5) denticulate oral margin of the predentary [17],
6) paired ventral process of predentary [18],
7) parallel dorsal and ventral margins of the dentary [19],
8) loss of premaxillary teeth [20],
9) humeral length less than scapular length [28],
10) loss of phalanx from manual digit II [30],
1 1) deep cranial intercondylar groove on the distal femur [37].