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Anomoepus scambus

Reptilia - Moyenisauropodidae

Anomoepus scambus was named by Hitchcock (1848). It is considered to be a form taxon. Its type specimen is AC 16/5, 34/40, a footprint, and it is a trace fossil. Its type locality is below Turners Falls, tracksite, which is in a Hettangian/Sinemurian fluvial-lacustrine sandstone/shale in the Portland Formation of Massachusetts. It is the type species of Anomoepus.

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1843Ornithoidichnites fulicoides Deane p. 76
1843Ornithoidichnites fulicoides Hitchcock p. 258
1844Ornithoidichnites fulicoides Hitchcock p. 305
1844Ornithoidichnites gracillimus Hitchcock p. 305
1845Eubrontes gracillimus Hitchcock p. 23
1848Brontozoum gracillimum Hitchcock p. 175 figs. Pl. 2:3
1848Aethyopus minor Hitchcock p. 179
1848Anomoepus scambus Hitchcock p. 222 figs. Pl. 13:1-6
1854Brontozoum gracillimum Warren p. 27
1854Aethyopus minor Warren p. 28
1854Anomoepus scambus Warren p. 39
1855Anomoepus scambus Hitchcock p. 394
1858Anomoepus minor Hitchcock p. 57 figs. Pl. 9:1-2, Pl. 34:2
1858Grallator gracillimus Hitchcock p. 73 figs. Pls. 13, 19
1858Apatichnus circumagens Hitchcock p. 100 figs. Pls. 17, 35
1858Plesiornis quadrupes Hitchcock p. 102 figs. Pls. 16, 35, 45
1861Grallator gracillimus Deane p. 36
1861Apatichnus circumagens Deane p. 37
1861Plesiornis quadrupes Deane p. 43
1861Anomoepus minor Deane p. 52
1862Anomoepus intermedius Hitchcock p. 85
1862Anomoepus minimus Hitchcock p. 85
1862Apatichnus curvatus Hitchcock p. 86
1862Anomoepus minimus Hitchcock p. 348
1865Anomoepus intermedius Hitchcock pp. 2, 7 figs. Pl. 1:1
1865Anomoepus curvatus Hitchcock p. 5 figs. Pl. 1:2
1865Anomoepus minimus Hitchcock p. 5 figs. Pl. 2:2
1865Anomoepus gracillimus Hitchcock p. 6
1865Anomoepus curvatus Hitchcock p. 35
1871Anomoepus curvatus Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Anomoepus gracillimus Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Anomoepus intermedius Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Anomoepus minimus Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Anomoepus minor Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Apatichnus circumagens Hitchcock p. xxi
1871Plesiornis quadrupes Hitchcock p. xxi
1882Brontozoum fulicoides Quenstedt p. 130
1889Anomoepus minor Eyerman p. 32
1889Anomoepus cuneatus Hitchcock pp. 118, 125
1889Anomoepus curvatus Hitchcock p. 118
1889Anomoepus gracillimus Hitchcock p. 118
1889Anomoepus intermedius Hitchcock p. 118
1889Anomoepus isodactylus Hitchcock pp. 118, 124
1889Anomoepus minimus Hitchcock p. 118
1889Anomoepus minor Hitchcock p. 118
1889Apatichnus circumagens Hitchcock p. 118
1889Apatichnus crassus Hitchcock pp. 118, 132, 134
1889Apatichnus holyokensis Hitchcock p. 118
1889Plesiornis quadrupes Hitchcock p. 118
1889Apatichnus crassus Hitchcock p. 124 fig. 23
1894Anomoepus curvatus Lyman p. 205
1894Anomoepus intermedius Lyman p. 205
1894Anomoepus minimus Lyman p. 205
1894Anomoepus minor Lyman p. 205
1894Grallator gracillimus Lyman p. 205
1894Plesiornis quadrupes Lyman p. 205
1894Apatichnus circumagens Lyman p. 206
