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Tarbosaurus bataar

Reptilia - Avetheropoda - Tyrannosauridae

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1930Albertosaurus periculosus Riabinin
1931Albertosaurus periculosus Stromer p. 9
1935Albertosaurus periculosus Young
1955Gorgosaurus lancinator Maleev
1955Gorgosaurus novojilovi Maleev
1955Tyrannosaurus bataar Maleev p. 634
1955Tarbosaurus efremovi Maleev p. 779
1959Albertosaurus periculosus Kobayashi p. 390
1960Tyrannosaurus bataar Jeletzky p. 35
1964Tarbosaurus efremovi Tatarinov p. 539
1964Deinodon loncinator Tatarinov p. 540 fig. 578
1964Deinodon novojilovi Tatarinov p. 540 fig. 578
1965Tarbosaurus efremovi Kielan-Jaworowska and Kowalski p. 177
1965Tarbosaurus bataar Rozhdestvensky
1969Tarbosaurus bataar Kielan-Jaworowska p. 36
1970Tarbosaurus bataar Osmólska and Roniewicz p. 5
1970Tarbosaurus bataar Russell p. 20
1970Albertosaurus periculosus Steel p. 40
1970Gorgosaurus lancinator Steel p. 41
1970Gorgosaurus novojilovi Steel p. 41
1970Tarbosaurus efremovi Steel p. 42
1970Tyrannosaurus bataar Steel pp. 43-44
1970Tarbosaurus efremovi Swinton p. 153
1970Tyrannosaurus bataar Swinton p. 154
1974Tarbosaurus bataar Rozhdestvensky p. 147
1976Tarbosaurus bataar Kurzanov
1977Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis Dong p. 59
1977Tarbosaurus bataar Gradzinski et al. p. 302
1977Tarbosaurus bataar Rozhdestvensky p. 112
1978Tarbosaurus bataar Molnar p. 78
1978Shanshanosaurus houyanshanensis Zhai et al. p. 72
1979Tyrannosaurus luanchuanensis Dong p. 345 figs. Pl. 3:3
1980Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis Chao p. 97
1980Tarbosaurus bataar Molnar p. 103
1980Tarbosaurus efremovi Molnar p. 134 fig. 3
1983Tarbosaurus efremovi Barsbold p. 96
1983Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis Chen p. 141
1984Tarbosaurus bataar Kielan-Jaworowska p. 97
1986Tarbosaurus bataar Gauthier p. 9
1986Shanshanosaurus houyanshanensis Guan p. 35
1986Tyrannosaurus luanchuanensis Li et al. p. 136
1986Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis Qi et al. p. 193
1986Tyrannosaurus luanchuanensis Zhao p. 70–71
1986Albertosaurus periculosus Zhao p. 71
1988Aublysodon huoyanshanensis Paul p. 324
1988Tyrannosaurus bataar Paul p. 340
1989Tarbosaurus efremovi Mader and Bradley p. 49
1990Shanshanosaurus houyanshanensis Lehman and Carpenter p. 1030
1990Tarbosaurus bataar Molnar et al. p. 190
1990Tyrannosaurus luanchuanensis Molnar et al. p. 190
1991Tarbosaurus bataar Molnar p. 166
1992Tarbosaurus bataar Buffetaut p. 135 fig. 2
1992Tyrannosaurus bataar Carpenter p. 254
1992Maleevosaurus novojilovi Carpenter p. 256
1992Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis Currie p. 242
1992Tarbosaurus bataar Currie p. 246
1992Tarbosaurus novojilovi Currie p. 246
1992Tyrannosaurus luanchuanensis Currie p. 247
1992Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis Dong p. 165
1992Tarbosaurus luanchuanensis Olshevsky p. 138
1992Shanshanosaurus houyanshanensis Shen and Mateer p. 66
1995Jenghizkhan bataar Olshevsky
1996Maleevosaurus novojilovi Osmólska p. 27
1996Tarbosaurus bataar Osmólska p. 27
1997Tarbosaurus bataar Barsbold p. 448
1997Tyrannosaurus bataar Carpenter p. 768
1997Tarbosaurus bataar Coy p. 692
1997Tarbosaurus bataar Currie and Padian p. 369
1997Maleevosaurus novojilovi Osmólska p. 472
1997Tarbosaurus bataar Osmólska p. 472
1997Tarbosaurus bataar Ryan p. 443
2000Tarbosaurus bataar Currie p. 448
2000Jenghizkhan bataar Olshevsky p. 152
2000Tarbosaurus efremovi Olshevsky pp. 152-153
2000Jenghizkhan luanchuanensis Olshevsky p. 154
2001Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis Currie and Dong
2001Shanshanosaurus houyanshanensis Dong p. 100
2001Tyrannosaurus bataar Holtz, Jr. pp. 70-71 fig. 7.2
2001Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis Holtz, Jr. pp. 71-72
2003Tarbosaurus bataar Currie p. 654
2003Tarbosaurus bataar Currie et al. p. 3
2003Tarbosaurus bataar Currie et al. p. 231
2003Maleevosaurus novojilovi Rauhut p. 43
2003Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis Rauhut p. 43
2003Tarbosaurus bataar Rauhut p. 43
2004Tarbosaurus bataar Holtz, Jr. p. 113
2005Tyrannosaurus bataar Carr et al. p. 140 fig. 21
2006Tarbosaurus bataar Malkani p. 8
2006Tarbosaurus bataar Urban and Lamanna p. 234
2007Tarbosaurus bataar Averianov p. 538
2007Tarbosaurus bataar Saveliev and Alifanov p. 282
2008Tyrannosaurus luanchuensis p. 51
2010Tarbosaurus bataar Paulina Carabajal and Canale p. 249
2011Tarbosaurus bataar Carr et al.
2011Tarbosaurus bataar Hone et al. p. 496
2011Tyrannosaurus luanchuanensis Jiang et al. p. 1150
2013Tarbosaurus bataar Dalman p. 242
2015Tarbosaurus bataar Parsons and Parsons p. 3
2017Tyrannosaurus bataar Carr et al. p. 7

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986
AverostraPaul 2002

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

E. A. Maleev 1955Translated from Russian: Thecraniumoftheaforedescribedgiantcarnivorousdinosaur from the Nemegt approximates by its dimensions and peculiarities of its structure to the cranium of the largest carnivorous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex from the Upper Cretaceous of North America
and excels in its size all the other deinodonts of the family Deinodontidae. It differs from T. rex by its elongated snout and a greater number of maxillary and dentary teeth (Table 1).
The strong elongation of the facial part of the cranium and the greater number of maxillary and dentary teeth show clearly that the new species was somewhat more primitive than T. rex. In the latter we observe a reduction of the facial part of the cranium and decrease in the number of teeth.
K. Carpenter 1992Angular terminates anterior to the surangular fenestra; surangular fenestra proportionally smaller than in Tyrannosaurus rex
K. Carpenter 1992 (Maleevosaurus novojilovi)(Cranial) Maxilary fenestra small; pro-maxillary fenestra not visible laterally; antorbital fenestra proportionally very large, and much longer than high; lacrymal horn moderately developed, not rugose; postorbital not very rugose; lower ramus of maxilla low and slender. (Postcranial) Cervical neural spines tall, not as reduced as in other tyrannosaurids. Acrommion process of scapula virtually non-existant. Ischium has a very pronounced spur-like obturator process, and distally, the shaft curves downward. Metatarsal IV does not overlap metatarsal III at midshaft, nor does metatarsal III have much of an overlap of metatarsal II at midshaft.