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Asteroidea -

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1975Valvatacea McKnight
1989Valvatacea Blake p. 213
2007Valvatacea Villier et al. p. 415
2017Valvatacea Blake et al. p. 325

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If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

No diagnoses are available
No measurements are available
Composition: high Mg calcitec
Ontogeny: accretion, addition of partsp
Environment: marinep
Locomotion: slow-movingc
Life habit: low-level epifaunalc
Diet: carnivorec
Vision: limitedc
Dispersal: waterp
Dispersal 2: planktonicp
Created: 2004-02-28 15:35:10
Modified: 2010-02-09 06:02:08
Source: c = class, p = phylum
References: Aberhan et al. 2004, Aberhan 1992

Age range

Maximum range based only on fossils: base of the Tuvalian to the top of the Early/Lower Pleistocene or 232.00000 to 0.78100 Ma
Minimum age of oldest fossil (stem group age): 228.0 Ma

Collections (292 total)

Oldest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Carnian237.0 - 228.0Slovenia Poraniidae indet. (69473)
Tuvalian232.0 - 221.5Canada (British Columbia) Carniaster orchardi (67003)
Norian228.0 - 208.5Italy Noriaster barberoi (59822)
Sinemurian199.3 - 190.8Antarctica Protremaster universalis (92930)
Late/Upper Pliensbachian189.6 - 183.0France Stauraster billodense, Pycinaster mortenseni (72286)
Middle Toarcian182.0 - 175.6France (Poitou-Charentes) Comptoniaster vrinensis, Galbaster recurrans, Poncetaster crateri, Pentasteria liasica (31839)
Temaikan175.6 - 161.2New Zealand (Auckland) Odontaster priscus (92937)
Middle Jurassic174.1 - 163.5USA (Utah) Tethyaster jurassicus (59915)
Discites171.6 - 167.7Luxembourg Astropectinidae indet. (141491)
Late/Upper Bajocian171.6 - 167.7Switzerland Mesotremaster felli, Sphaeriaster jurassicus, Tylasteria berthandi, Noviaster polyplax, Testudinaster peregrinus, Advenaster inermis, Pentasteria kelleri (32036)
Late/Upper Bajocian171.6 - 167.7France Persephonaster arduennensis (59773)
Bajocian170.3 - 168.3France Comptoniaster sharpii (59772)
Bajocian - Callovian170.3 - 163.5USA (Utah) Tethyaster jurassicus (59913)
Bathonian168.3 - 166.1India Advenaster sp. (96836)
Bathonian168.3 - 166.1France Leptaster martinii (92934)
Late/Upper Bathonian167.7 - 164.7France Astropecten pivetaui, Stauraster billodense, Stauraster mazetieri, Pycinaster bradfordiensis, Tylaster luciensis, Tylaster priscum, Valettaster dangeardi, Asteriaceros stelliferum, Lambertella valetti, Lophidiaster hawkinsi, Arthraster spenceri, Astropecten casterasi, Astropecten corroyi, Astropecten delaunayi, Astropecten moutieri (72284)
Late/Upper Bathonian167.7 - 164.7India Indiaster krishna (72017)
Late/Upper Bathonian167.7 - 164.7France (Orne) Spenceraster lamarei (58524)
Callovian166.1 - 163.5Germany (Brandenburg) Lophidiaster sp., Pentasteria longispina (32016)
Callovian - Oxfordian166.1 - 157.3Ukraine Oreaster sp., Pentagonaster sp., Sphaerites sp. (67868)