1898Anomoepus cuneatus Hitchcock p. 401
1898Anomoepus curvatus Hitchcock p. 401
1898Anomoepus gracillimus Hitchcock p. 401
1898Anomoepus intermedius Hitchcock p. 401
1898Anomoepus isodactylus Hitchcock p. 401
1898Anomoepus minimus Hitchcock p. 401
1898Anomoepus minor Hitchcock p. 401
1898Apatichnus circumagens Hitchcock p. 401
1898Apatichnus crassus Hitchcock p. 401
1898Apatichnus holyokensis Hitchcock p. 401
1902Anomoepus cuneatus Hay p. 539
1902Anomoepus curvatus Hay p. 539
1902Anomoepus gracillimus Hay p. 539
1902Anomoepus intermedius Hay p. 539
1902Anomoepus isodactylus Hay p. 539
1902Anomoepus minimus Hay p. 539
1902Anomoepus scambus Hay p. 539
1902Apatichnus circumagens Hay p. 540
1902Apatichnus crassus Hay p. 540
1902Apatichnus holyokensis Hay p. 540
1904Anomoepus scambus Lull pp. 500-501 fig. 18
1904Anomoepus intermedius Lull pp. 501-502 figs. 19-20
1904Anomoepus curvatus Lull pp. 502-503 fig. 22
1904Anomoepus crassus Lull p. 503 fig. 23
1904Anomoepus minimus Lull pp. 503-504 fig. 24
1904Anomoepus cuneatus Lull pp. 504-505
1904Anomoepus gracillimus Lull p. 504
1904Anomoepus isodactylus Lull p. 505 fig. 25
1904Apatichnus circumagens Lull p. 508
1915Anomoepus scambus Lull pp. 209-210 fig. 61
1915Anomoepus intermedius Lull p. 210 fig. 62
1915Anomoepus crassus Lull pp. 212-213 fig. 65
1915Anomoepus curvatus Lull p. 212 fig. 64
1915Anomoepus gracillimus Lull p. 214 fig. 67
1915Anomoepus cuneatus Lull p. 215
1915Anomoepus isodactylus Lull pp. 216-217 fig. 68
1915Apatichnus circumagens Lull pp. 220-221 fig. 72
1917Anomoepus intermedius Lull pp. 117-118
1917Anomoepus scambus Lull p. 117
1917Anomoepus crassus Lull p. 118
1917Anomoepus cuneatus Lull p. 118
1917Anomoepus curvatus Lull p. 118
1917Anomoepus gracillimus Lull p. 118
1917Anomoepus isodactylus Lull p. 118
1917Anomoepus minimus Lull p. 118
1917Apatichnus circumagens Lull pp. 118-119
1953Anomoepus scambus Lull p. 193
1953Anomoepus intermedius Lull p. 195
1953Anomoepus curvatus Lull p. 197
1953Anomoepus gracillimus Lull p. 197
1953Anomoepus minimus Lull pp. 198-199 fig. 66
1953Anomoepus crassus Lull p. 199 fig. 67
1953Anomoepus cuneatus Lull p. 199
1953Anomoepus isodactylus Lull p. 201
1953Apatichnus circumagens Lull pp. 202-203 fig. 70
1954Anomoepus scambus Baird p. 182
1963Plesiornis quadrupes Kuhn pp. 82-83
1963Anomoepus scambus Kuhn p. 89
1963Anomoepus crassus Kuhn p. 90
1963Anomoepus cuneatus Kuhn p. 90
1963Anomoepus curvatus Kuhn p. 90
1963Anomoepus gracillimus Kuhn p. 90
1963Anomoepus intermedius Kuhn p. 90
1963Anomoepus isodactylus Kuhn p. 90
1963Anomoepus minimus Kuhn p. 90
1963Apatichnus circumagens Kuhn p. 91
1965Anomoepus intermedius Nelson p. 5
1969Anomoepus intermedius Haubold p. 100 fig. 8
1970Moyenisauropus natator Ellenberger p. 347
1970Moyenisauropus vermivorus Ellenberger p. 347
1970Moyenisauropus minimus Ellenberger p. 348
1970Moyenisauropus minor Ellenberger p. 374
1970Moyenisauropus natator Ellenberger p. 374
1970Moyenisauropus vermivorus Ellenberger p. 374
1971Anomoepus crassus Haubold p. 84
1971Anomoepus cuneatus Haubold p. 84
1971Anomoepus curvatus Haubold p. 84
1971Anomoepus gracillimus Haubold p. 84
