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Insecta - Coleoptera

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1886Polyphaga Emery
1891Escheria punctulata Förster p. 361 figs. Pl 11, figs 8a,b
1891Escheria dimidiata Förster p. 363 figs. Pl 11, figs 10a,b
1891Escheria crassipunctata Förster p. 364 figs. Pl 11, fig 11
1937Hydrobius crassipunctatus Theobald p. 169 figs. Pl XII fig 28
1937Limnius perrini Theobald p. 284 figs. Pl XX fig 1
1977Mesosperchus notatus Ponomarenko p. 110 figs. Pl 9, fig 5; text-fig 59
1981Polyphaga Crowson p. 694
1992Polyphaga Carpenter
1995Polyphaga Lawrence and Newton, Jr.
2002Tomocoleites Hong p. 147
2002Tomocoleites longigastrulatus Hong p. 147 figs. 2.6.126-135
2011Polyphaga Bouchard et al.

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EubilateriaAx 1987
phylumArthropodaLatreille 1829
superclassHexapodaLatreille 1825
NeopterygotaCrampton 1924
infraclassNeopteraMartynov 1923
suborderPolyphagaEmery 1886
suborderPolyphagaEmery 1886

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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Composition: chitinc
Environment: terrestrialc
Locomotion: actively mobilep
Created: 2017-04-17 09:56:18
Modified: 2017-04-17 09:56:18
Source: c = class, p = phylum
References: Kiessling 2004, Bush and Bambach 2015

Age range

Maximum range based only on fossils: base of the Wuchiapingian to the top of the Holocene or 259.90000 to 0.00000 Ma
Minimum age of oldest fossil (stem group age): 252.17 Ma

Collections (1284 total)

Oldest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Wuchiapingian - Changhsingian259.9 - 252.17Russian Federation Polysitum kuznetskiense (124608)
Bithynian247.2 - 242.0Germany (Bavaria) Meseumolpites sp. (115969)
Pelsonian - Illyrian247.2 - 242.0Australia (New South Wales) Curculionidae indet., Elaterites wianamattensis (111729) Elateridium angustius, Adelidium cordatum (111683)
Longobardian242.0 - 235.0China (Shaanxi) Elateriformia indet. (183209)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Austria P. abdomen indet. (102471)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Argentina (La Rioja) Babuskaya elaterata (167478) Cardiosyne obesa (123047) Cardiosyne obesa, Cardiosyne elegans (122987) Gemelina triangularis (122988) Gemelina triangularis, Cardiosyne obesa (123045)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Japan Menephiloides minensis (155677)
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Kyrgyzstan (Osh) Gnathopeltos dixis (113468) Peltosyne triassica (110763 110765) Peltosyne varyvrosa, Ofthalmopeltos synkritos (105007)
Tuvalian232.0 - 221.5Germany Larvula triassica (153474)
Tuvalian232.0 - 221.5USA (North Carolina) Mormolucoides articulatus (153639)
Norian228.0 - 208.5USA (North Carolina) Leehermania prorova (55493) Mormolucoides articulatus, Leehermania prorova (106479)
Norian228.0 - 208.5Australia (Queensland) Mesostigmodera typica (111777 111854) Polysitum punctatus, Polysitum minutus, Elaterites subulatus, Elaterites transversus, Elaterium bipunctatum, Tryoniopsis punctata, Tryoniopsis granulata (111558)
Rhaetian208.5 - 201.3United Kingdom (England) Chrysomelidae indet. (115223) Elater vetustus, Elateridae indet. 2 (114643) Elaterophanes socius, Elaterophanes acutus, Coleoptera indet. 2, Coleoptera indet. 1, Coleoptera indet. 3 (115222)
Rhaetian - Early/Lower Hettangian208.5 - 196.5Germany (Nordrhein-Westphalen) Elaterophanes sp. (114771)
Rhaetian - Early/Lower Hettangian208.5 - 196.5United Kingdom (England) Insecta indet. (124688)
Hettangian201.3 - 199.3USA (Connecticut) Mormolucoides articulatus (153640 153641)
Hettangian201.3 - 199.3Poland (Swietokrzyskie) Polysitum sp. (123446)
Angulata201.3 - 196.5Switzerland Glaphyroptera gehreti, Nitidulites argoviensis, Micranthaxia bella, Glaphyroptera brevicollis, Micranthaxia rediviva, Chrysomelites prodromus, Aphodiites protogaeus, Eumolpites liberatus, Byrrhydium arcuatum, Byrrhydium morio, Prototoma striata, Glaphyroptera insignis (131766)
Hettangian - Sinemurian201.3 - 190.8China (Xinjiang) Ovivagina longa (103476)
Hettangian - Sinemurian201.3 - 190.8Kyrgyzstan (Tonskiy) Ranis collevus, Micragrypnites issykiensis, Elaterocoleus oculatus (105087) Ranis collevus, Protagrypnus exoletus, Praelaterium problematicum (105086)