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Calloconus coronata

Tergomya - Archinacellida - Metoptomatidae

Palaeoscurria (Calloconus) coronata was named by Perner (1903). It is a 3D body fossil.

It was recombined as Calloconus coronata by Wagner (2023).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1903Palaeoscurria (Calloconus) humilis Perner p. 48 figs. pl. 1 f. 21
1903Palaeoscurria (Calloconus) coronata Perner p. 111 figs. pl. 48 f. 9-11
1938Palaeoscurria (Calloconus) coronata Ríha p. 4
1941Calloconus humilis Knight pp. 65 - 66 figs. pl. 3 f. 2a-c
1969Calloconus humilis Jhaveri pp. 166 - 168 figs. pl. 19 f. 4-6, 12-14
2023Calloconus coronata Wagner p. 2359

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EubilateriaAx 1987

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Calloconus coronata Perner 1903
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Invalid names: Calloconus humilis Perner 1903 [replaced]
J. B. Knight 1941 (Calloconus humilis)Rather strongly elevated, patelliform gastropods of moderate size; apex tilted toward and one-third of the overall length from one end, here arbitrarily considered posterior; anterior profile moderately arched; posterior profile very gently concave; lateral profiles symmetrical, very gently convex; outline of aperture broadly subelliptical; margins not in a plane, the posterior margin slightly curved upward, slightly flaring; apex blunt, probably from abrasion during life, imperforate; nucleus unknown; shell thick, seemingly formed of imbricating lamellae concentrically arranged, the bases of the lamellae apparently forming subdued annular undulations on the inside o f the shell; ornamentation a series of concentrically arranged, projecting lamellae, the external continuation of the lamellae composing the shell, each in turn having formed the flaring margin of the shell, the lamellae quite fine at earlier stages of the shell and becoming coarser with age; the projecting margins of the lamellae obscurely undulated; muscle scars unknown. The holotype has a height of about 18 mm., a length of about 18| mm., and a width of about 17 mm.
No measurements are available
Locomotion: actively mobileo
Life habit: epifaunalo
Diet: grazero
Vision: blindc
Created: 2009-04-21 11:50:19
Modified: 2009-04-21 13:50:19
Source: o = order, c = class
Reference: Hendy et al. 2009

Age range: Pragian or 410.80000 to 407.60000 Ma

Collections: one only

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Pragian410.8 - 407.6Czech Republic (Bohemia) Palaeoscurria humilis (104794)