1971Anomoepus intermedius Haubold p. 84
1971Anomoepus minimus Haubold p. 84
1971Anomoepus scambus Haubold p. 84
1971Apatichnus circumagens Haubold p. 85
1974Anomoepus intermedius Demathieu and Haubold p. 62
1974Moyenisauropus natator Ellenberger p. 27
1974Moyenisauropus natatilis Ellenberger p. 35 figs. Pl. E, XXI
1974Moyenisauropus dodai Ellenberger p. 38 figs. Pl. G, XV-XIX
1974Moyenisauropus vermivorus Ellenberger p. 40
1974Moyenisauropus minor Ellenberger p. 47
1974Moyenisauropus longicauda Ellenberger p. 50 figs. Pl. H, XX
1974Moyenisauropus levicauda Ellenberger p. 76 figs. Pl. K
1974Masitisisauropezus minimus Ellenberger p. 101 figs. Pl. Q, XXIV
1976Moyenisauripus natatilis Gand et al. p. 21
1984Anomoepus intermedius Olsen and Galton p. 100 fig. 5
1984Anomoepus natator Olsen and Galton p. 100 fig. 5
1984Anomoepus dodai Olsen and Galton p. 109
1984Anomoepus longicauda Olsen and Galton p. 109
1984Anomoepus minimus Olsen and Galton p. 109
1984Anomoepus minor Olsen and Galton p. 109
1984Anomoepus natatilis Olsen and Galton p. 109
1984Anomoepus vermivorus Olsen and Galton p. 109
1984Anomoepus minimus Thulborn and Wade p. 449
1984Anomoepus crassus Thulborn and Wade p. 450
1986Anomoepus scambus Olsen p. 21
1987Apatichnus circumagens Weems p. 16
1991Anomoepus crassus Gierlinski p. 141
1991Anomoepus cuneatus Gierlinski p. 141
1991Anomoepus curvatus Gierlinski p. 141
1991Anomoepus dodai Gierlinski p. 141
1991Anomoepus gracillimus Gierlinski p. 141
1991Anomoepus intermedius Gierlinski p. 141
1991Anomoepus isodactylus Gierlinski p. 141
1991Anomoepus longicauda Gierlinski p. 141
1991Anomoepus minimus Gierlinski p. 141
1991Anomoepus minor Gierlinski p. 141
1991Anomoepus natatilis Gierlinski p. 141
1991Anomoepus scambus Gierlinski p. 141
1991Anomoepus vermivorus Gierlinski p. 141
1991Moyenisauropus levicauda Gierlinski p. 143
1991Moyenisauropus natator Gierlinski p. 143
2001Anomoepus dodai Avanzini et al. p. 132
2001Anomoepus scambus Avanzini et al. p. 134
2001Moyenisauropus natator Gierlinski et al. p. 207
2003Anomoepus scambus Olsen and Rainforth p. 314
2005Moyenisauropus natator Gierlinski and Niedzwiedzki p. 99
2006Anomoepus scambus Gierlinski and Kowalski p. 218
2006Moyenisauropus natator Gierlinski and Kowalski p. 218
2006Anomoepus intermedius Hunt and Lucas p. 165
2006Anomoepus minimus Lockley and Gierlinski p. 181
2006Anomoepus cuneatus Lockley and Gierlinski p. 182
2006Anomoepus gracillimus Lockley and Gierlinski p. 182
2006Anomoepus scambus Lockley and Gierlinski p. 182
2006Moyenisauropus natator Lockley and Gierlinski p. 182
2006Moyenisauropus natator Thulborn p. 288 fig. 7
2006Moyenisauropus natatalis Thulborn p. 291 fig. 8
2009Anomoepus scambus Lockley et al. p. 258
2010Anomoepus intermedius Li et al. p. 733
2011Anomoepus scambus Niedźwiedzki p. 293
2011Moyenisauropus natator Niedźwiedzki p. 294
2012Moyenosauripus natator Li et al. p. 6
2014Anomoepus intermedius Xing et al. p. 344
2016Anomoepus scambus Xing et al. p. 518

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Archosauromorpha(Huene 1946)
ArchosauriformesGauthier 1986

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

No diagnoses are available