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Trichophycus was named by Miller and Dyer (1878).

It was assigned to Ichnofossils by Hantzschel (1975).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1878Trichophycus Miller and Dyer
1975Trichophycus Hantzschel

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genusTrichophycusMiller and Dyer 1878

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W. Hantzschel 1975Large cylindrical burrows showing slight constrictions, 15 to 25 cm long, diameter 1 to 3 cm; floor of burrow ornamented by fine striae radiating from midline; some forms with a few vertically directed secondary branches; backfill structure of burrows similar to Teichichnus or Pennatulites; type species T. lanosus consists of sinuous trails ending (?anteriorly) in buttonlike depression from which radiate fine straie; the ichnogenus better typified by more common ichnospecies T. venosus.
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Age range: Arenig or 478.60000 to 466.00000 Ma

Collections: one only

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Arenig478.6 - 466.0Canada (Newfoundland) T. venosus (175923)