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Strobeus primogenius

Gastropoda - Murchisoniina - Soleniscidae

Stylifer primogenia was named by Conrad (1835). It is not a trace fossil.

It was recombined as Macrocheilus primogenia by Hall (1858); it was recombined as Macrocheilus primigenius by White (1884), White (1884), Helprin (1886) and Helprin (1886); it was recombined as Sphaerodoma primogenia by Keyes (1889); it was recombined as Sphaerodoma primogenium by Mark (1912); it was recombined as Sphaerodoma primigenia by Girty (1915); it was recombined as Sphaerodoma primigenius by Plummer and Moore (1921), Morgan (1924) and Sayre (1930); it was recombined as Soleniscus (Macrochilina) primigenius by Knight (1931); it was recombined as Strobeus primigenius by Knight and Bridge (1944), Batten (1995), Kulas and Batten (1997) and Kues and Batten (2001); it was recombined as Ianthinopsis primogenia by Knight et al. (1960); it was recombined as Ianthinopsis primogenius by Hoare (1961) and Yochelson and Saunders (1967); it was recombined as Strobeus primogenia by Harper (1981); it was recombined as Strobeus primogenius by Wagner (2017).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1835Stylifer primogenia Conrad p. 267 figs. pl. 12 f. 2
1858Macrocheilus primogenia Hall p. 270 figs. pl. 29 f. 11
1859Macrocheilus texanus Shumard p. 402
1884Soleniscus texanus White pp. 155 - 156 figs. pl. 34 f. 13 & 14
1884Macrocheilus primigenius White p. 157 figs. pl. 34 f. 3
1886Macrocheilus primigenius Helprin pp. 274, 276 figs. f. 16, 16a
1889Sphaerodoma primogenia Keyes p. 303
1889Sphaerodoma texanus Keyes p. 306
1912Sphaerodoma primogenium Mark
1915Sphaerodoma primigenia Girty pp. 200, 208 figs. pl. 24 f. 13-17a
1921Sphaerodoma primigenius Plummer and Moore figs. pl. 22 f. 1-2
1924Sphaerodoma primigenius Morgan figs. pl. 1 f. 9
1930Sphaerodoma primigenius Sayre p. 148 figs. pl. 16 f. 3-3a
1931Soleniscus (Macrochilina) primigenius Knight pp. 207 - 213 figs. pl. 22 f. 2a-j; pl. 27 f. 5
1944Strobeus primigenius Knight and Bridge p. 479 figs. pl. 195 f. 10-11
1960Ianthinopsis primogenia Knight et al. p. 321
1961Ianthinopsis primogenius Hoare pp. 189 - 190 figs. pl. 23 f. 11-13
1967Ianthinopsis primogenius Yochelson and Saunders p. 104
1981Strobeus primogenia Harper p. 181 figs. f. 1E
1995Strobeus primigenius Batten p. 34 fig. 48
1997Strobeus primigenius Kulas and Batten pp. 54 - 55 figs. pl. 4 f. 13A-C
2001Strobeus primigenius Kues and Batten p. 85 figs. f. 16.22-16.23
2017Strobeus primogenius Wagner p. 5985

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EubilateriaAx 1987
classGastropodaCuvier 1797
superfamilyLoxonematoidea(Koken 1889)

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

R. L. Batten 1995Rotund shell with sharp, narrow spire and enlarged, evenly inflated body whorl. Sutures are sharp and shallow. Whorls embrace high on whorl, above broad periphery. Aperture is subovate. Anomphalus. Columellar lip arcuate with large, low fold. Lower lip broken. No parietal inductura visible.