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Reptilia -

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1887Ornithopsis leedsi Hulke p. 454
1889Ornithopsis leedsi Seeley p. 393 fig. 3
1890Ornithopsis leedsi Woodward and Sherborn p. 260
1890Ornithopsis leedsi Zittel p. 714
1895Pelorosaurus leedsi Lydekker p. 330
1895Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Lydekker p. 335 figs. 1-5
1896Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Depéret p. 193
1900Pelorosaurus leedsi Sauvage p. 504
1902Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Boule p. 56
1902Ornithopsis leedsi Mansel-Pleydell p. lxxvii
1903Cetiosaurus leedsi Anonymous p. 71
1904Algoasaurus Broom pp. 446-447
1904Algoasaurus bauri Broom p. 447
1905Cetiosaurus leedsi Woodward p. 232
1907Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Thevenin p. 3
1908Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Fraas p. 138
1908Algoasaurus Huene p. 348
1909Algoasaurus Arldt p. 263
1909Algoasaurus Huene p. 15
1911Algoasaurus von Zittel p. 288
1913Algoasaurus bauri Schwarz p. 264
1914Algoasaurus bauri Schwarz p. 41
1915Algoasaurus Broom p. 162
1915Algoasaurus bauri Broom p. 162
1917Cetiosaurus leedsi Moodie p. 390
1924Cetiosaurus leedsi Lull p. 234
1927Cetiosauriscus leedsi Huene p. 122
1927Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Huene p. 446
1927Cetiosauriscus leedsi Huene p. 454
1928Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Haughton p. 71
1932Algoasaurus Stromer p. 7
1932Cetiosauriscus leedsi Stromer p. 9
1934Cetiosaurus leedsi Swinton p. 33
1943Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Lapparent p. 12
1946Algoasaurus Gilmore p. 30
1948Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Cabrera p. 38
1956Ornithopsis leedsi Leeds p. 35
1956Algoasaurus Romer p. 622
1957Algoasaurus bauri Lapparent p. 110
1957Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Lavocat p. 363
1960Ornithopsis leedsi Delair p. 83
1963Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Furon p. 359
1964Algoasaurus Tatarinov p. 552
1966Algoasaurus Romer p. 370
1967Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Lapparent p. 10
1968Bothriospondylus madagascariensis de Ricqlès p. 164
1970Ornithopsis leedsi Macfadyen p. 127
1970Cetiosaurus leedsi Steel p. 64
1970Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Steel p. 67
1970Algoasaurus Steel p. 75
1970Algoasaurus bauri Steel p. 75
1970Cetiosaurus leedsi Swinton pp. 168-169
1975Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Ogier p. 3–4
1976Algoasaurus bauri McLachlan and McMillan p. 204
1977Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Taquet p. 328
1978Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Ingavat and Taquet pp. SP1-2
1979Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Jain et al. p. 206
1979Cetiosaurus leedsi Jain et al. p. 206
1980Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Molnar p. 136
1980Algoasaurus Molnar p. 138
1983Cetiosaurus leedsi Galton pp. 2-3
1983Algoasaurus Rich et al. p. 285–287
1983Algoasaurus bauri Rich et al. p. 285
1983Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Rich et al. p. 287 fig. 9
1984Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Taquet p. 79
1985Algoasaurus Rich and Rich p. 647
1985Algoasaurus bauri Rich and Rich p. 647
1986Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Bonaparte p. 251
1986Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Sanz p. 85
1987Algosaurus Casanovas et al. p. 98
1987Cetiosaurus leedsi Sanz et al. p. 59
1987Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Sanz et al. p. 60
1988Algoasaurus Carroll
1988Ornithopsis leedsi Martill p. 184
1991Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Buffetaut et al. p. 25
1993Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Martin et al. p. 422
1993Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Salgado p. 268
1994Ornithopsis leedsi Brokenshire and Clarke p. 178
1995Eusauropoda Upchurch p. 253
1996Algoasaurus Jacobs et al. p. 604
1997Algoasaurus bauri Chinsamy p. 677
1997Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Currie and Padian p. 369
1997Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Erickson p. 5
1997Eusauropoda Salgado et al. p. 7
1997Eusauropoda Sereno p. 444
1998Eusauropoda Sereno p. 63
1998Eusauropoda Wilson and Sereno p. 31
1999Eusauropoda Sereno p. 2138 fig. 2
1999Eusauropoda Sereno et al. p. 1346 fig. 4
2002Eusauropoda Wilson p. 240 fig. 13
2003Algoasaurus bauri Carvalho et al. p. 709
2004Eusauropoda Upchurch et al. p. 262
2005Cetiosaurus leedsi Apesteguía p. 323 fig. 15.1
2006Bothriospondylus madagascariensis Flynn et al. p. 478
2006Eusauropoda Royo-Torres et al. p. 1926 fig. 3
2007Eusauropoda Smith and Pol p. 668 fig. 7
2007Eusauropoda Sánchez-Hernández et al. p. 196
2007Eusauropoda Upchurch et al. p. 62 fig. 3
2008Eusauropoda Allain and Aquesbi p. 404
2009Algoasaurus bauri Forster et al. p. 283
2010Eusauropoda Bandyopadhyay et al. pp. 562-563 fig. 17
2010Eusauropoda Suteethorn et al.
2012Algoasaurus bauri Galton and Molnar p. 17
2012Algoasaurus bauri Ibiricu et al. p. 230
2015Eusauropoda Xing et al.

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986
Sauropodomorpha(Huene 1932)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

L. Salgado et al. 1997Anterior trochanter of femur absent. Anteroposterior diameter of distal end of tibia subequal/greater than distal width.
R. Allain and N. Aquesbi 2008Thus, 16 unambiguous synapomorphies diagnose this clade: the anteroposterior length of the frontal which is less than its minimum transverse breadth; a long anterior process of the quadratojugal; the presence of a quadrate fossa; a dorsoventrally expanded prearticular; the U-shaped anterior portion of the tooth rows; the reduced number of phalanges of the manual digit II; the S-shaped pubic symphysis; the reduced femoral fourth trochanter, the laterally projected tibial cnemial crest; the spreading posture of the metatarsus; the length of the metatarsal III which is less than 25% that of the tibia; the broader transversely than long proximodistally proximal pedal phalanges; the shallow or absent collateral ligament fossae on the non-ungual pedal phalanges; the rudimentary penultimate phalanges of the pedal digits II-IV; the sickle-shaped unguals of the pedal digits II-III; and the rudimentary pedal digit IV ungual.